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How To Disinfect A Bathroom

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The bathroom is one area where germs and bacteria really build up over time. This is a hot spot area that needs to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis to keep things sanitized for employees and guests alike. Many things can be done to limit the buildup of these germs, but you must know how to properly disinfect a bathroom. 

How can you keep up with cleaning this area between commercial cleaning appointments? Here are some of our expert tips to keep your bathrooms sparkling: 

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Spring Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Floors Sparkling

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The grit and grime from winter foot traffic have been building up since last fall, and the floors of your business are probably looking a little worse for wear.  Even with regular cleaning over the winter, it’s normal for commercial floors to need some special attention as the weather warms up.  

But cutting through all that salt, sand, and muddy residue can feel overwhelming if you’re not sure what products to use to refresh your floors and make them gleam in the spring sunlight.  Floorcare techniques vary greatly depending on the type of flooring in your business, and commercial cleaners will have the most expertise in advising you on how to proceed.  

Commercial equipment and processes are truly the best way to ensure the cleanliness and longevity of your floors on an annual or regular basis.  But here are some simple tips and tricks to keep your floors sparkling in between professional cleanings:

Use Mats

It may sound simple, but if you don’t have mats in your business, you should get some.  Not only do mats save your floors from undue messes, but they also reduce the spread of harmful bacteria on the soles of people’s shoes.  

From a design perspective, mats help to delineate your entrance space, provide some texture on an otherwise bare floor, and come in all sorts of trendy colours and shapes.  If you have multiple entranceways in your business, protect your floors by providing a mat at every door, and even in high-use areas like hallways or outside of washrooms.  

Maintain What You Have

No rocket science here, but regular vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting will keep your floors in the best condition possible.  Vacuuming at least once a week will prevent tiny bits of dirt from getting ground into or scratching the surface of your floors.  And when it comes time for annual maintenance, the deeper cleaning will be a speedier and more effective process.

Also, don’t drag furniture across your floors under any circumstances.  Lift furniture when rearranging it and use those soft felt protectors on the legs of frequently moved pieces.  

Know Your Floor Type

Different floor types require special care, so don’t assume that a mop and bucket are the right solutions for all flooring.  Here’s a brief rundown of what’s recommended for some common floor types:

Hardwood – Cleaning technique depends on the finish; cleaning may involve a damp mop, ph-neutral soap, or no water at all.  Be careful not to get wooden floors too wet!

Laminate – Generally speaking, the less moisture, the better when it comes to laminate.  Clean with a vacuum or dust mop when possible.

Vinyl and Linoleum – Both can be washed gently with mild detergent.  But don’t use dish soap, which can leave a residue.

Tile – Tile floors are hardy and can be scrubbed with soap and vinegar.


Experts Know Best

Looking for commercial cleaning in Winnipeg?  Trust the experienced and knowledgeable staff at Anago to assist you with all of your spring cleaning questions and needs.

Why You Should Have Your Employees’ Cubicles Cleaned

By | Cleaning

If you bring in a janitorial service to clean your office, you might be most concerned with their ability to clean the hot spots like your reception areas and bathrooms. These spaces make the biggest first impression on your clients, so it makes sense to start here. However, many business owners overlook the importance of cleaning the cubicles and the fabric walls. 

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Benefits Of A Customized Cleaning Proposal

By | Cleaning

Benefits+Of+A+Customized+Cleaning+ProposalYou want to hire a cleaning company to take over some of the janitorial work that your company needs to be completed regularly. Instead of hiring a full-time janitor, it might make more sense to bring in a team of professionals once or twice each week to take care of your office. What should you be looking for when hiring a cleaning crew? 

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Winter Cleaning Tips

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Keeping your office in great shape all winter long can pose a problem for many managers. With the muck of snow season and the hotbed of bacteria during cold and flu season, managing the cleanliness of an office is extremely important. Winter requires a different type of cleaning that you may want to keep in mind when attempting to manage your office. 

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How Often Should I Schedule My Office Cleaning Services?

By | Business, Cleaning, Office Cleaning

You have made the important decision to hire a cleaning service for your office, but how often should they come to perform their services? Most business owners want to be as cost-effective as possible while keeping their workspaces clean and tidy. Understanding what goes into routine cleaning is crucial if you want to maximize your investment. 


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Winnipeg Commercial Cleaning Company Announces the Hiring of New Bookkeeper and Accounts Receivable Clerk

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WINNIPEG, Canada – Anago Cleaning systems, one of the fastest-growing commercial cleaning companies in Winnipeg, is delighted to announce the appointment of two new key members of staff. Sabri Al Jayyousi has been appointed as the company’s bookkeeper. Sabri has excellent experience and knowledge across the full accounting cycle. She is a keen and conscientious worker who works well both independently and as part of a team. Tanya Stinson has also joined the team as an Accounts Receivable Clerk. Tanya is an administrative professional with over 18 years of experience in office management, sales and customer service. Additionally, she also has four years of experience working in Accounts Receivable as an Accounts Receivable Administrator.  Read More

Cleaning Tips For Long-Lasting Carpet

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Carpeting can be a beautiful floor covering, but many people find that it doesn’t last all that long. It can start to look dull and dirty within just a few short months if it isn’t properly taken care of. The good news is that there is a lot you can do to improve the lifespan of your carpet. 


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Benefits Of Cleaning Services For One-Time Jobs

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Cleaning your office or business can take a lot of time and money away from other pursuits. Many business owners and managers prefer to hire a cleaning service for a one-time, deep clean of their space. This can be a great way to save money, time, and get your office back to an excellent starting point that you can maintain moving forward. 


If you aren’t sure how a one-time clean could help your business improve, here are four key ways your business could benefit:

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