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November 2018

3 Areas That Need Deep Cleaning in 2019

By | Cleaning, Housekeeping

The holidays are an extremely hectic time for most households. Between entertaining, traveling, and shopping, deep cleaning oftentimes takes a backseat to fast tasks such as wiping down tables and counters or swiftly sweeping your floors. Because the holiday season takes such a toll on cleanliness, starting a deep cleaning job in January may assist in refreshing the feel, look, and general environment of your house.

Begin the New Year on a new foot. For best results, the professionals in residential cleaning at Anago suggest that you begin your New Year’s checklist with these 3 areas:


One space you absolutely have to thoroughly clean for the New Year is the refrigerator. If your fridge saw a lot of holiday leftovers and foods packed on its shelves, there is a great chance you will find a little turkey gravy lingering inside a crevice, or a bit of dried cranberry sauce stuck on the wall. Since fridge cleanliness is vital for maintaining food safety, you must address those “leftovers” immediately.

To efficiently clean the refrigerator, take out all of the food in conjunction with the interior drawers and shelves. Scrub every surface with soapy, hot water, and thoroughly rinse. Dry all shelves, surfaces, and drawers completely before you place back inside the refrigerator to decrease the risk of mold growth. Next, replace all food which hasn’t expired. Food that is expired should be tossed in the garbage.


Carpeting is a magnet for dust, allergens, and the dirt which becomes dragged in with winter, wet weather. While regular vacuuming might assist with the carpet’s overall look, the majority of household vacuums won’t offer the deep cleaning your house requires after a hectic holiday season. Deep cleaning the area rugs and carpets won’t just keep these things appearing their best, yet also assist in reducing allergens and additional risks to interior air quality so you may begin the new year fresh.

For the best and most convenient results, utilize a pro cleaning service that deep cleans rugs and carpets and additional flooring surfaces all throughout the house. After the carpets are deeply cleaned, you will have the ability to experience a fresh-smelling house and healthier environment for you, your loved one, and your pets to enjoy.


Bathrooms require regular cleaning, yet they additionally occasionally require a deep, good clean – particularly at the peak of flu season. Besides cleaning your bathroom floor, tub, sink, and toilet, you will need to launder the window shades or curtains, bath mats, and shower curtain.

While dealing with the bathroom part of your New Year checklist, be certain that you scrub walls down and additional furnishings such as built-in vanities or armoires. Take some time to clean out toothbrush holders and additional containers holding soap and other types of toiletries.

The pros at Anago provide residential and commercial deep cleaning services to get your office or home prepared for 2019.

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How to Keep Your Marble Flooring Clean

By | Cleaning

Marble floors are very popular these days. They’re an incredible option which complements any commercial building or kitchen because of their elegance and wonderful style. In addition, it’s durable. It’s necessary to know how you can clean these kinds of floors. It’s because it stains easily and is very delicate. In this article, you’ll learn cleaning marble flooring tips which have been proven to work.

Preventive care

Cleaning marble flooring starts with preventive care and regular maintenance. Polishing, dusting, sweeping and mopping on a daily basis will eliminate all dirt or surface debris, which might harm or otherwise scratch the marble floor.

The great thing about preventive maintenance is that it may decrease both buildups of dirt and grime, as well as avoid the risk of scratching your floor. For example, putting a floor mat down at the entrance is going to protect the marble floor from catching dirt, small stones, or dust.

There’s a necessity to care for spills as they arise so they don’t stain the floor. As marble is sensitive to acidic solutions, make sure that you use a cleaning agent that has a neutral pH.

Tackling dirt and scuff marks

Spot cleaning the marble flooring involves removing obvious dirt and scuff marks. Begin by applying a gentle liquid soap that has a neutral pH. Utilize a soft microfiber cloth and some clean, cold water.

You first should test the products on a small space, before you use it on a larger scale. As the stain or mark disappears, it is possible to buff it using a dry cloth and bring the shine up.

 Use the right cleaning solutions

You must check the instructions and safety guidelines on any particular product you wish to buy. As marble is a natural material, you ought to be aware of items which can’t be used. It’s recommended to use a professional scrubbing machine in order to avoid damage of the floor. In case you make the choice to get this type of machine to maintain your flooring, be certain that you read this in-depth guide on how to choose the proper walk behind, commercial-grade floor scrubbing unit.

The following are kinds of cleaning solutions you ought to avoid:

  • Conventional cleaning agents – make sure you just utilize special marble cleaners.
  • Alkaline or acidic solutions like vinegar – they’ll diminish the shiny look of marble.
  • Ceramic tile cleaners – they’ll make marble look dull.
  • Rough cloths – they’ll scour your floor.
  • Vacuum cleaners – they’ll have wheels and hoses which may scratch your floor.

It’s vital to note that cleaning marble flooring isn’t time-consuming if you follow the above tips. It’s a fact that your marble floor is going to require additional care. It’s your job as a homeowner or business to make sure it looks beautiful and shiny.

Anago cleaning systems specializes in cleaning services for hotels and other hospitality businesses. When it comes to hospitality cleaning in the Winnipeg area, no one does it better! Anago® of Manitoba can handle any cleaning job.

