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October 2018

How Every Business Owner Might Benefit from Commercial Cleaning Services

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It isn’t uncommon for full-time workers to consider their workplace to be their second home. Most business owners are searching for ways to boost their company’s appearance, safety, and efficiency. Below we list the top 5 benefits business owners may experience for themselves as they invest in commercial cleaning services.

Safe Work Environment

A clean workplace is a safe place for everyone. Due to the high traffic volume that an office witnesses on any given day, it isn’t any surprise that they’re also a breeding ground for bacteria and germs to spread and grow among your staff members. Apart from the health concerns that a filthy workspace causes, a grimy workspace also can create possible dangers for personal injury and accidents to workers. While you may be tempted to believe that you have everything under control by periodically cleaning the bathrooms and sporadically operating the vacuum cleaner across the floors, the fact is that no one will do a better job than commercial cleaning companies. Janitors are trained in the most effective methods of cleaning an office, removing all possible safety and health concerns.

Less Work to Do

Let’s be truthful, your workers are your main priority. Thereby, cleaning isn’t always at the top of your priority list because you have much more important things to care for each day. Having a commercial cleaning business come and take care of all of your cleaning requirements, means that there’s one less thing on that to do list. Then it’s possible to concentrate on what’s most critical—expanding your business.

Boost Productivity

It ought to come as no shock that a clean work atmosphere will boost employee productivity. A number of studies have demonstrated that an unorganized, dirty, cluttered environment hinders one’s capability to concentrate, being productive, and working effectively. Also, one study discovered that there may potentially be long-term effects upon the cognitive well-being of staff who work in a filthy workplace.

Improve Professional Appearance

Oftentimes, professionalism is related to cleanliness. If the appearance is dirty and cluttered, you will be perceived the same way. There isn’t anything more humiliating than having your colleagues or customers see you as messy and unprofessional. Hiring an expert cleaning service to come in and help with your cleaning requirements may assist with your professional image. Be certain that everyone who enters the front door knows that you’re a professional business place from the clean environment that they’re entering in to.

Higher Quality Cleaning Level

While you may believe that you’re doing an alright job at being the FT manager and PT janitor, odds are that you are not. There isn’t anyone who’s more qualified to give your workers the clean environment they need than a commercial cleaning service. Experts are going to have the equipment, supplies, and tools needed to ensure that you’re getting the highest cleaning level.

For more information on how our commercial facilities cleaning services can help you contact Anago today!



How to Keep Your Gym or Fitness Center Clean

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Keeping your fitness facility clean isn’t just about its visual appeal. There are numerous organisms which may become plentiful within the humid and moist environments all throughout a fitness facility, everything from athlete’s foot to influenza.

The most typical microorganism inside a gym space is Staphylococcus aureus. Staphylococcus aureus may be literally found everywhere and anywhere that may be touched or which comes into contact with sweat or any additional body fluids.

Most organisms, which includes bacteria, may be discovered on the equipment and additional surfaces inside a fitness facility.

Influenza is one other typical microorganism inside gyms. Most members still will try to exercise when they’re in the early phases of the flu and spread the virus around them as they sneeze or cough.

In addition, fungus is extremely common inside gyms, particularly a group of fungal infections referred to as dermatophytes. The dermatophytes infect an individual’s epidermal tissue, nails, and hair, with one of the most typical infections well-known as athlete’s foot. Dermatophyte infections may be contracted via direct person-to-person contact, or by coming into contact with the bodily fluids of an infected individual, like their sweat on an exercise mat.

As temperatures continually drop individuals are just going to increasingly flock to the gym. This means you will be doing double duty in order to keep it clean. Clean gym centers and equipment is critical as it’ll come to keeping customers happy and preventing the spread of germs. Keep in mind, a clean exercise facility will keep members coming back. Below we list some easy cleaning fixes to do.

  • Unpleasant smells – Do not just mask smells using air freshener. Locate the odor’s source and clean it. Besides gym equipment and toilets, be certain that drains, walls, and floors are clean.
  • Dirty equipment – It is vital for exercise facilities to keep full sanitizing spray and paper towel dispensers around for members to clean equipment after their workout. It’ll help keep the exercise facility better maintained, yet it still is critical for gym team members to routinely sanitize and clean equipment all throughout the day.
  • Restrooms and Locker Rooms – Every business has to handle dirty restrooms. Locker rooms contain showers, which is one other layer that exercise center staff has to attend to. Always be certain that drains are free of hairs and clean.
  • Dirty Floors – Keep all doormats outside and inside all entrances. For non-carpeted flooring, sweep dirt up using a broom before it gets out of control. Always mop up spills and sticky spaces as soon as you can.
  • Dusty Surfaces – In any space, dust eventually accumulates. Be certain you’re dusting from the top down, beginning with ceiling fans and making your way over to cabinetry, surfaces and additional tall equipment. Attempt to dust in one direction so you can avoid missing spaces.
  • Stains and Spills – It is vital to routinely vacuum your fitness center and utilize stain removal as you see visible soils and stains on your equipment.

