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January 2018

Why Is Cleanliness Important In the Workplace

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As an employee, it is very important to share your part in maintaining the cleanliness of your workplace. If you work five days a week and no cleaning is involved, cobwebs, ants, and worse rats will nest in your area.

May you be an employer who owns a firm or an employee who works in an office or production area, you need to learn why is cleanliness important in the workplace. Then, we will discuss an easier way to clean by using a step by step tool. And lastly, learn a smarter way to save your time in cleaning.

Interesting? I just need a few minutes of your time and your expectation in your workplace ambiance will be changed.

Why Is Cleanliness Important In the WorkplaceWhy Cleanliness Is Important In The Workplace

Five to six times a day you go to work, use the workplace facilities, eat at the pantry or even in your working area, render overtime and then the same routine happens again and again. Hence, why you need to know the importance of cleanliness.

First, make your workplace audit and visitors ready. Being audit-ready does not need to be for your documents alone. Auditors also check the cleanliness of your workplace.

It’s even the most important factor you can showcase as an auditee because if they see that the environment is well maintained, that will stick in their mind that the standards are being followed. Same as your visitors or bosses who rarely visit your workplace. In other words, the first impression lasts.

Second, you help preserve the assets in your workplace. Assets do not only mean to be the most expensive thing in your area. Assets can also be your own swivel chair, drawer, or even the cocktail table you use for eating in the pantry during the break.

If well maintained, they will last longer and you fully utilized them beyond their return on investment.

5S – Best Tool To Keep Your Workplace Tidy

Have your company already applied 5S in your workplace? 5S is originally a Japanese methodology that they apply effectively in their workplace every day. 5S stands for Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. 5S helps the workplace organize and help saves time especially if you look for a certain item such as a simple stapler.

Everything starts with Sort. From the name itself, you need to sort things by their use. For example, sort all office supplies from other items and put them in one place. Make sure that you only keep minimal supplies near you and put the rest in a storage area.

After sorting, you need to Set the office supplies, as the previous example, in one drawer. To make this effective, a styrofoam or rubber is usually used to outline the items. This helps you put the same items in a drawer and avoid putting unnecessary items. The best way to do then is to put labels on every item and even outside the drawer.

The most important step is Shine. As to preservation of your asset, this helps a lot as you are keeping it free from dust or any dirt that comes in it. You usually set a schedule to do this.

And the hardest step is Standardize. You cannot proceed to this step unless you finished the first four. Standardization happens when you already make a document such as visual control so that your area is maintained.

You place the picture in your workplace that the end state should be followed. End state means, how should your workplace look like before and after work.

the importance of cleanliness for your businessSave Your Time In Cleaning

Now that you have learned the tools to keep your workplace clean and that you know how to contribute to your company, please be reminded that you do not need to do all the cleaning. There is the best way to save your time in cleaning.

Remember the step Shine? Let these trusted people help you achieve it. They offer quality work based on your company needs. Make you worry less and give you 100% satisfaction. Learn more about this team at

Get Experts to Clean Your Carpets

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One of the most exhausting and harder items to clean in your house are your carpets. It takes a lot of your time to remove the stains, clean the dirt and make sure that it comes out good, smells fresh and ready to use again. Especially of corporate carpet cleaning, they are way more difficult than to clean the tile flooring.

Yes it still takes time but the process is easier compared to cleaning the carpets. If this is so, do you have extra time to give to clean the mess on your carpets? If not, give a cleaning services center a call to help you out in your carpet cleaning needs.

Get Experts to Clean Your CarpetsServices

You want to contact a cleaning services company that offers wide services such as: hot water extraction cleaning, steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning, spot cleaning, encapsulation cleaning and all other similar services that will cater to your needs. These services will help keep your carpet look and smell fresh.

The range of services of that these companies will guarantee you that through their record of experience, they are able to give excellent and quality service. There is no doubt hiring a cleaning services company is a good decision for your corporate cleaning needs.

They will provide you highly skilled staff that will assure you that cleanliness of your office is their utmost priority.


Speaking of experience, you want to hire a cleaning services company that is commendable and reliable. A company that does not have the knowledge and experience is questionable. If you want to start in the right foot, experience is a standard and qualification you want to be certain of.

There are also companies that are still new but have a list of services that they are able to present to you. At a lower cost, you can give them a try and see if they are able to deliver the quality of work that you so desire. At the end of the day, experience is always an advantage and it is valuable.


After all this, it sums up to one word and that is value. Even though the cleaning services company has a list of services that they can be proud of but they do not serve well or they have a long record of experience but often bad ones, they are not of good value.

You want to be assured that those the two qualifications mentioned above align with this last one. Why? Because you don’t want to just spend money on a service that’s not worth every cent and end up wasting it.

For corporate cleaning needs, you have a budget to comply and adhere to and you want to be certain that wherever your money goes, it is worth of value. Use money wisely and by spending it for a cleaning service company that offers valuable services.

It Takes Professional Service for Corporate Carpet CleaningAt Winnipeg

If you are residing in Winnipeg, there are cleaning companies that you can look for. In fact, here are a couple of steps you can do as you search them up:

  1. Scout – Always scout for these companies and check out their services. Compare them to their competitors and see which a better choice is.
  2. Review – While you are comparing them, review thoroughly their services. Have a look through previous or current clients that have left their comments on the company. Always make sure that they have the right services that you need, experience that they can provide and value that is worth spending.