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Consider Professional Bank Cleaning

By | Cleaning, Office Cleaning

All of the banks in the world ought to consider the usage of an expert janitorial service because they’re visited by several folks on a day-to-day basis. As the manager of a bank, can you possibly imagine the impact dirty restrooms and floors will have to your reputation and image? How might you benefit from a deep and precise commercial cleaning service?

The importance of routine deep cleaning for your bank has a lot to do with the success of your bank. All of the business partners and clients that visit your bank have to see your shiny windows and floors and disinfected restrooms. Speaking of lavatory spaces, we must say that daily sanitizing and cleaning mean fewer accidents and illnesses. As you work with an excellent local commercial cleaning service, they’ll know how to remove bacteria, stains, and dirt. And as guests see the cleanliness, it’s typically enough for them to select your business.

When all of the windows, floors, and doors are sparkling clean, they’ll leave an excellent first impression to everyone who visits your financial institution. Just like bathrooms, when they’re shiny and clean, this may influence the opinion of your bank. Clean grout and tile, waxed flooring, streak-free windows, they all state: “Welcome to our bank!”

It’s vital that you know that skilled janitors know how often that need to vacuum hard surfaces and how they can dust furniture, so they remain clean for a longer time period. Using the proper equipment and tools is also important. Waiting rooms and teller stations in which your customers spend a ton of time, in general, must also be kept neat and clean. It’s a part of making them feel at ease in your financial institution.

Aside from the regular cleaning services, professionals also can provide more specific tasks, like full office carpet cleaning and shampooing, stain removal, pet odor removal, floor waxing and refinishing, window treatment, and deep and general janitorial cleaning.

How to Spot a Reliable Janitorial Business for Janitorial Services

Are you on the brink of searching for a janitorial provider for expert cleaning service? If so, see to it that you must be meticulous while searching for one. Cleaning results lie upon the provider you hire. Therefore, if you wish to obtain better results that are worth your investment, employ a reliable cleaning provider. Below are a few tips about how to search for one:

Check all qualifications

One thing you must check while searching for a reputable janitorial cleaning provider is their qualifications. You want to ensure that you are hiring one that’s responsible for doing the service. Therefore, you ought to see to it that they possess these qualifications:

  • Their references
  • Their recognitions and certificates
  • Some of the businesses they serve
  • People’s ratings and reviews

As the janitorial provider is happy and willing to allow you to check their qualifications, that is a good indication that the provider may be trusted to do the job.

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Microfiber Cleaning Uses and Benefits

By | Cleaning

Microfiber is a synthetic material that is found within mainstream markets that started in the 1990s, but the development of the fine fabric started in the 1950s. Microfiber is available in several forms, yet for the purposes of household cleaning or commercial cleaning, you want to search for a cleaning cloth that’s a split microfiber. A split fiber of 16 segments is very effective at holding and capturing dirt. With a fresh concentration on environmentally-friendly office cleaning practices, such cloths are an excellent addition to any green cleaning option.

Benefits of Microfiber

Microfiber is hypoallergenic, non-abrasive, and lint-free. Microfiber is reusable and durable; which makes it an excellent green cleaning solution. The 3 main benefits of using microfiber over cloth involve:

  • Decrease of a Spread of Bacteria and Cross Contamination – Microfiber items are color coded, so that the cloths and mops used in the bathrooms aren’t mistakenly utilized in the common areas of the facility. Correct usage of microfiber products substantially decreases cross contamination.
  • Decrease of Chemical Use – The usage of microfiber for damp mopping may decrease chemical use related to mopping by up to 90 percent.
  • Decrease of Water Use – The microfiber system will support a significant decrease in water use due to its capability of cleaning effectively with no to little water.

5 Ways to Utilize Microfiber

Microfiber may be utilized without cleaning solutions or detergents, thereby decreasing the quantity of chemicals utilized to clean. This decrease in chemical usage results in environmentally-friendly office cleaning for you and your employees. Below are some ways in which Microfiber may assist in keeping your office cleaner:

  1. Polishing – Microfiber, utilized as a dry cloth, is good to polish chrome used in stairways, handles, faucets, and more.
  2. Clean Windows – Decrease the quantity of water and chemicals necessary to obtain windows that are free of streaks.
  3. Mopping – No re-dipping a mop into grimy water which may lead to the spread of bacteria. Microfiber heads clean and may be laundered for repeated use.
  4. Electronics – Commonly shared and touched electronics within an office environment may lead to the spread of germs. Dusting things like keyboards, computer mice, and screens, copiers, phones, and printers at least one time per week may assists in eliminating their spread.
  5. Remove Stains – With a bit of water added to the Microfiber cloth, it’s possible to remove stains from carpets or upholstery.

Green Cleaning

Over the last ten years, the Anago brand stands at the front of green office cleaning services with cutting edge developments in chemicals, equipment, and techniques. Microfiber mops and cloths represent instances of eco-friendly cleaning, which may be used to substantially decrease the environmental impact of cleaning, while additionally improving the overall health of your office facility.

Anago businesses are skilled in the usage of eco-friendly methods and products which clean more efficiently. Call a local Anago business to book a complimentary green cleaning evaluation of your business environment.

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