Throughout Winnipeg, Anago® Cleaning Systems provides top quality cleaning services, perfect for schools and daycare centers.

Advanced Methods & Techniques

As a pioneer in the janitorial services industry, Anago® prides itself on using only the latest equipment and cleaning products. Our cleaning teams are trained year-round in various courses to learn new green services, improved best practices of the industry and other such innovations that continue to make Anago® the top commercial cleaning service in Winnipeg.

SmartClean™ Technology

We are committed to providing top-quality service from experienced and qualified cleaning teams. Our Customer Service department is available any hour of the day or night to discuss your cleaning crew or job site. Should an emergency arise, an emergency cleaning team will be dispatched within two hours to assist you, regardless of the hour.

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    Cleaning Green

    Not only are Anago’s commercial cleaning solutions environmentally friendly, but they are so effective, that we actually don’t need to use as much to get the tougher jobs done! We use top-of-the-line green products, including eco-friendly mops and cleaning cloths, to rid your facility of germs, dirt and other pollutants.

    Customized Work Schedule

    Whatever your business hours, we will work around them, whether it’s open or closed. We’re on your time and will clean your facility on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. We’re also available for one-time cleaning jobs if that’s what you need.

    Client Support

    Our customer support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can rest assured that Anago® is always there for you. Should an emergency arise, a cleaning team can be on-site within two hours of your call.

    Communications Log

    Since our cleaning crews will likely be cleaning while you are not working, there tends to be minimal interaction between the cleaning crews and business owners. Due to this, Anago® has developed one of the detailed and comprehensive communication logs in the commercial cleaning industry. This allows the operations manager to keep track of exactly what projects are in progress and which are complete with an on-site ledger.

    Security Protection

    It can be stressful to let an entire cleaning crew into your building after you’ve left. We understand that. With Anago®, you never have to worry about your company’s sensitive information or anything being stolen from the workplace. Every single person in our employ has passed an exhaustive criminal background check, as well as drug testing, in addition to being bonded and insured.

    To learn more about what Anago® can offer you, contact us online or call (204) 594-4666 today for a free estimate.

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