Cleaning Challenges in High-Traffic Areas

By July 13, 2023Cleaning
floor cleaning

When it comes to cleaning high-traffic facilities, there are unique challenges to face and address before cleaning can commence. It takes some extra effort to keep high-traffic areas clean and pristine for your employees and clients. How can you manage the numerous challenges of keeping your business clean and ready to function? 

These challenges for areas with high foot traffic will help you think through your cleaning process: 

Keeping Floors Clean

Whether you need carpet cleaning services or tiles mopped, the biggest and most common challenge faced with cleaning is the floors. Even professional carpet cleaners have a hard time keeping a high-traffic area clean for an extended period of time. 

No sooner is the floor spotless than someone else comes along and tracks dirt onto the freshly-cleaned surface. 

You can consider a few things when it comes to commercial cleaning of your floors: First, you can utilize a walk-off mat system that allows people to wipe off their shoes in inclement weather. This is the simplest way to keep mud, debris, and other allergens from entering your workplace. 

The second tip is to do carpet cleaning overnight or during a time when your traffic areas won’t see as many people. 

Getting Every Nook and Cranny

When it comes to cleaning your hard surfaces, you need more great tips to maximize your use of these high-traffic areas. It won’t do for you to have some surfaces that are clear of dirt, dust, and allergens while others are left to accumulate debris. 

Cleaning staff should take care of all surfaces for a thorough cleaning. You may need some special equipment to get into those hard-to-reach places for maintenance and cleaning. Extension poles and dusters can go a long way toward removing dirt and dust. 

Your employees will appreciate your commitment to cleanliness, and your customers will have a more favourable experience in your place of business. 

Maintaining a Fresh Scent

Someone has heated up seafood for lunch, or maybe you just worry about the vibe that your office is putting out there for customers. The scent of the commercial building may not have a role in the overall health of your workers, but it can improve the perception of the cleanliness of your building. 

Particularly in your restrooms, you may want to install a non-toxic air freshener. Freshener can also be helpful for areas with carpeting that tend to trap odours. This can help your facility smell great with a clean scent while you work on properly cleaning your carpets and other areas of the buildings. 

Getting Professional Help

There are many different types of cleaning services that you could experiment with to keep your facilities as clean as possible. Anago Cleaning Services offers commercial janitorial services that go beyond just vacuuming and wiping down surfaces. We truly get your building as clean as possible from the entrance to the back offices. 

Contact us today to learn more about the cleaning costs, and we can help you get your facility clean!