3 Tips To Keep High Traffic Areas In Your Facility Clean

By December 20, 2022Cleaning

Cleanliness is so essential for your business—not just from a health and safety perspective, but for your reputation, too. According to a survey, 95% of customers believe that a clean business is an indication of a great company. 

So, how do you leave a great impression on your customers? You need to keep high-traffic areas clean at all times. And that’s no easy thing to do. Here are three ways to maintain cleanliness at your commercial facility:

Put Mats Everywhere

It’s winter time in Winnipeg, and you know what that means—near any entranceway, there’s a puddle of melted snow and dirt. It’s not a pretty sight. 

Even if you mop up after someone walks in, the puddle reappears the next time someone walks through the door. 

If that dirt isn’t contained, it can damage your flooring, too. What can you do to prevent your facility from looking like a total mess?

Door mats. Door mats are exactly what you’re looking for. And you need them at any entrance and exit of your building.

By putting a doormat right at the entryway of your facility, you can prevent dirt from tracking throughout it. You’ll stop puddles in their tracks. You’ll also encourage those who enter the building to wipe off their shoes before stepping off the mat. 

What kind of mats will work best? Choose ones that cover a large surface area near your doorway. Make sure to keep a few backup mats on hand! When the first one gets dirty, you can swap it out for a clean one. 


Make Sure You Have Enough Garbage Disposal Areas

Look around your facility. Right off the bat, what kinds of messes do you see?

Maybe there is garbage left strewn about—receipts, packaging, random supplies. Or stray jackets and mittens left on tables. You may even find the occasional lost shoe. 

Sure, these items may be left behind because someone forgot about them. But maybe they were left out because there is nowhere else to put them.

Do you have enough garbage cans around your facility? What about recycling bins? And are these bins in an area where everyone can see them—like near the entrance, the kitchen, and the bathroom areas. 

Now take it a step further. Make sure there are enough coat racks, hangers, and shoe racks for your employees; these will encourage your staff to keep their belongings neat and tidy. 


Hire a Commercial Cleaner

Trying to manage a business and stay on top of cleanliness is no small task. Depending on the volume of traffic that passes through your facility, cleaning may be something you need to do every day, multiple times a day. That’s just too much for one business owner to manage alone.

Good thing you don’t have to. At Anago Cleaning Systems, we clean commercial facilities of all sizes—from 1,000 to 200,000 square feet! There’s no job we can’t tackle. You can trust our qualified cleaning technicians. 

Our services are completely customizable, which means you can tailor your cleaning to meet your facility’s needs. You choose the areas you want to be cleaned and the frequency, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

We specialize in commercial cleaning, which means we offer services for financial institutions, schools, places of worship, event venues, and Winnipeg office cleaning. To get an estimate, contact us today!