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Hiring Cleaning Services for My Office

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Most businesses don’t have the budget to hire a full-time janitorial staff for their office. This can be especially true when you consider the fact that the median salary for a cleaning professional is roughly $30,000 per year. However, this lack of funds doesn’t necessarily mean that the business doesn’t need help to keep things tidy and clean throughout the week. It simply means that it’s time to look at hiring a professional cleaning service that can meet your unique needs.

Do you think that hiring a professional cleaning service for your office could be perfect? Take a look at a few of these reasons why other businesses love their office cleaning services.

Make a better impression on your clients

Do you need to impress clients who come into your office for meetings and appointments? A disheveled workspace and a dusty conference room aren’t going to have the desired effect on your client. Unfortunately, an unprofessional workspace can actually cost your business money in lost sales. Nobody will want to do business with a company that can’t even properly take care of its office. On the other hand, clients will be impressed to see an immaculately maintained office.

Employees will take fewer sick days

When your surfaces aren’t sanitized on a regular basis, you set the stage for bacteria growth to run rampant in the office. This can spell disaster during cold and flu season as your employees will be passing the sickness around. A professional cleaning service can give you a cleaner environment that makes all of your staff less prone to illness. As a result, you can have a more productive staff that will take fewer sick days, even in the height of cold and flu season.

You can focus better on the real work

Have you ever noticed that you feel more anxious and overwhelmed when you’re trying to work in a cluttered or dirty environment? A chaotic atmosphere doesn’t lend itself well to great work. Instead, you might find yourself spending a lot more time thinking about the mess and feeling overcome with helplessness at the state of affairs in your office. Professional cleaning services might help to alleviate some of your anxiety. They can help to make sense of the clutter and clean the mess so that you can have the peace of mind that comes from a clean office.

Save time for more important things

Your staff doesn’t need to take more time out of their busy days to attempt to clean the office. This means that you are essentially paying them for janitorial work when that pay could be better spent elsewhere. Hiring a professional cleaning service allows employees to focus more on their actual job instead of on cleaning the office.

Are you convinced that hiring a cleaning service for your office is the perfect idea? Get ready to call Anago where we can make a cleaning plan custom-tailored to the unique needs of your business!

Checklist for Janitorial Services During Your Event

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Your big event is bound to be the hit of the entire season. For months, you have planned out the table decorations, the catering, and the perfect music playlist. There isn’t a single detail that you forgot about – except for the janitorial service. Someone has to be responsible for cleaning and picking up the aftermath of your major soiree, after all. You may have hired a company to help, but you didn’t make a checklist of ways they can help during your event.

If you are scrambling to make sure that this last-minute detail is taken care of, here is a handy checklist of things your janitorial service can do during the event.

Pick up litter

You probably think that your guests are all responsible citizens, but you may be underestimating the amount of litter they can generate. After all, more than 75 percent of people admit to littering in the past five years. People often forget where the trash cans are, set their cups down in inconvenient locations, or simply throw their trash on the floor. It’s best to pick up litter as soon as it hits the ground to prevent someone from slipping on it and to keep up with the pristine image of the event. Janitorial services can discretely work on picking up the things that your guests drop throughout the evening.

Manage emergency situations

It is inevitable that your guests will eventually spill a drink or drop a plate of food. Tell them they don’t need to worry about it. A professional janitorial service can quickly take care of the situation and restore it to its former beauty. With their help, you can rest easy during the party and have the peace of mind that there will be far less cleaning to do when the evening is over.

Keep an eye on the trash cans

Do you really want to host an event and be responsible for taking out the trash mid-party? Most people don’t want to mess with the trash cans once the evening begins, but that can lead to some serious trash buildup. Assign your garbage duty to a janitorial service for your event. This can prevent embarrassing mishaps like a garbage landslide in the middle of your party.

Clean up around the food

There are always a few messy eaters at every party, so it’s important to go ahead and start planning for them. The janitorial service can help to clean up around areas where food is served and eaten. This might mean cleaning up spilled food from the catering table or wiping down the tables where guests are seated. No matter what it entails, they can help to keep your venue looking amazing for the foreseeable future.

Janitorial services can be a huge help during a party, but you have to plan to use their expertise wisely. You need to hire only the very best professional janitorial services to ensure that you are getting all of the right services. At Anago, we can help you to get your event ready, help you maintain it, and even clean up afterward. Be sure to give us a call today!

