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How Green Cleaning Can Help Winnipeg Businesses Meet Sustainability Goals

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Does your business have a goal of being as sustainable as possible? One of the necessities of running a business is making sure that you have cleaning services in place. Many people feel that harsh chemicals get the job done better, but a green cleaning program can be equally effective while also helping you meet those sustainability goals. 


Here’s what you need to know about the cleaning process and how it impacts your growth and goals:


Safe for All Environments


How does your cleaning service stack up when it comes to the safety of your customers and employees? One of the benefits of this type of cleaning is the use of green cleaning products that are better for your health and the environment. They are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) without sacrificing efficacy, giving you better indoor air quality. 


At Anago Cleaning Systems, we believe that there are excellent green cleaning supplies for every application, from upholstery cleaners to floor cleaners. All of our green cleaning services feature products that have the Green Seal approval! 


Reduction of Environmental Footprint


Of course, the obvious reason to switch to greener cleaning products is to minimize your company’s environmental footprint. Beyond just the lack of chemicals and VOCs that are included in a green cleaning program, you also have more sustainable development from every aspect: Packaging, recycling, and energy consumption, just to name a few. 


If your business prizes being environmentally friendly and sustainable, you need to look toward these initiatives. 


Not only are they safer for employees and customers right now, but they’re better for the environment long-term. These supplies are always biodegradable in a way that standard cleaners like bleach and ammonia are not. From the moment that green cleaning products are used, they can be rinsed away into the environment with very little fallout. 


Plus, you will also find that the packaging of these products minimizes waste and can often be recycled. This furthers your sustainability efforts. 


Keeping Air Clean


Another way that green cleaning can impact the sustainable development of your business is by trapping particles of dirt before they become airborne. To this end, Anago Cleaning Systems uses vacuums that feature multi-filtration for your carpet to keep those harmful particles out of the air and keep your employees healthier. 


When combined with the vast majority of non-hazardous cleaners, you’ll find less pollution in your business. In turn, this leads to fewer sick days for your employees.


Developing a Green Cleaning Program


For many businesses, starting their own green cleaning initiative can be time-consuming, even though it ultimately helps improve the health of your entire building. If sustainability is your goal, let Anago Cleaning Systems help you with a well-defined green cleaning plan and the right products to help you.


Our business cleaning services are the perfect way to harness the benefits of developing a sustainable building! 

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