What Is Microfiber? – An Overview

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Are you looking for fabrics that have soft and fine fiber? Then maybe you want to learn more what is microfiber cloth material and what its benefits are.

We always look for ways to become efficient when we clean our couch or sofa, furniture, and other belongings. This may be by using cleaning agents and tools for an easy cleaning.

Today, there are towels, sheets, and cloths from microfibers that have become popular in the cleaning industry, which includes the Anago Cleaning Systems – Winnipeg Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services.


What is microfiber and what are its benefits? Check out below for the definition and the benefits of this fabric.


what is microfiber cloth material

What Is Microfiber Cloth Material


The microfiber is a type of fabric that is a combination of the polyester and nylon fibers. It is so called because the fibers are split multiple times such that they are even smaller than the human hair.


Today, this soft fabric from polyester and nylon has gained more popularity due to its innovative cleaning technology.


The Benefits Of Towels, Sheets, And Cloths From Microfibers


  1. Efficient In Cleaning


The ergonomic and lightweight soft fabric from polyester and nylon provides an efficient cleaning quality. Because of its very thin fibers, it can easily remove the smallest particles in a furniture, floor, or any surfaces. Moreover, maneuvering it in every direction is also faster. Thus, when cleaning any surfaces with a cloth, duster, or a mop, cleaning can be made more effective and faster.


  1. Environmentally Friendly


The efficiency in the cleaning of the microfiber materials allows us to reduce the usage of cleaning agents with synthetic chemicals. We know how these synthetic chemicals can harm the environment. On the other hand, the thin fiber with a split cross-sectional arrangement on the cloth allows it to trap and catch the dust, dirt, and other microparticles on the cleaning surface. Other types of cloths do not have this property. Thus, cleaning with water alone can already do the job. While you help keep the environment free from chemicals, you also save money from these cleaning agents.


  1. Maintains The Quality Of Surfaces


Chemicals can also harm the furniture, floors, and other belongings when applied to them periodically. Moreover, the rough surface of other cloths can also damage the surface. Being able to clean with a chemical-free cleaner and having soft fabric towels, sheets, and cloths from microfibers, you can be assured that you keep the good quality of any surfaces.


  1. Great For Hygienic Purposes


By learning what is microfiber cloth material, hospitals have already used the fabric. Moreover, the microfiber doesn’t only remove dust, dirt, and other particles. It also effectively removes bacteria, germs, and allergens. There are also studies that have shown that the microfiber can remove more bacteria than other fabrics. Thus, products that are made from microfibers are also called the “dirt magnets”.


soft fabric from polyester and nylon

Soft Fabric From Polyester And Nylon


Now that you know how such fabric can help you in your cleaning routine, buy a product that’s made from microfiber. Always have one in your home and office and be assured that you’ll be able to remove the dirt and bacteria in your place effectively.

The Best Way To Clean a Window

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Cleanliness is next to godliness. Although this phrase is not really in the Holy Scriptures, this is a great principle to live by. And so we make sure our house is well-organized, neat, smelling good and a place where people want to visit again and again. However, it seems that there’s one area where it gets overlooked very often—the windows. This article aims to help you overcome that and maybe teach you a bit on how to clean these underappreciated essentials.

works best for your window cleaningWindows

First of all, before you start taking out your cleaning equipments you have to be sure it’s the right equipment. What I mean by this is that there are also different kinds of windows and they each have their own unique characteristics so we have to be careful not to damage them. Having said that, window cleaning is not rocket science but you do have to be choosy in this case. Here’s a few common window types:

Awning windows—not the most secure design but very energy efficient because of the design to let the most amount of air and light into the house or building

Casement Windows—they open going out so they’re very easy to spot. These are also energy savers because once closed, it secures that air doesn’t go out or in therefore saving electricity when using the AC.

Double or Single Hung Windows—although the worst energy “saver” of the window types, it is here because of its aesthetic value. They are usually seen on top of floors.


DIY window cleaning solutionsNow that we’ve discovered a few window types, here’s a list of techniques that you have to research on to know which works best for your window cleaning.

Water Squeegee Method—I don’t know if that’s the actual term but this is where you just use water to spray the window, softening the dust and grime, and then using a materials that is similar to a squeegee. So you just wipe, wash off, wipe again, until it’s squeegee clean (sorry).

Newspaper Method—this may sound weird but this is very effective especially with glass windows. Not only does this work on 99% of the windows, it may have the lowest cost expense of all window cleaning techniques.

Vinegar—this one is starting to be discovered as probably the most effective method. And no, you don’t just pour the vinegar and wipe if off and voila, shiny as new. You have to find the right amount, mix it with either water or maybe soap, then have a certain process depending on your tyel of window.


Speaking of vinegar, there are other cleaning solutions that you might find useful and effective. There’s the aforementioned soap (mostly effective for glasses), some use distilled water (uhm, don’t really know the intricate details but they say it mixes great with vinegar), there’s soap and shampoo and many others.

There’s also a growing trend of creating your own DIY window cleaning solutions. This saves a lot on expenses and you can customize to your window type.

Next Step

Now that you know some stuff about window cleaning it’s up to you what you want to do with this knowledge. Or if you need to look at how its done and learn from the experts, there are excellent cleaning services that you can find in your area. You just need to search and call or email them.