No matter what kind of flooring you have, Anago’s floor cleaning services can keep your floors looking spotless!

It’s no secret that keeping commercial floors clean is no simple task. Dirt, dust, rain, and mud present a wide range of cleaning challenges year-round, as they all find their way into office buildings and other facilities. This is where Anago Cleaning Systems® can help. We’ve been in the janitorial service industry for more than 25 years and provides the highest quality commercial cleaning services in Winnipeg. When it comes to floor cleaning, we practically wrote the book on cleaning any type of surface.

Anago® specializes in a number of floor cleaning services, such as:

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Widely used in commercial buildings, ceramic tile and grout can cause headaches for businesses, especially if the tiles crack or a foggy residue develops and just won’t go away. Our experienced cleaning staff uses a three-step process to ensure your ceramic tile and grout look brand new.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpeting is much harder to clean than tile flooring, in part due to stains that seep into various layers of the carpet, discoloring it below the surface. Anago® cleaning teams use hot water extraction cleaning, steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning, spot cleaning, and encapsulation cleaning to lift especially tough stains out of your carpeting. This ensures we leave it looking and smelling fresh.

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    Vinyl Sheet Flooring / Tile Cleaning

    Vinyl sheet flooring and tile cleaning is much more complex process than ceramic tile or carpet cleaning. This process generally involves cleaning the floor itself, followed by waxing it. If the problem is just a few scratches and minor blemishes, a thin layer of water and wax mixture can be applied to the floor and then buffed out with a machine.

    A floor that has been recently waxed and has no yellowing or scuffs can simply be refreshed with a recoat and top wax scrub. For severely damaged or yellowed vinyl, however, the best solution is often to strip, seal and wax the floor. Old wax is stripped away from the floor and a new layer is applied, sealing and protecting your flooring.

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