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Why Janitorial Services are So Important

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They say a clean life is a good life, and it’s easy to see why; when things are clean, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, your thinking is clearer, and your health and safety improve dramatically. Businesses may take it upon themselves to clean their space, but those that do should know that janitorial services are incredibly important to a well-maintained business. The advantages of a good janitorial service are threefold: they reduce the workload of unqualified staff, they create a sense of well-being in clients, and they help form a happier, healthier workforce.

The bottom line is incredibly important to business owners, and if there are cost saving mechanisms, it’s tempting to use them. Employers might take cleaning their space upon themselves, or ask their employees to take up the charge. This might seem like a cost-saving decision, but in the end it can be much more costly than a hired service. Firstly, professional office cleaning involves specialized equipment, chemicals and highly trained staff, to make workspace surfaces look immaculate. Secondly, cleaning services will tackle less desirable jobs like restroom maintenance, which many employers and employees find uncomfortable to manage. Finally, business owners should look for a service that supplies 24/7 emergency support, so when disaster strikes and the restroom floods when a high-profile client is coming in the next day, they can rest easy instead of getting their own hands dirty.

Clients are another excellent reason to hire a professional janitorial service. Everyone appreciates walking into a well-cleaned, tidy space, and it’s easy to see the difference between a place that’s cleaned regularly by professionals and a place that’s cleaned occasionally by unqualified staff. First impressions are essential in any client-facing business, and the workspace may be the first interaction a client has with the company. Losing clients to bad office upkeep should never happen, so janitorial services are a must.

Janitors are important for client-facing businesses, but they are equally important even if a client never steps foot in your office. Employees benefit dramatically from a clean space, for a number of different reasons. Tidy spaces create tidy minds, and workers find that cleanliness increases their productivity, as it becomes easier to focus. Janitorial services are highly proficient at cleaning dust and other airborne pollutants, so workforces are healthier, which causes less money to be lost to sick days. Finally, with everything well organized and maintained, employees will find it easy to locate the tools they need to work, and are less likely to stumble over hazards.

The cost of hiring a professional cleaning service may seem high to some business owners, but the cost of going without one is much greater. These services keep employers, employees and clients happy, healthy and stress-free, and handle emergencies that would be unmanageable without professional help. The importance of a good janitorial service can’t be understated; savvy business owners shouldn’t go it alone, and should look for qualified, on call 24/7 services in their area.

Is Your Shop Really Clean Enough?

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There’s no doubt that cleanliness has a huge impact on the customer experience. We might look around our shop, say “We’ve done a good enough job cleaning, let’s pack it up”. The question we have to ask ourselves is this: did we really clean well enough? A study done by Zach Blatt at hospitalitynet showed that in the hotel industry, cleanliness had a greater impact than price on how well a customer rated their overall experience. This might indicate that no expense should be spared when it comes to keeping a clean shop. Let’s look at how we can evaluate our shop, outside and in, to make sure it’s clean enough.

Outside our shop, we should look at what the customer will see coming in. The sidewalks we use are heavily traffic, and should be cleaned regularly to keep clear of dirt and other messes. Dumpsters will quickly become messy, and can give off unpleasant odors that make customers walk away; they are often within eyeshot or nose shot of our clients. The windows and doors of our business can become smudged and fingerprinted, cracked and bug-infested. Our parking lots should be well maintained, as not only are they unsightly when messy, but they can also be dangerous if the mess can move and cause problems with traffic. Safety is the most important thing we can consider for our clients, for repeat experience and to avoid liability for injury.

Inside our shop, everything has to look as good or better as outside. The floors should be immaculate, because no one likes to step in sticky mess, or worse yet, slip and hurt themselves. The area where our customers buy the products should be clean and clear, as the point of purchase experience tends to be memorable. Our walls and ceilings, of course, should be kept spick and span, so the customers aren’t distracted by mess. Any display areas, or areas for sitting, should be kept free of sticky messes which are incredibly unsettling to feel with our hands. Finally, our restrooms must be kept in top shape; restocked with all the essentials, smelling nice, and clean to a fault. A bad restroom is just as liable to have a customer leave as anything else, so don’t keep a dingy one and hope that no one asks where it is; improve the customer experience!

