We believe there is hope in nutrition empowerment and dignity in choice and power for change in the community.

We have 4 full-time and 4 part-time staff members. Everyone else is a volunteer!
It takes about 1000 Volunteer hours each month to run our programs!
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Subsidized $1 Breakfast

Monday – Friday: 8AM – 10:30AM

Every weekday morning Agape Table serves breakfast to over 250 guests. The meal is served without qualification – you do not need to prove your need nor sit through a service.

Free Emergency Meal

Monday – Friday: 8AM – 10:30AM

Available to all each weekday morning is a nutritious bowl of soup, toast and coffee, tea or juice — with unlimited portions.

Emergency Food Bank

Tuesdays: Noon – 2PM

Our Food Bank runs every Tuesday. Food is provided by Winnipeg Harvest and is designed to assist you and your family through a food crisis by providing enough food for 1-3 days of meals. To register contact Winnipeg Harvest at 982-3663.

Onsite, Low-Cost Grocery

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: Noon – 2PM

Agape Table offers choices of good nutritious food for at-cost prices, so everyone has the opportunity to eat healthy — including milk, cheese, meat, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Agape Table for Kids

Weekly: Inquire to general@agapetable.ca or call (204)783-6369

This Wednesday afternoon program focuses on educating pre-school aged children and their parent or caregiver about healthy, balanced nutritional choices and in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This program incorporates physical and/or educational activities — while providing nutritionally balanced nourishment

Special Meals

With the help from various organizations, we are able to provide special home cooked meals through out the year. These meals are our “family meals” and are served to our guests by many amazing Volunteers.

It’s a special touch to make everyone feel at home. If you would like to come help us out at our special meals please contact us 204-783-6369.

Donations are always welcome!

No gift is too big or small
– everything helps!

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Hats, Mitts, and Scarves
Coffee or Tea
Creamer or Sugar
Peanut Butter

Vegetables for soup (fresh or frozen)
Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Soap (toiletries)
Feminine hygiene products