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Tips to Find the Best Janitorial Service for Your Business

By May 23, 2018Cleaning

Benefits of Green Cleaning Products at HomeYour business could benefit from a professional cleaning service, but you don’t have the budget to hire your own janitorial staff. Given that the average annual salary for a janitor is around $25,000, it should come as no surprise that many people outsource their cleaning to another company. Hiring a cleaning service for your office or business can be a wise investment of funds on a weekly basis. You only pay for the services that you need on the timeframe that works for you. The question is, how do you go about finding the very best janitorial service for your money?

Stop searching longer and start searching smarter for your professional cleaning company. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect team to get your business in pristine condition.

Understand what is included in your quote

Did you think that every company includes the same standard items on their quotes? You may need to think again. Always be sure to ask for the detailed breakdown of all the services that are included in your quote. Compare it to a list of the responsibilities that you would like to have taken care of each week to ensure that everything is getting done. If their list is missing items, then you may need to have your quote revised.

Check out the online reviews

Not everything you read online is true, but you may want to take a quick search anyway. Look for a company that has mostly positive reviews from a large number of clients. A company that has some negative reviews but has responded to them gracefully may still be worth a second glance. When you find a company with very few reviews, this might be a red flag that they are not as genuine as they appear.

Do your homework

Before you decide to pay someone, you need to do your research on whether they are legitimate. Try browsing around their website first. This can also give you a better idea of their certifications and training to handle the needs of your unique business. If you are in doubt about the authenticity of their certifications, contact the company that handles those trainings to see if they can give you more information about your prospective cleaning company.

Ask for references

Don’t be afraid to talk to other clients who are currently using this service or have used it in the past. They can give you the most realistic sense of what the business is like and how effective they will be at cleaning your office. If you don’t know any personal friends, family members, or business owners who have used this company, ask your representative for a list of people that you can contact. Many companies are happy to provide this list to convince you that they offer top-notch services.

Hiring a janitorial service and committing to a commercial cleaning plan can be a major undertaking. Here at Anago, we strive to make it simple by offering you the best services at fair rates. Contact us today to see how we can help you take better care of your business!