This may seem daunting, as after going through the checklist we might still feel unsure that things are clean enough. Remember, cleanliness has a huge impact on customer satisfaction! This is why it’s important to consider high quality janitorial services whose expertise is making things as clean as they can be. This way, we can focus on giving our clients the best products, the best customer service; all the positive things that make us stand out. Remember, a bad client experience means a lot of lost business, so let’s ease our clients and our own minds by keeping a clean, well-ordered and happy shop.

Poor Cleanliness in Retail Affects the Customer Experience

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Customers are the lifeblood of any business; without them, our business cannot succeed. This is true of any business, from law firms to commercial chemical companies, but it seems truest of all in retail. Retailers don’t have long-term contracts to rely on; when we’re in retail, each customer who walks through our door is a new opportunity, and each negative experience is a potential lost client. This is why cleanliness is key in a retail market; poor cleanliness hurts the customer experience, which can lead to lost sales, lost clients, and potential loss in market share.

We might sell clothes, furniture, or any number of things as retailers; but no matter what we sell, our clients are looking for a good shopping experience. A well laid out store, with thought given to where the customer comes in, where they check out, and the order in which they’d like to buy items is key to a great experience. Cleanliness is essential to good maintenance, because when clients see clutter, dirt, scuff marks, or any other kind of unsightliness, their eyes are drawn towards the mess instead of the product. This means they may well miss out on something they’d have loved to purchase, which means we lose out on a sale.

Clients are also quick to decide not to walk into a place that’s unclean. Imagine walking past a shop that has nice looking items, but a terrible smell! No matter how much we’d normally want to shop there, we avoid places that are clearly unclean. This is because bad smells and sights can mean that we’re unsafe; that’s why our senses tell us to avoid those areas. Bad smells can happen to any retailer, even Apple has had negative feedback from smelly stores. They tried to handle it with in-store staff, using air fresheners to see where it smelled the worst, but it got worse. They should have hired a professional cleaning service!

Clients who sense something messy in a retail space are likely to have a bad shopping experience. The smells, the sights; when things are messy, they are unpleasant. In the retail world, we know that customers love to talk, and we don’t want our customers telling their friends about what an unclean shop we have. Their friends will tell their friends, and suddenly we see a drop in how many people even set foot in the shop, whether we’ve cleaned it since or not! This is why we can’t risk ever presenting an unclean shop; it leaves a lasting disfavourable impression that can reach far beyond the clients who set foot in the door that day.

Having a clean shop is necessary to have a successful retail business. Clean shops increase sales for clients in the store, they increase the likeliness that clients will set foot in the store, and they make the customer experience better, meaning more and repeat clients. The importance of cleanliness can’t be understated, and we must make sure our shops stay beautiful to make sure our business stays beautiful.

Cleanliness at Work Means Higher Productivity

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A happy worker is a good worker; when we’re happy, we work better and harder. There are many great steps employers can take to make their employees happy, but one of the easiest and most efficient is to ensure a clean and tidy workspace. A clean work space has positive, powerful psychological effects that help us think more clearly, more efficiently, more safely and more happily.

What we perceive around us has a great impact on how we think. When we see something scary, we might jump or scream, and the adrenaline pumping through our bodies might make us think more quickly. On the flipside, if we’re relaxing at the cottage, enjoying the good life, our thoughts will be more calm, and we’ll feel at ease. The same is true for clutter; when the area around us is full of distractions, our thinking picks up these distractions and focuses on them. For clearer thinking, a clean space is best.

Efficient thinking also comes from a clean space. A 2011 study by researchers at Princeton showed that our visual cortex gets confused when there’s too much information that’s not relevant to the task at hand, so we get distracted, thinking there is something else to do. Clutter makes us focus on the wrong problem, so don’t dismiss the urge to tidy; do it right away!

