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The Benefits Of Being Able To Customize Your Cleaning Plan

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Professional cleaning services shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all; your business isn’t like any other business. With customized cleaning services, you can take advantage of the most effective cleaning methods without spending money on cleaning services you don’t need. Here are some of the many advantages of choosing customized cleaning services:  Read More

How A Clean Environment Affects Customer Perception

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Did you know that customers look around your workspace when deciding how to feel about your products and services? The customer experience starts the first time they lay eyes on your space, whether you are a retail hotspot or cater more to one-on-one clients. It’s important to have a clean environment if you want to boost customer satisfaction. Read More

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Cleaning Challenges in High-Traffic Areas

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When it comes to cleaning high-traffic facilities, there are unique challenges to face and address before cleaning can commence. It takes some extra effort to keep high-traffic areas clean and pristine for your employees and clients. How can you manage the numerous challenges of keeping your business clean and ready to function? 

These challenges for areas with high foot traffic will help you think through your cleaning process:  Read More

Winnipeg Commercial Cleaner Expands Services & Opportunities To Steinbach & Selkirk

By | Business

WINNIPEG, MB:  Anago Cleaning Systems, a locally owned commercial cleaning franchise that offers superior services to some of the most recognizable companies in the Winnipeg area marketplace, is growing and expanding.  Anago’s strategy for the upcoming year involves extending its Recurring Janitorial Services and franchise opportunities to the nearby communities of Steinbach and Selkirk.  

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The Difference Between Deep Cleaning & Regular Cleaning

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Are you thinking of hiring a cleaning service but are unsure exactly what type of cleaning you need? Some business owners puzzle over the difference between a deep cleaning service and a regular cleaning service. We’ll explain what cleaning tasks you’ll see with each type so that you can make an informed decision.

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How Commercial Cleaning Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

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Breathing in and out. It’s something we do every moment of our lives. Whether we’re at home, at work, awake, or asleep, we’re constantly inhaling the air around us—no matter its quality.

The air quality in your home is one thing. After all, you’ve got some control over that. But at work or in other commercial settings, not so much. Read More

3 Tips To Keep High Traffic Areas In Your Facility Clean

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Cleanliness is so essential for your business—not just from a health and safety perspective, but for your reputation, too. According to a survey, 95% of customers believe that a clean business is an indication of a great company. 

So, how do you leave a great impression on your customers? You need to keep high-traffic areas clean at all times. And that’s no easy thing to do. Here are three ways to maintain cleanliness at your commercial facility:

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