 For more information on how to keep your gym or fitness center clean contact the professional cleaning service of Anago today!



The Benefits of Professional Cleaning Services for Your Retail Company

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The importance of keeping a retail unit clean can’t be understated, from a presentation and hygienic viewpoint alike. As the property gives off a good impression of your business, clients are going to be a lot less inclined to purchase from you if it’s dirty and unkempt, and your staff members may become demotivated in poor working conditions.

While you might carry out the cleaning on your own, the best way, by far, to keep a retail environment within the best condition includes hiring professional cleaners, making sure the task is performed properly and to a high standard. Therefore, what are the advantages of pro retail cleaning services?


Firstly, the cleaning of a retail premises is a task which must be done correctly. A cleaning business is going to carry out hygienic, attentive, and thorough work which leaves sparkling results.

The appearance of a business is critical to making an excellent first impression on consumers, and it’s particularly a fact with retail, as folks might be put off going inside your store or buying something if it isn’t clean.


While you might be tempted to cut out the price of a cleaning service then delegate the project to your team members or even carry it out on your own, at the end of a long work day you might have a group of tired and overworked staff members dragging mops around the floor.

All great cleaning companies ought to have the ability to work around your business hours and make certain that your property is within good working order as you arrive and open in the morning. Therefore, leave it to the pros, go home, put up your feet and relax!


Not just will dirty surfaces and floors put customers off, they additionally pose a health risk to workers. Keeping your team free of illnesses is critical to operating an efficient retail business, and the odds of infection spreading is vastly increased as routine cleaning isn’t being done.


Instead of needing to front the initial outlay that is needed to buy cleaning equipment, the majority of expert cleaning services are going to provide their own. That means your retail space or shop may be cleaned utilizing high quality products and machinery without you needing to purchase them upfront.

Anago has years of expertise as it’ll come to cleaning retail units and shops and we carry out contract services all throughout the Winnipeg area.

We’re able to craft a bespoke cleaning service that’s customized to your precise requirements, and clean all staff areas, shop fronts, toilet facilities and much more, working around your hours of business for optimal convenience. Our prices are very affordable; therefore, talk with one of our friendly staff members right away for more details or request a quote.

For more information on the benefits of professional cleaning services for your retail company please feel free to contact the commercial facilities cleaning services of Anago today!



What’s the Difference Between Buffing and Polishing A Commercial Floor?

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Maintaining shiny and attractive floors will require more than merely a mop and a broom. Burnishing and buffing are two techniques that restore the sparkle of numerous types of flooring, like tile, marble, and hardwood floors. While both burnishing and buffing are performed to get shiny floors, the two various techniques generate different results from the usage of two various electrical appliances.


 A flooring buffer looks like a vacuum cleaner yet has wide handlebars and a bigger body. Inside its body are motorized brushes which spin at adjustable speeds in order to polish and clean floors. Some buffers feature handlebar controls to assist in steering the buffer into various spaces. Floor burnishing will require a burnisher. Burnishers appear similar to buffers yet are a lot heavier, providing extra pressure that helps generate a wet-look gloss. Rather than moving from side to side, burnishers run in a straight line, moving back and forth. In addition to being heavier, a burnisher’s engines are more complicated to generate higher speeds.


Floor buffing utilizes a buffer to polish flooring. While the flooring ought to be cleaned before buffing, its squeegees in the back assist in gathering any moisture and dirt left behind. Buffing may be performed at high or low speeds. Standard buffer machines run at 175 RPM. A high-speed buffer may operate from 1,250 to as much as 1,500 RPM. While buffing restores some smoothness and gloss to flooring, it doesn’t accomplish the same wet-look gloss burnishing will.


While buffing might refer to both the residual cleaning and polishing of floors, burnishing only refers to polishing the flooring at a greater speed to generate optimal shine. The additional polish is due to a burnisher’s higher speed, which may operate from 1,500 to 2,500 RPM. Burnishing often is performed after buffing to accomplish that wet-look gloss.


In addition to creating more gloss, burnishing polishes flooring a lot quicker than buffing due to its high speed. The Feb. 2002 “Sanitary Maintenance” issue pointed out that polishing 10,000 sq.-ft. flooring using a buffer requires 25 labor hours when utilizing a 20” floor machine running at 350 RPM. But, a 27” burnisher running at 2,000 RPM may polish the same flooring in 4.5 hours. While burnishing will polish floors faster, care should be taken to apply enough finish coats, or the flooring will become worn.

How often to buff floors

For commercial areas that have high foot traffic, it’s possible to buff floors on a monthly basis. It’ll keep the floors looking shiny and new, which your clients and employees will appreciate. The more often the floor is buffed, the better it’ll look.

Furthermore, buffing assists in maintaining a floor’s longevity. Steady buffing extracts a buildup of debris, gunk, and scratches that wear down the floor over a period of time. Buffing may extend the life of a floor, helping to save a substantial cost over time.

For more information on buffing and polishing commercial floors contact the high quality janitorial services of Anago today!