Messes too big to clean yourself can come up, though. It’s important to remember the impact cleanliness can have on safety; when valuable health and safety equipment, like defibrillators, can’t be found because of clutter, someone’s life could well be in danger. Other messes that come with safety risks include slippery flooring and leaks. Commercial facilities cleaning services can help with the overwhelming number of messes that can occur in a workspace, and leave you feeling safe.

The most important thing that comes from all of this tidying is your happiness. By having a clear mind, efficient task completion, and a safe work environment, many stresses are taken off your back. When we can work without distraction, we accomplish more in a day, and the more we accomplish, the better we often feel. It’s equally important to bring these techniques into your home; quickly tidying your space every day, like making your bed every morning, will make you feel invigorated. Ease of mind will come when you live and work in an area with no clutter.

We’ve now seen that a clean space really does make for clear-headed, efficient, safe and happy people. There’s no doubt that when we feel like this we’re more productive, because we have so much less stress than in a cluttered area. That’s why it’s essential to spend the energy to have a clean space; in the end, it’s worth much more than what you have to put in.

Top Benefits of Daycare Cleaning

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Daycare cleaning requirements are different than the majority of other kinds of businesses. The health of parents, your staff, and kids are optimized by consistent and scheduled sanitizing and cleaning. Green cleaning materials will protect your business and those inside it from exposure to dangerous chemicals. Specialized flooring care is critical, particularly for kids and employees who spend time with tasks at floor level. Infection control via unique sanitizing and disease fighting green chemicals, as well as emergency clean-up kits provide parents the confidence that they’re leaving their youngster in a safe environment. Lastly, daycare cleaning providers are well versed in rules that government agencies expect such facilities to run within. Having a cleaning service assisting you in managing the cleanliness of your daycare will take one less concern off of your shoulders.

Protecting the Health of your Clients

The daycare environment may be a playground for germs due to the nature of exposing a group of adults and children to one another. Infectious diseases might easily spread, particularly if cleanliness standards aren’t up to the requirements that are placed on daycare facilities. Hiring a company that’s informed about fulfilling the requirements of keeping a childcare facility clean, will promote the health of everyone who comes into contact with your company and those who utilize it.

Green Cleaning Materials

The cleaning service company should have the ability to clean your center with green practices and chemicals. Even specific kinds of hospital grade materials effectively clean and are healthier for the environment and people. Anago, one of Canada’s top cleaning providers, uses those chemicals and additional cleaning practices to keep their cleaning services green; our providers use HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners, microfiber cloths, as well as paper products categorized as eco-friendly.

Special Surface and Floor Care

Childcare cleaning providers ought to be uniquely trained to sanitize and recognize all hot spots for germs inside a daycare environment. The flooring is the main offender, particularly for small kids and childcare workers who play and conduct activities at floor level. Play areas, desktops, door handles, and toys are areas which must be cleaned to prevent the spreading of illnesses.

Following Regulations and Green Cleaning

Utilizing green cleaning methods are possible inside a daycare situation. Microfiber cloths include an example of preventing the usage of dangerous chemicals to clean and throwing out a lot of paper waste. Such cloths are more efficient at picking dust up, and they may be re-washed to keep out waste in a landfill. Strong smell chemicals aren’t used in green cleaning, but the ones which are utilized are just as effective, yet better for the environment, your clients, and you. As you select childcare cleaning services, be certain that the provider you’ve chosen to clean does so in compliance with the stringent standards that are required of a childcare facility.

Having a partner managing the cleaning of your center will assist you in ensuring that you’re meeting cleanliness requirements for your company.

For more information on the benefits of daycare cleaning contact the high quality janitorial services of Anago today!

5 Questions to Ask Before Considering Changing Your Office Cleaners

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Every commercial space or office needs to place their best foot forward. You want to impress your customers and your clients by showing them that your company is a trusted partner to work with and runs smoothly. However, what type of impression will you leave clients and customers with when you have a filthy facility? It’s why we trust in our commercial cleaning business. We’ll hire them, so we do not have to handle the cleanliness of our business.

