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Tips to Select A Janitorial Service

By October 3, 2018Cleaning

Why You Need to Hire a Cleaning Company

If you have performed a search on Google for “janitorial service in Winnipeg” you’ll know there are a multitude of vendors competing for your business. How will you possibly sift through all of them to find the better one for your space? We have compiled a list of what you ought to require at a minimum of an expert janitorial service that you’re thinking about as a vendor.

Bonding and Insurance

A reputable janitorial service should have janitorial bonding and general liability insurance. General liability insurance: it’s the most typical type of commercial insurance a company can carry. It’ll protect that company, its employees and customers from claims that result from bodily injuries, advertising lawsuits, property damage, as well as broken equipment and furniture.

Background Checked, Professional Employees

A background check is crucial for screening workers – those checks are not performed to blindly get rid of any prospects, yet instead, to learn more about a person. A background check is particularly essential for janitorial services because workers oftentimes have security codes and keys to expensive items. If a potential employee who isn’t eligible shows a recent and consistent theft history, it would be a red flag for a cleaning company and would be a sign that a potential employee isn’t a good fit for that job.

Transparent and Clear Pricing

As a smart shopper, it always is vital that you to know what you are getting for the money. Below we list some factors and questions you should consider with janitorial service prices:

  • Am I able to pay with a credit card?
  • What are the terms – NET 30, NET 15, etc.?
  • Are there any increases in price?
  • Are supplies, chemicals, and equipment included in billing?
  • Will I be billed per month, per cleaning, or per hour?

Quality Control

What’s quality control and why is that important? It’s a process which ensures a specific service quality level and can be implemented through a procedure of checks, balances, as well as rectifications. It’s vital in the cleaning service field because customers will pay for a specific level of quality of cleaning services. Almost all the work is done on a client’s premises, outside the supervisory control of a cleaning company. Below we list some of the most typical kinds of quality control systems:


A cleaning checklist is an underrated tool for any company which uses processes. Within the cleaning sector, it is critical for cleaning staff to know what’s required at the client’s center, and a checklist permits them to double-check all work for completion.

Supervisor Inspections

Inspections by supervisors accomplish several goals. Inspections may be random or scheduled. It offers an assessment of the facility’s present state.

Client Communication

Engaging with your clientele on a routine basis is important for sustaining a degree of communication which permits feedback – whether that be a small complaint or bigger problem. It may be achieved through simplistic emails, month-to-month satisfaction surveys, or quarterly walk-throughs in-person at a client’s facility.

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