The Difference Between Deep Cleaning & Regular Cleaning

By April 19, 2023Cleaning
Anago Cleaning Systems

Are you thinking of hiring a cleaning service but are unsure exactly what type of cleaning you need? Some business owners puzzle over the difference between a deep cleaning service and a regular cleaning service. We’ll explain what cleaning tasks you’ll see with each type so that you can make an informed decision.

What Are Regular Cleaning Services?

In general, a regular cleaning service is designed to take care of the day-to-day items that keep your workplace looking its best. This might include dusting flat surfaces, wiping down and sanitizing the bathrooms, and taking out the trash. Think of this as your general cleaning service that keeps your office spic and span for customers and your employees.

This is something that you’ll likely have done on a routine or weekly basis. This is very similar to what you might see with a regular house cleaning.

Many cleaning companies offer standard cleaning services, but it might take a little bit more effort to find a service that does deep cleaning as well—a much more detailed clean that requires special tools, more attention to detail, and even more elbow grease.

What Are Deep Cleaning Services?

If you’ve never had a professional team of cleaners come through to give you a thorough cleaning, then you may want to invest upfront in a deep clean. A deep clean is akin to a spring cleaning, giving you a more in-depth service than what you would get with regular cleaning.

For example, it might include doing the floors or cleaning the window frames. Other tasks associated with deep cleanings include:

  • Wiping down the walls
  • Clearing away soap scum from bathrooms
  • Cleaning out the refrigerator or kitchen appliances
  • Dusting inside cabinets and shelving
  • Cleaning chairs
  • Vacuuming or wiping down partitions between cubicles
  • Wiping down light fixtures and light bulbs

Mostly, all you’ll need is a regular clean but a deep cleaning is very useful from time to time. This might be something that you consider doing on a quarterly basis or a few times a year to keep your workspace looking its best and your employees are less likely to get sick within a deeply cleaned working environment.

Finding the Perfect Cleaning Company

Anago Cleaning Systems offers the in-depth commercial cleaning in Winnipeg that your brand needs to get those hard-to-reach spots. We have the experience and skill you require to tackle major cleaning projects.

Contact us today to learn more about what type of cleaning service is the right fit for you!