However, occasionally, your cleaning may become subpar and inconsistent, making you wonder if you ought to hire a new business.  Here, we list 5 questions to ask before considering changing your office cleaners:

What is your main pain point with your present cleaners?

Is there a specific area in your business that’s never properly cleaned? It’s a problem which should be addressed directly with your cleaner and cleaning company. Perhaps it is dirt under your desk or dusty window sills. If there are areas in your office which are frequently being ignored by your cleaning company, you may want to look elsewhere for a new business which will concentrate more on the small details of your needs.

All in all, are you satisfied with your existing cleaners?

Are you satisfied? It might seem like a loaded question yet if you’re generally not happy with your existing cleaners, and there tends to be no resolution in sight, it might be time to give consideration to a new business.

Why should I trust your cleaner who is coming into my office?

You need to ensure that the new business you are assessing has certain security steps in place, so you may feel at ease with the cleaners who’ll be entering your facility. Some things you may look for involve: a company that’s bonded and insured, background checks on the cleaners, WSIB and additional certifications, and commercial cleaning training.

Are your cleaners trained?

Commercial cleaning is much different from cleaning a house. Training in commercial cleaning assists in ensuring efficiency and consistency in your company. It’ll make sure that your company is kept to the highest of standards. Trained cleaners also can assist with the health of your business. One primary reason for this includes a lack of cross-contamination. You would not want your restroom cleaned with the same cloth which wipes the kitchen tables! Your new cleaning company ought to know this process in order for your facility to remain a healthy and safe one.

What will you be cleaning for me?

It’s an extremely important question. The pain points we discussed earlier, you should get those addressed. You will want to talk about how often the office gets cleaned and what you want it cleaned specifically. All parties involved ought to be on the same page and have open communication as it’ll come to what your business needs.

If you are prepared to change cleaning companies, receive a quote from the professional cleaning service of Anago today!

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Hire A Professional Cleaning Company

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Reasons Why Having the Right Equipment Makes a Difference+

There are several reasons to keep the office clean. Not just do your employees, fellow co-workers, and clients deserve to come to work in a clean, friendly environment, the office’s filthiness or cleanliness reflects on the business and its overall image. Business owners and managers have several obligations outside the office setting of running a business. Most people, unfortunately, don’t know the behind-the-scenes requirements and tasks a business owner does to make sure the company is thriving and successful. Here are the leading 5 reasons to hire a professional cleaning business:

Professionalism and Skills

Expert commercial cleaning businesses are skilled in correctly cleaning office spaces. They’re in business to assist your organization in shining and sparkling. Their specialized expertise and skills include sanitizing, dusting, and office cleaning. There’s so much more to keeping the office clean than merely ensuring that everything is organized and orderly. Commercial cleaning professionals know precisely what your company needs to ensure a healthy and clean workspace.

Keep Up Staff Morale and Motivation

Company owners sometimes delegate cleaning tasks and duties to office staff. But, this isn’t recommended because it may cause a lowering of employee morale and motivation. Office workers don’t want to empty the trash, clean bathrooms, dust, etc. Delegating cleaning tasks to office workers also keeps them from finishing company activities requiring their complete attention. Permit your staff to concentrate on what they do best and then leave all of the cleanings to the professionals.

Prevention of Respiratory Hazards

Not dusting the office causes dust to build-up, which easily can turn into a respiratory hazard for everyone involved. Expert commercial cleaning businesses have trained eyes to search for dust in spaces in which most folks wouldn’t think to look. An expert complete dusting may help guarantee that your office has minimal allergens in order for you, your staff, and clients to breathe easy.

Supply of Cleaning Products

Commercial cleaning businesses can make sure that specific cleaning agents are always available such as paper towels inside the office kitchen, as well as toilet tissue in the bathrooms. Office cleaning supplies often can go overlooked by employees and company owners because of their other responsibilities. But, it’s critical that toilet paper and additional necessary products always are thoroughly stocked because customers, office employees, and clients deserve to have everything needed in the bathroom.

