The Checklist For Keeping Hallways Tidy

By November 16, 2022Cleaning


The hallway is one of the busiest areas of your small business, so it’s important to keep it clear. Managing the clutter, keeping the area safe for walking, and allowing your cleaning crew to vacuum and tidy up are essential. What savvy moves can you make so that your halls are more accessible and visually appealing? 


If you need some help keeping your hallways tidy, this checklist will give you a few fresh ideas to manage this space effectively:

Get Better Storage

Having lots of clutter on the floor of your hallway isn’t just unsightly—it’s also a trip hazard for anyone who comes to visit. Not to mention, this clutter makes it impossible for your cleaning crew to vacuum or mop the hall as well as you might like. The solution is to get better storage for the items that simply have to remain in the hall. 

Of course, ensure that your storage is in line with your overall aesthetic. For example, you may want to get a cube organizer with attractive fabric bins for holding miscellaneous office supplies.


Hanging Items

Maybe your hall is cluttered because employees leave their things there when they come in for their shifts. The solution is to keep those items off the floor by giving them a designated space to hang their items. Implement hooks whenever possible for purses and bags and for employees to hang their coats. 

You could also install a coat rack that would serve much the same function. 


Implement Shelving

For those items that simply need to be on display or be easily accessed, you might want to get some shelves to hang on the wall. This will keep your items off the ground and still allow them to be on full display and easily accessible to everyone. The right shelves can make a great design statement for your hallway. 


Hide Your Clutter

Of course, some office managers find that seeing the clutter created by the day-to-day business is a bit too much for them. This is where hidden storage comes into the picture. You might want to get a tall cabinet with doors where you can tuck away all those odds and ends. It will then be out of sight but easily accessible for you and your employees. 

Make sure you don’t let clutter run rampant behind these closed doors! Add storage items like baskets and bins to keep things organized. 

Get Help With Cleaning

A good cleaning crew can also help keep your halls from being overrun with dust bunnies and a buildup of germs. The hallways in your office are used every day, so you’ll need some help maintaining them once you get some organizational systems in place. Winnipeg office cleaning is a breeze with the help of Anago Cleaning Systems. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you keep a tidier office!