Contracting Cleaning Services for a Medical Facility

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Is there any business more preoccupied with cleanliness than the medical field? Eradicating germs, bacteria, and illnesses are essential to helping patients remain healthy. It should be a top priority for every office, but few of them have the time to clean things up on their own. This is why they tend to hire cleaning services that are experienced with taking care of medical facilities. The experience that a given company has can make a significant difference in the type of work performed.

It takes a special touch to be able to thoroughly clean a medical facility. What is so unique about this type of cleaning service? Find out what sets it apart and make sure that any company you hire offers these services.

Medical facilities require knowledge of sharps and bloodborne pathogens

Even though the cleaning service isn’t going to be working with patients directly, it is still mandatory for them to have knowledge of dealing with sharps and bloodborne pathogens. Understanding these two items can help them to have a better handle on how to clean the facility as a whole. A general working knowledge of this information shouldn’t be enough to convince you. Look for detailed certificates and training on how these things should be handled before you hire a cleaning company.

The price will be more than it is for a general office

Have you ever heard the saying that you get what you pay for? That is definitely true when it comes to cleaning contracts. Many companies are experienced with cleaning offices, but they don’t realize how much more will go into cleaning a medical facility. You should expect a higher quote for your medical office or hospital than you would receive from an administrative building. If the cleaning company quotes them both identically, you should be warned that your medical office isn’t going to be as clean as you need it to be.

Your patients will notice the cleanliness

Simply because you can live with the degree of cleanliness your cleaning service offers you doesn’t mean that you should. Your clients and patients can still tell that things aren’t exactly up to par. A slightly dirty office doesn’t give patients a great feeling about your office in general. They might not desire to return because they doubt your ability to perform safe and sanitary procedures based on the state of your exam rooms or your waiting room. An excellent cleaning company should know that they will have to visit your office more than once per week to ensure that everything is in its place.

If you need a cleaning company for your medical facility, you need to hire the top-of-the-line commercial cleaning services. Anago can offer your office the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is well taken care of. We can help you to control the outbreak of illnesses, ensure that your patients are satisfied with the office experience, and we can do it all at an affordable rate. Give us a call to see what we can do for you today!

How to Quote Janitorial Cleaning Services

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When you quote janitorial cleaning services, there are a lot of different considerations that you must make. Each business will have different priorities and preferred methods for how thoroughly and how often their space should be cleaned. Similarly, no two spaces are exactly the same. With so much variation in the possible scope of work, how can you accurately quote janitorial cleaning services?

The price of each service will ultimately be subject to your own pricing scheme. However, you should really consider how much time and how many people it will take to clean the space properly. Here are a few of the most common aspects of cleaning that you will need to consider before you finalize a quote.

Average Price in Your Area

Before you get too caught up in the details, you should have a general idea of what your competition charges for the same type of cleaning. Taking a brief search online should be enough to show you what the average rates are. The prices can range anywhere from $100 per month to $5,000 per month depending on what services the business will need, the size of the office, and the number of professionals it will require.

Frequency of the Cleanings

Some businesses require daily attention while others can be left alone for two to three weeks at a time. The frequency of how often you plan to visit the business should also guide your pricing. You might want to charge less for a business that will be a repeat customer compared to one that will only require a one-time deep cleaning.

Count the Windows

Cleaning windows can certainly be an arduous task that requires a great deal of time while you try to get them streak-free. Find out how often they expect you to clean the windows and how many of them there are. This should factor into your pricing because it will take more time to clean an office with ten windows than one with two.

Measure the Square Footage

If you’ve been providing janitorial services for a while, you likely have some idea how long it takes for you to clean a particular square footage. This can be a great way for you to come up with a profitable way to price your janitorial jobs. Measure the square footage and calculate how long it would take you to clean that area. Based on a fair hourly rate, you can then determine exactly what to charge for this particular space.

Ask About Miscellaneous Tasks

Some places of business will have a more specific idea of tasks that need to be completed each week. For example, a medical office will have different needs than a store. Be sure to ask what their expectations are for a cleaning service before you begin to come up with their final quote.

Anago is the leading janitorial service company and has years of experience in quoting janitorial services. We have the experience necessary to compile expert quotes that leave our customers satisfied each and every time!

Upholstery Cleaning Tips

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Furniture can start to look extremely dingy and dirty after a long period of extended use. You may even find that it’s collected a few bright red stains from glasses of spilled grape juice. Unfortunately, stationary upholstery usually covers large furniture items that you aren’t quite ready to replace yet. Instead of heading to the furniture store, it’s time for you to learn how to go about cleaning your fabric so it can last for years to come. With the right knowledge and tools, you can seriously extend the lifespan of your sofa and save hundreds of dollars.