Prevention of Office Illnesses

Having a workplace that’s completely sanitized and cleaned by an expert cleaning company assists in reducing the likelihood that the ones working inside the office will become sick. Bacteria will easily spread in office settings because of frequently shared appliances and equipment. When staff is out sick, there’s a loss in office output or production which hinders the company’s overall success. Employing a professional cleaning provider to routinely sanitize the office restrooms, break room, and desks assists in preventing the spread of sicknesses.

For more reasons on why your business should hire a professional cleaning company, contact the commercial facilities cleaning of Anago today!

Why Cleaning Services are Essential for Hospitals

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Choosing the Best Commercial Cleaning Services Winnipeg

Healthcare centers have to handle infectious diseases on a daily basis in the course of the treatment of patients. Unfortunately, almost 1.7M folks catch infections after going to a healthcare center. Worse yet, the CDC reports that of these individuals, almost 10,000 instances result in death. As frightening as those statistics are, it is possible to prevent a few of these illnesses. An effective method of fighting infectious disease is through expert medical cleaning services. Healthcare cleaning services are made to sanitize a hospital or additional medical facility. Anago’s team has comprehensive training that provides medical-cleaning services for all kinds of healthcare centers located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Medical facilities are full of sick folks who want to get better; therefore, having the most sanitary surroundings possible is critical. Germs and sickness feed off one another. Keeping common areas and hospital rooms sanitary with routine janitorial services is healthy for hospital staff, visitors, and patients.

Infectious Diseases

A handful of diseases may spread like wildfire. Janitorial services in a medical facility assist in controlling the spread of such diseases. Bacteria is hearty and is able to survive in almost every location. Bacteria may be found on curtains, call buttons, bedrails, etc. And bacteria can survive for a long period of time. If someone comes into contact with these surfaces and does not wash her or his hands, bacteria spreads to each area she or he touches. As a matter of fact, antibiotic-resistant bacteria or “superbugs,” are able to survive for months on surfaces. Such potentially fatal pests also have found their way inside hospitals.

Prevention Is Key

To keep a medical environment like a hospital that is free from infections, sanitation is crucial. Having a cleaning services crew working along with other patients and staff will keep infections out. Cleaners play a key role in the overall health of a medical facility.

Disinfecting vs. Cleaning

Disinfecting and cleaning are not quite the same. Cleaning ought to happen before you disinfect. As a housekeeping crew cleans, they use water, soap, enzymes, and scrubbing action to eliminate foreign matters, dust, and dirt from objects.

Disinfection will not be enough if the cleaning is not up to par. As a general rule of thumb, medical housekeeping services typically use this formula while cleaning: No spots, no odors, no dust, no smudges equals clean. Disinfectants are utilized to sanitize clean spaces. Sanitizers usually are phenol, chlorine, or iodine based and generally are used in food prep spaces such as kitchens in which levels of food-borne pathogens have to be at safe levels.

Infection Prevention and Housekeeping Services

Recently, patients and healthcare professionals have witnessed a higher risk of diseases such as hepatitis B, cholera, and typhoid. Infection prevention with these and additional diseases is critical in a hospital. A housekeeping service team realizes such threats are greater if the environment in the hospital is not kept as sanitized and as clean as possible.

For more information on why cleaning services are essential for hospitals, contact the professional janitorial services of Anago today!


The Importance of Housekeeping for a Workplace

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Why You Need to Hire a Cleaning Company

Business owners often forget about the basic importance of cleanliness in the workplace. They spend most of their time considering the business’s bottom line and how they could generate more revenue. However, what if you could generate more income by taking a greater interest in your housekeeping?

The good news is that this exchange is actually very possible, but you have to understand what housekeeping is and how it works. Find out more about how important housekeeping is for your workplace today!

What is Housekeeping?

