The Benefits Of Being Able To Customize Your Cleaning Plan

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Professional cleaning services shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all; your business isn’t like any other business. With customized cleaning services, you can take advantage of the most effective cleaning methods without spending money on cleaning services you don’t need. Here are some of the many advantages of choosing customized cleaning services: 

You Can Tell the Cleaning Service Which Cleaning Tasks To Perform

No two businesses are exactly the same, so generalized cleaning services are almost never a good fit. You may need your bathrooms cleaned every night. You might have window sills high up that need regular cleaning. Food and beverage manufacturing facilities will need regular degreasing, while hospitals and healthcare facilities must prioritize disinfecting.


By working with a professional cleaning service that offers custom cleaning solutions, you can tailor the work to be done according to your business’s needs. From cleaning out the office coffee machine to getting rid of tire marks on the showroom floor of a dealership, every business can benefit from custom cleaning solutions. 

You’ll End Up With a Cleaner Facility

Without knowing exactly what your needs are, it’s almost impossible for a professional cleaning service to provide the kind of care your business requires. When you ask for custom cleaning services, we can:


  • Do a walkthrough of your facility so you can point out problem areas
  • Explain the types of chemicals and tools we can use to clean your facility
  • Discuss the schedule on which you need us to clean each part of your facility
  • Come up with a customized cleaning schedule that fits your needs


The end result is a business that’s cleaner. That means less risk of sick building syndrome, happier team members, and satisfied clients; three very good things. 

You’ll Spend Less on Professional Cleaning Services

Surprisingly, custom cleaning services are often less expensive than generalized cleaning services. By putting every element that needs to be cleaned on a set schedule, you can clean some areas less often while targeting problem areas. Focusing on problem areas means less time spent cleaning spaces that don’t need to be cleaned, and that means you’ll have to spend less on the service. 

You Can Clean Green

You can reduce your environmental impact by using green cleaning supplies—and custom cleaning solutions can help. With Anago, you can request green cleaning and the use of environmentally friendly chemicals. Our team can show you exactly which chemicals we’re using and why—and that will give you and your clients peace of mind. 

Looking for a Professional Cleaning Service? Contact Us Today!

The professional cleaners at Anago offer customized cleaning plans for all of our clients. Our team can handle everything from carpet cleaning to cleaning specialized equipment/machinery. Our professional cleaners bring all their own cleaning tools; they’ll talk through your customized cleaning plan with you to ensure that the routine cleaning and deep cleaning they offer meet all of your needs. 


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