Are you ready to get started with cleaning the upholstery in your home? Take a look at a few of these top tips for how to make your furniture cleaner than ever.

Vacuum everything first

Before you get started, it’s important that you remove any crumbs and dirt from the surface. This can prevent you from making a muddy mess all over your upholstery when you start applying the cleaner. Using the attachments for your high-suction vacuum, be sure to go over the back of the couch, the arms, the cushions, and even underneath the cushions. You will need to vacuum everything that you plan to clean in the next steps.

Make your cleaning solution

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to purchase a cleaner that can take care of your furniture. All you need a medium-sized bucket, some clear dish soap, and warm water. Add about one tablespoon of the dish soap into the bucket of warm water and stir until thoroughly mixed. Make sure to apply this cleaner to an unseen part of your upholstery to ensure that it doesn’t cause the fabric to shrink or stain.

Brush the cleaner on

Take an upholstery brush and dip it lightly into the mixture, stroking the upholstery with a firm but gentle hand. A soft-bristled brush would also work if you don’t have an upholstery brush. The idea is not to fully submerge your upholstery in water. You only want it to be a little damp. Take a clean white cloth and wipe away any suds or cleaner that is resting on the surface of your upholstery. Give it plenty of time to air dry before attempting to use it again.

Learn to how to treat stains

Not all stains are treated equally. Sometimes, you need to consider what has been spilled on your upholstery before you know what to do first. A general rule of thumb is to soak the stain for a few minutes using cold water. Dab away what you can with a clean white rag. This should remove some of the color from the stain, but it might not always be effective. You may need a more aggressive treatment plan based on what was spilled. Be sure to view this stain treatment chart from the American Cleaning Institute here for more suggestions based on what was spilled.

If you want a professional cleaning service, you will want to see what Anago has to offer. We can help you keep your home and your furniture in great shape for years to come.


How is a Hotel Cleaning Done?

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Cleaning Jobs Winnipeg for Your Home and Commercial SpaceMost hotels have their own housekeeping staff that tends to the individual guest rooms, but who is responsible for cleaning the rest of the facility? Your hotel has one opportunity to make a dazzling first impression when your guests walk into the lobby. Every hotel is hoping to make it a grand entrance that puts your guests at ease for the duration of their stay with you. Having a clean hotel space can give you a better chance to make an excellent first impression.

While the housekeeping staff tends to the rooms that guests will be sleeping in, a professional cleaning crew can take care of the rest of the building. Housekeepers can really only tend to ten to fourteen rooms each day on average. This allows them more time to focus on client needs while our cleaning crews keep everything else tidy and sanitary.

How is our hotel cleaning done? We have a few tasks that most hotels need to have accomplished on a regular basis to make the best impression on their guests.

It starts with routine tasks like dusting all of the furniture and sanitizing the surfaces. A thick layer of grey dust on your console tables and vases isn’t likely to appeal to visitors. Everything needs to gleam and shine when they walk in those doors. Sanitation is equally important, even if your guests can’t visibly see it. It only makes sense to pair these two tasks together to get your space in tip-top shape.

From here, we can move on to washing the windows. You want to be able to see straight out into your beautiful courtyard or well-manicured lawns. Let the sunlight filter in clearly through the glass windows when they are free of fingerprints, smudges, and streaks.

Last but not least, we can take care of all the floors that your hotel has. Carpet will be vacuumed and hardwood floors can be polished or buffed as necessary. Any other hard surface will be swept and mopped until it shines and all of the pesky footprints disappear.

We know that every hotel is going to be completely unique. This is why we allow for customizable plans that give you the services you actually need at a price you can afford. We can come in just once to perform a thorough deep-cleaning or we can come back monthly. The details and the timing are completely up to your hotel because we are available seven days a week, even during the nighttime hours while your guests are fast asleep.

Of course, we can also take care of your hotel in an emergency. One of our professional cleaning teams can be there within two hours of your call every time.

Next time you need a hand with a thorough commercial facilities cleaning, be sure to give Anago Cleaning Systems a call. We have the experience and the training to make your hotel into a desirable place for all your guests to stay during their next trip into the area.

Contracting Commercial Cleaning for Auto Dealerships

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Having a clean auto dealership is essential to the overall success of your sales. Customers want to feel at ease in your showroom while they chat with sales professionals. A stained floor that’s littered with crumbs and bathrooms with overflowing trash cans aren’t going to make a great first impression. If you want your customers to spend money on something as pricey as a new vehicle, you need to show them that you are trustworthy and reliable.