The first thing you need to truly understand is what housekeeping is in the workplace. Many people mistakenly believe that it only means that your place of business is clean. That means that it doesn’t have sticky countertops, dusty tables, or overflowing trash cans. However, the real definition of housekeeping encompasses so much more than mere cleanliness. It also includes keeping things neat and organized, keeping walkways free of debris and piles of items, and removing any hazardous material.

Why is Housekeeping Important?

You might wonder why keeping things neat and tidy is considered to be so important in the workplace. Not only does it help to prevent major issues at work with employees and safety, but it also comes with a host of benefits for the business owner. Here are just a few of the main reasons why you might want to consider hiring a professional housekeeping company to help you keep control of your business.

Prevent Unnecessary Injuries

When you have things stacked everywhere, it is only a matter of time before someone trips over them or slips on them. You can prevent some of these unnecessary injuries and worker’s comp claims by keeping things orderly with housekeeping. Workers won’t have to worry about tripping over loose objects, being hit by falling objects, or cutting themselves on sharp objects that aren’t where they belong.

Better Work Conditions and Productivity

When your workers feel like they are in a clean and safe environment, they tend to work even harder than usual. Not only that, their materials will actually be easy to find for a change. The basic cleanliness of the office plays a big role in how employees feel about their place of work. A general improvement in cleanliness can go a long way toward boosting morale.

Better Sales

If you work in a business that invites clients in from time to time, you might see an uptick in sales with the introduction of basic housekeeping. Clients are more likely to spend their money at a business that appears clean and orderly than they are at one that seems chaotic and out of control. You might see a general increase in income that can offset the expense of housekeeping.

When it comes to housekeeping services, their importance for a business can hardly be overstated. It helps to reduce hazards in the workplace, boosts productivity, and increases sales all at the same time. Contact Anago for all of your high-quality janitorial services!

Professional Cleaning for Your Salon

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Cleaning a salon requires a lot of finesse and experience to cover every area well. Imagine how dirty things can become with strands of hair littered across the floor, nail polish spills, and oil treatments splashed across the counters. A busy salon can be an incredibly messy place from time to time which is why professional cleaning services are so valuable. The question is, how do you find a cleaning service that is going to do a thorough job?

One of the easiest ways to find excellent cleaning services for your salon is to ask for their list of outlined responsibilities. You should consider all of the tasks that need to be accomplished to keep your salon in shape. If you aren’t sure what items should be on their cleaning checklist, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Remove all items from the counters and dust

You never know what could be spilled on the counters in a salon. You might find residue from hair products, loose hair, or dirty tools. The best idea is to first remove all items from the counter to wipe away any of that debris from the counter and push it onto the floor. This gives employees a clean workspace and saves professionals from leaving behind a bigger mess on the floor later.

Sweeping the floors and cleaning the baseboards

Sweeping should come directly after cleaning the counters and dusting. This ensures that your cleaning crew is picking up everything that falls to the floor. It is extremely important because hair removal is one of the trickiest parts of cleaning a salon on a regular basis. You need to ensure that your cleaning company plans to sweep up loose hair and clean stragglers out from around the baseboards. Skipping the baseboards could allow the hair to migrate back to the freshly cleaned floors.

Clean up the waiting area

Every salon has a waiting area that guests can enjoy when they first arrive. This might need to be tidied up more often than just once per week. Make sure the floors are clean, the surfaces are dusted, and the magazines are straightened up. If necessary, you may even want to make sure that your professional cleaning company wipes down the chairs.

Tidy up the stock

Don’t let your stock shelves become coated with a thick layer of dust. A professional cleaning company can straighten up your products and dust around them to keep things looking fresh and inviting. A cleaner appearance for your product could even help to boost sales. Professional cleaning in this area demonstrates that you care about your clients and the products you sell. It is an incredibly important part of your retail business.

Having your salon professionally cleaned can make a major difference in your productivity, sales, and your clients’ experience of the salon. Ensure that your cleaning company can offer all of these services for a job well done. Consider the professional cleaning service offered by Anago for your salon. We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with a schedule and budget that works for your business!