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January 2020

End Of Lease Cleaning

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When vacating your rented premises, you’re required to return the property in “broom-clean” condition. At the beginning of your lease, the landlord charged you a fixed amount of bond money. To get 100% of it back, you need to clean the house as per the real estate standards, or as per the landlord’s checklist. This is called end of lease cleaning or vacate cleaning.

What is the difference between lease cleaning and regular cleaning?

Regular cleaning is what most people do on a daily or weekly basis to maintain a good level of hygiene around the house. End of lease cleaning, on the other hand, covers areas that aren’t traditionally cleaned regularly. You’ll finally have to face the monstrous dust clouds and any cobwebs, thoroughly clean each room, wash all the blinds, remove scale from the bathroom and kitchen tiles, make sure all the windows and doors sparkle, etc. The list is long and specific. The bottom line is that you’re expected to restore the premises to the condition it was when you moved in. This is often a tall order for most tenants but if you intend to get your deposit money back, the cleaning has to get done.

Planning is critical. Waiting until the last minute to clean the premises is a recipe for disaster. A month before you vacate, you should go through the lease agreement to establish exactly what’s expected of you regarding end of lease cleaning. Different landlords have different expectations and this is normally stated in the lease agreement. Once you know what’s expected, you can begin by thoroughly cleaning the house room by room so that when you’re almost ready to move out, you’re left with very little to clean. Planning ahead also gives you ample time to consult with cleaning professionals.

Why hire a professional cleaning company?

With hectic lifestyles and busy schedules, end of lease cleaning can be stressful. Moving out involves packing all your belongings, and this in itself is usually all-consuming. Coupled with the stress and the time it will take to clean properly, it makes more sense to hire cleaning professionals who will automatically lift a huge chunk of weight off your shoulders. For an end of tenancy cleaning, you need more than just cleaning supplies – you may need modern machinery like polishers and burnishes, floor sanders, carpet cleaners, scrubbers and so on. Professional cleaners use high-quality products and have advanced equipment that you probably don’t have access to.

With their experience, latest methods and modern cleaning tools and machines, professional cleaning contractors have the technical knowledge about how to clean different items and areas properly. With flawless cleaning, you’re more likely to get your full deposit back than you would if you did the cleaning yourself.

If your lease has come to an end, you don’t have to be caught up by the daunting work and added stress of end of lease cleaning. Leave the task to a professional Winnipeg cleaning company. This will leave you ample time to take care of the other urgent matters that demand your attention. 

The 2022 Guide To Choosing A Janitorial Company

By | Business, Cleaning

Cleanliness plays a pivotal role in many industries, so diligence in choosing a janitorial company is essential. A tidy and organized business environment creates a lively and healthy ambiance. The maintenance of a germ and dust-free office is critical for the well-being of staff and clients.


Hiring cleaning services from a janitorial company is easy but you should consider several factors when choosing a janitorial firm. Here are a few relevant tips that will guide you in determining which janitorial company will be ideal for your business:


Insured & Bonded

A good janitorial company should have valid general liability insurance and janitorial bonding. General liability insurance protects the business, its staff, and its clients from claims that could result from damages to the property.


Janitorial bonding offers protection to the customers in cases where the company’s employees have damaged belongings. Bonding is vital for janitorial enterprises since the majority of cleaning services are performed after office hours. With insurance and a bond, both the cleaning company and your company will be protected in case something happens.


Professional Employees

Ask how the company vets its employees. Make sure that the management and the cleaners are professional to work with. Of course, you’ll only want to work with the best, and then you can expect excellent results.


Hire a janitorial company that has testimonials about their incredible customer service, particularly that of the account manager and the cleaners. They should be accommodating and friendly so that harmonious communication gets established. It is essential that the cleaners are dedicated to their jobs, or you won’t be able to expect a fast and efficient cleaning service.


Transparent Pricing

Budget is one of the relevant factors that any business considers when choosing a janitorial company. As a wise business owner, you want to get the best deals and value of your trust, time, and money. Here are the common questions that you can raise while shopping for the best janitorial company in your area:

  • Are we charged per cleaning session or per month?
  • Are the cleaning supplies and equipment included in the billing?
  • Are there hidden charges and unexpected fees?
  • Do I pay by cash, cheque, or credit card?
  • What are the terms and conditions?
  • Do I get discounts if I buy a certain amount of cleaning sessions?


Health & Safety

With the rise of cases of coronavirus and the flu, you want to ensure that your cleaning company takes your concerns seriously. They should prioritize the health and safety not just of their workers but of the staff you employ in your office. Look for a company that knows and understands how to effectively clean hot spots to minimize the transmission of germs and bacteria across your workspace. 


Part of adhering to safety standards is letting others know when and where the cleaning is taking place. For example, they should put up wet floor signs when they are busy mopping. If it could pose a risk to your staff or customers, there should be a notice to prevent any physical harm from occurring.


Clear Communication

How easy is it to get your questions answered when you contact your cleaning services provider? You should know exactly how to get in touch with them during business hours. Every aspect of your communication should be clear and to the point. 


Just as you want transparent pricing for your services, you should also be very clear about what exactly is covered for that price. Make sure the janitorial service knows exactly what your needs and goals are and that they should communicate with you should something change. They need to have all the necessary contact information for you or another person in charge of the facilities, just in case any questions arise. 


Look For Well-Trained Workers

Unfortunately, there are no real qualifications for someone to be hired as a cleaner. Much of the task work is learned on the job, but you will still want to search for well-trained workers who have some experience. What type of in-house training do cleaners receive before they are allowed to clean companies on their own? 


This ties back into the health and safety aspect of your cleaning. You want a professional janitorial service that values education for its employees. Ask about what standards the company upholds for their workers and what you can reasonably expect them to adhere to. This is important because a janitorial service that uses improper cleaning tools or techniques can cause damage. 


Ask About Technology

You want to keep your office space or retail location as clean as possible. It can be a challenge for your janitorial team to do so if they are stuck using old or outdated equipment. Consider asking about what technology they use and any innovations that have come up in the cleaning industry. This should give you some insight as to whether they have invested in the equipment necessary to do a thorough cleaning of your workspace. 


The right technology is not only easier on the janitorial staff, but it is also far more effective at cleaning your area quickly. Overall, the right technology and innovation within the industry can be a win-win situation for everyone involved. If you notice that your cleaners are using very old equipment, it might be a sign that you need to switch your service provider. 


Companies Looking For Cleaning Services

Offices and commercial businesses are the familiar clients of cleaning services. Hotels, gyms, and schools are only a few of the many industries that patronize the services of janitorial companies.  The cleaning services for these companies require teams of expert cleaners and the most advanced tools and equipment.


As these industries are required to maintain cleanliness at all times for the pleasant experience and health of their customers, the cleaning companies should perform their jobs with utmost professionalism and accuracy.

With all these questions in mind contact Anago of Manitoba and click here to let us answer them for you.