Nothing encourages customers to spend more time lingering in your auto dealership than a clean showroom.

Before you contract a commercial cleaning company for your auto dealership, you should know what services are really necessary. Hiring the right cleaning company can be a challenge, so here are a few guidelines to help you select a commercial cleaner that can really help boost your sales.

Discreet Cleaning Professionals

You don’t want a cleaning service coming in and out while you’re trying to negotiate deals with your customers. Look for a cleaning service that is dedicated to working during the early morning hours or late at night past closing time. This keeps the showroom quiet and comfortable for your customers while they talk about the specifics of a new car.

Window Washing

Most auto dealerships are known for their expansive picture windows lining the front of the building. These are key to putting the top vehicles on the lot right on prominent display for shoppers to admire. Streaky or spotty windows won’t give your customers the clearest view into your showroom. This doesn’t set an excellent tone for the moment your customers drive up onto the lot. Window washing should be considered an essential service when you contract a commercial cleaning company.

Cleaning the Kitchen

Your sales professionals probably work very long hours hustling around the lot and making deals. Most of them are likely to bring their lunch from home to store in the refrigerator or microwave. If you aren’t careful, the food can spill or build up in these areas, leading to a lingering odor that turns away customers. Make sure your cleaning service tends to the kitchen as well.

Waiting Areas

Your customers probably have some place to sit back and relax while waiting for their sales representative to find the keys for a test drive. After all, 58 percent of people prefer to test drive the car first. Look for a cleaning company that is going to wipe down the chairs and freshen up the guest spaces. This might include vacuuming, dusting, mopping, wiping away finger marks, and more.


Your sales staff spend a lot of time shuffling from inside to outside the showroom. Their phones, desks, blinds, and floors can all acquire tremendous amounts of dirt throughout the week. Be sure that your cleaning crew tends to these areas before they leave. After all, your customers spend a fair amount of time in these offices when you’re closing deals all day long.

Do you feel like your auto dealership could use a thorough cleaning? Next time you need some help, be sure to contact Anago for top-of-the-line cleaning services!

Janitorial Services for Community Centres

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Community centres are extremely important to the integrity of a neighborhood. They offer the programs, classes, and spaces to draw people together and help them to form lasting friendships. Whether your community centre is designed to bring physical fitness or a simple space for group activities, cleaning it up should be paramount for everyone.

Did you know that eighty percent of a disease is caught by having contact with the surface where those germs live? In community centres with high degrees of traffic, the potential for disease to spread rapidly can hardly be ignored. Consider how many people touch your fitness equipment, tables, and seating arrangements on a daily basis.

Many of the most common areas in your establishment are likely considered to be hot spots for germs to congregate. Locker rooms, fitness equipment with handles, exercise mats, pools, and showers are all locations where bacteria prefer to hide. These are all places where most people will touch the surface at least once during a trip to the community centre.

Your employees may not have enough time to disinfect all of these items on a daily (or even a weekly) basis. As a result, you might start to notice attendance decline due to sick employees and guests.

Unfortunately, sanitizing everything in the facility thoroughly tends to fall by the wayside. Your employees may be overworked or the budget might not allow for a full-time janitor. This is where a professional cleaning service could be the answer to your biggest problem.

A cleaning company can help to rid surfaces of the germs that infect your guests day after day. Because they don’t technically work for your company, you can pay them for the work they complete. There’s no need to fill their hours with mindless tasks that aren’t truly necessary to running the community centre. Instead, you can come up with a custom cleaning plan that meets the needs of your unique facility.

With the help of a janitorial service, you can find plenty of ways to better the lives of your guests and your employees. When germs are spread rapidly throughout a centre, people will often become wise to where those bacteria came from. If the appearance of sickness tends to be prevalent at your community centre, people may begin to boycott the business.

Even if your employees are sick on a regular basis, you lose out on the productive use of their time and strain other employees to cover for their absence. Is it really worthwhile to save a few dollars by foregoing a thorough cleaning every week? Most business managers would have to respond that it isn’t worth the savings to skip out on the cleaning.

Anago will work with you to create a cleaning plan custom tailored to meet your community centre’s needs. With our help, you can cut down on the number of illnesses that invade your community centre each week. Your employees and your patrons will be much happier with your services when they can enjoy them without sickness.

