Safety First: Window Cleaning Precautions

We’re committed to keeping our staff members safe. Our team cleans indoor windows that aren’t too high up, so we don’t need the same safety precautions as the professional window cleaners in harnesses washing windows outside skyscrapers, but we take our own precautions.

First, our window cleaners are all trained in ladder safety. Our ladders are regularly maintained and replaced. There’s always someone nearby when one of our staff is using a ladder to clean the upper portions of a window, and the ladders are checked for stability.

We also ensure that all of our staff is trained on the safe handling of cleaning solutions, including window cleaning solutions. We use safe, effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean your windows.

Professional Window Cleaning in Winnipeg

When To Hire a Winnipeg Professional

There are a number of reasons to hire a professional window cleaner in Winnipeg:

  • Your windows are very large.
  • You want a more attractive storefront or to create a more pleasant working environment for your team.
  • You have plants that benefit from natural sunlight.

Most importantly, you should consider professional window washing services because they’ll save you time. We keep windows clean for a living—we’ll be able to clean your windows more quickly and efficiently than your team members, whose efforts are best focused elsewhere.

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    Choosing the Right Window Cleaning Service

    You can find the right window cleaning service for your business by asking a number of questions:

    • How much do they charge for their service?
    • Do they offer specialized services and cleaning methods that suit your needs?
    • Are they well-reviewed by their clients?
    • What parts of the windows are cleaned? Do they clean the ground, sills, and walls around your windows? 
    • Do they offer other cleaning services, and can you get a discounted price by combining these services?

    Look at reviews online and call in for a price estimate. Here at Anago, we offer all kinds of different window cleaning services specialized to our clients’ needs—all with environmentally-friendly products at an affordable price. 

    Special Window Types and Their Cleaning Needs

    Stained Glass Windows

    Stained glass windows require a gentle touch to clean. You need to ensure that the frame around each piece is secure before cleaning; you also need to ensure that you’re using the right cleaning products. We’ve cleaned many stained glass windows, so we know exactly what products to use—and we’re always extra careful when cleaning stained glass. Note: We don’t clean stained glass windows that are high up, like in churches.

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    Environmental Considerations

    Harsh chemical cleaners can wreak havoc on the environment. Here at Anago, we only use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for all of our window cleaning.

    Window cleaning is just one of the many cleaning services we offer here at Anago. Get in touch with us today, and enjoy a bright, sunny space with crystal-clear windows!