Tile is a beautiful material—unfortunately, both tile and tile grout can get dirty quickly. Whether your business has tile flooring, tile walls, or any other tile surface, regular cleanings are essential to keep up aesthetics and functionality.

We’re here to help. At Anago, we offer tile and grout cleaning in Winnipeg. We’ll leave your tiles looking as good as new, using eco-friendly materials to clean off dirt, grime, and other contaminants. Your grout lines will look picture-perfect, too!

Why Choose Anago

With over 25 years of experience providing cleaning and janitorial services to Winnipeg businesses of all sizes, we know what it takes to clean and maintain tile and grout. 

Whether your business has a few square metres of tile accents or thousands of square metres of tile flooring, our team will diligently clean every centimetre, ensuring that the tile and grout don’t stain or end up damaged.

Our SmartClean™ system has been developed over decades to lower our costs and improve efficiency—that means we can clean your business for less. And with commercial-grade green chemicals, we can do it in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly way.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Tile and grout are porous materials—that means stains and damage can set in quickly. By scheduling regular tile and grout cleanings, you can mitigate this damage, preserving the look and functionality of your tile and grout and increasing its lifespan.

We use different cleaning products and tools for tile and grout; a specialized brush is used for grout lines, while mops, specialized pressure washers, and other tools are used for tile. There are many different types of tile; the materials your tile is made of are taken into account when we plan our tile and grout cleaning strategy.

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    Benefits of Hiring Professionals

    Tile and grout cleaning isn’t as straightforward as you might imagine—to do the job right without damaging the tile, you need to use the right chemicals, with the water temperature at the perfect pressure.

    That formula changes based on the material of the tile, its density, and more.

    Here at Anago, we’ve cleaned all kinds of tile and grout throughout the city, including:

    • Ceramic Tile
    • Porcelain Tile
    • Slate Tile
    • Granite Tile
    • Terrazzo Tile
    • And more

    We know the havoc that snow, salt, mud, rocks, and other contaminants can wreak on tile flooring—Winnipeg’s winters are brutal on tile. Fortunately, we have the tools and techniques to clean all of these contaminants, leaving your tile looking its best. 

    How To Choose a Reliable Service in Winnipeg

    Finding a great cleaning service in Winnipeg is simple enough. First, ask yourself a few questions:

    • What cleaning services do I need?
    • Does the company I’m looking into offer those services?
    • How many years of experience does the company I’m looking into have?
    • Does the company I’m looking at have a number of good reviews?
    • What’s my budget? What does the company charge?

    By asking all of the above—and, of course, finding the answers—you’ll find a tile and grout cleaning service that meets your needs, like the one offered by Anago! 

    Maintenance and Prevention

    You can clean your tile with eco-friendly cleaners and a mop—but that might not do enough to keep your grout clean. While grout is a porous material, you shouldn’t seal it—that means you’ll need to clean it thoroughly on the regular to keep it in tip-top condition. Hiring a tile and grout cleaning service is the most effective way to do this. 

    Daily and Weekly Care Tips

    Cleaning your tile with a soft mop a few times a week is a good idea—you should also vacuum your tile. Remember that some types of tile are very prone to scratching—be sure to review best cleaning practices for your specific tile.

    More thorough cleaning should be performed once or twice a month, depending on the environment—tiles near water, food, and other contaminants should be cleaned more regularly.

    The best way to handle tile and grout cleaning is, of course, to call the professionals—you’ll save a lot of time and money! 

    Health and Environmental Considerations

    Here at Anago, we advocate using green solutions for cleaning tile and grout. When you hire us for tile and grout cleaning, we’ll use powerful, eco-friendly chemicals to ensure that your tile looks as good as new!

    tile a grout cleaning services in Winnipeg

    All of our services come with eco-friendly options—not just our tile and grout cleaning. Cleaning your building from top to bottom regularly will make it more aesthetically pleasing; it can also help alleviate building sickness, improving the health of your team members.

    Looking for tile and grout cleaning services in Winnipeg? Call Anago today!