The Importance of Cleaning Service for a Daycare

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Choosing the Best Commercial Cleaning Services Winnipeg

Daycares are the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria to run rampant. The children who attend have yet to master the art of thorough handwashing, and their caretakers are often too busy to clean each toy thoroughly. As a result, sicknesses can manifest themselves effortlessly in this ideal environment.

Having a cleaning service for a daycare is essential to help promote health in your place of business. As you may have already noticed, sicknesses tend to spread much more easily among the younger population found in daycares. They play with the same toys, share the snacks, and spend a lot of time in close personal contact with one another. This same physical proximity is inimitable among most older age groups.

While it may seem sweet at the moment, it also sets the perfect stage for illnesses to transfer rapidly if they aren’t contained. Cleaning is the first step toward preventing the illnesses from occurring. An ounce of prevention is easily worth a pound of cure when it comes to a sickness that can transfer from schoolchildren to the staff within the span of a week.

Sometimes, washing your hands simply isn’t enough to keep the bacteria at bay. Even the most diligent staff member can still be susceptible to sickness.

You can quickly develop a bad reputation for having children out with frequent illnesses and ailments. Beyond that, you could even face a government-imposed shutdown until you can get the infectious diseases under control.

A good cleaning service can help you to prevent major outbreaks of illness among your daycare staff and the children you care for. Cleaning professionals can take the time to clean every nook and cranny of the facility, including areas where food preparation occurs. These kitchen areas, along with the play spaces, tend to harbor the majority of the germs in a single facility.

Consider the types of tasks that need to take place for your daycare to be cleaned:

  • Toys should be thoroughly wiped down and sanitized.
  • Play mats, chairs, and tables should be sanitized.
  • Dirty diapers should be taken out regularly.
  • Diaper changing stations need to be wiped down and cleaned regularly.
  • Craft supplies should be dusted and cleaned.

These cleaning tasks can help to manage a critical level of sickness, but it’s also important to educate staff on proper hygiene and cleaning procedures. You can focus more on these tasks and help prevent illnesses by hiring a professional cleaning service to take care of the tasks that need to be done daily or weekly. Not only can you rest assured that a cleaning company is properly trained, but you won’t have to focus on whether your staff has time to accomplish this to-do list on a regular basis.

Anago will work with you to create a cleaning plan custom tailored to meet your daycare’s needs. Start spending more time training your staff and spend less time focusing on the sickness in your daycare. With our help, you can get things running smoothly once more.

Cleaning Services for Your Dental Clinic

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Have you ever tried to find a reason to avoid going to the dentist? A semi-annual cleaning doesn’t always elicit feelings of excitement or joy. Most people would rather spend an afternoon relaxing by the pool and reading a good book than having the plaque removed from their teeth. However, their desire to avoid the dentist is even stronger when the clinic is dirty.

When patients are searching for a new dental clinic, one of the top things they notice is the cleanliness of the office. A dirty office or one that appears disorganized isn’t likely to make your newest visitor into a repeat customer. Think about what your dental clinic may look like to an outsider. Are the carpets cleaned? Are the tables in the waiting room developing a thick layer of dust?

It’s no secret that you might be more focused on presenting clients with the leading technology than you are with cleaning up around the office. You might have some clients that return solely because they are impressed with your knowledge and know-how with their pearly whites. However, most would prefer to find an experienced dentist who isn’t too busy to keep up with tidying the office.

After all, the cleanliness of the dental clinic could be a reflection of the dentist’s opinion on sterilization. Would you really want to visit a dental clinic that had some questionable sanitization habits?

If you don’t have time to maintain your dental clinic on your own, think about hiring a cleaning service instead of a full-time employee. A janitor could be a costly drain on your annual budget as you need to provide for their salary and benefits. On the other hand, a quality cleaning service can perform the same tasks at a fraction of the cost.

Be sure to find a company who can work with you to create a custom plan for what your dental clinic truly needs. Whether it is a waiting room deep-cleaning or a quick trip around the entire facility, it’s important to select a cleaning service that has experience with medical facilities. This know-how can go a long way toward giving your patients the impression of a well put-together office.

A clean dental clinic is essential to the health and safety of your patients, as well as yourself and your staff members. Unclean environments tend to breed unwanted germs which can lead to an increase in illnesses and common ailments. All of this can be avoided if you have professionals on your team to help minimize the growth of bacteria as a result of an unclean and unsanitary environment.

Anago can take care of your janitorial needs and provide your dental clinic facility with top-of-the-line cleaning services. We have the experience necessary to maintain your medical facility with care, easily creating a clean environment for your patients and staff. Contact us today for more information on how we can come up with a custom plan that meets your needs!