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Reasons you Should Wash Your Hands

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There are about 1,500 bacteria/ sq. cm. of skin on the hand.  One way to prevent bacteria associated sicknesses and additional infectious disease includes washing your hands using water and soap. Learning great hand-washing habits is important to decreasing the spread of germs. Here, we list four essential reasons you should wash your hands.

Germs Are Located Everywhere yet You Cannot See Them

Germs, like viruses and bacteria, are microscopic and not really visible. Just because you cannot see them with the naked eye, does not mean they are not there. As a matter of fact, some bacteria live on the skin and some live inside you. Germs usually live on everyday items like shopping carts, cell phones, as well as your toothbrush. Germs may be transferred from contaminated items to your hands as you touch them. Some of the most typical ways germs are transferred to your hands is through the handling of raw meat, by changing a diaper or using the toilet, by sneezing or coughing, and after you come into contact with animals/pets.

Germs Can Make You Sick

Fungi, viruses, pathogenic bacteria, and additional germs cause disease in human beings. Those germs get access to the human body as they’re transferred from one person to another or from touching contaminated surfaces. Once they are inside your body, germs avoid the immune system of the body and have the ability to produce toxins which make you ill. The most typical causes of food poisoning and food-borne diseases are parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Reactions to those germs may range from mild gastric pain and diarrhea to even death.

Hand Washing Prevents Spread Of Germs

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, handwashing is the most efficient way to prevent the spread of disease. Correctly washing your hands removes all germs and dirt which may spread to other people. Having sanitized hands is critical because folks oftentimes use their hands to touch their mouth, nose, and eyes. Contact with those spaces gives germs, such as the flu virus, access to the interior of the body in which they may cause sickness. You always should wash your hands before you eat, after going to the restroom, and after coming into contact with anything which might become soiled or have a great possibility of being contaminated with germs. Handwashing also assists in preventing the spread of eye and skin infections. It’s extremely crucial to wash your hands, particularly after you handle raw meat or use the toilet.

Washing Hands Will Keep You Healthy

One main benefit of ensuring that your hands are clean is that it assists in keeping you healthy. Also, it assists in keeping the environment around you clean, preventing germs from spreading to other people. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, correctly drying and washing your hands decreases your risk of getting ill with diarrhea by 1/3. Also, it decreases your risk of obtaining a respiratory sickness by up to 20%.

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What is The Importance of Cleaning Office Doors?

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While giving consideration to commercial cleaning services, do you remember to consider making certain they clean the doors to your structure? A building’s doors are some of the most used and touched items which are connected to a commercial structure. Anytime one goes out of or in a restroom, office, file room, building, copy room, or break room, that individual must close, as well as open a door. Darker doors are not going to show the fingerprints and dirt as easily as light-colored doors, yet that does not mean that the germs and dirt are not there. Because they’re such high-traffic spaces, they’re susceptible to viruses, as well as bacteria which easily could be spread between all people inside the office.

Cleaning Doors in the Office Should be a Priority

Whether you have a commercial cleaner that comes and does routine janitorial services, or if you keep it in-house, it’s important that you make cleaning your doors in the office a priority. There is not a lot that goes into cleaning doors in the office. As a matter of fact, all that’s needed are a couple of simplistic cleaning supplies: a microfiber cloth, as well as a disinfectant cleaner. Spray your disinfectant agent on the door’s surface then wipe off using a microfiber cloth. For areas which are very dirty, as well as refuse to come off, utilize a bit of elbow grease, using a soft brush or soft pad. The dirt ought to easily come off. Make certain not to fight the filth too hard that paint, instead, begins to come off.

Pay Close Attention to the Top Edge of the Doorframe

One space that’s usually forgotten is the upper edge of the doorframe. You would be surprised at how much dirt will be found in spaces that aren’t visible, and thereby not cleaned. One other space that you will need to pay close attention to, is your doorknob. A doorknob is the most utilized component of a door that everyone comes into contact with, which makes it the ideal breeding ground for germs to spread to the following unsuspecting person to touch it. It’s advised that you use an antibacterial spray or disinfectant to clean, particularly during flu and cold season.

Why Choose Anago Cleaning Services?

At Anago, a reputable commercial cleaner, we have fully-trained janitorial employees who pay close attention to all aspects of a commercial building, which includes the doors. We’ll do that to make sure your commercial building is a healthy and clean space for your staff members to be productive and work. If you’re interested in seeing for yourself how we might be able to help you have a healthy and clean work space, please feel free to call us today at (204) 594-4666! We are prepared to clean even the messiest of work places!

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Commercial Cleaning: It is More than Just About Appearance

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If there is something all working pros are aware of, it is when a co-worker all of a sudden gets sick with even the simplest of common colds, and there’s a good chance that they’ll spread that sickness to other staff members. In turn, workplace productivity decreases while the amount of missing employees and sick days increases. It will result in missing deadlines, as well as meeting goals that are set up by management.

Germs Can Make Your Employees Sick

Your workplace works in pretty much the same way. If your structure is unclean, and sick, the bacteria, viruses, and additional germs easily can spread to your staff members. It will come from unsanitary doorknobs, restrooms, telephones, computer keyboards, and much more. Once again, this can leave management in a pickle to get the work done in a timely manner.

Healthy Building Important to Employees’ Health

A healthy commercial building is crucial to the general health of your business and your staff members. With the help of a commercial cleaning company, your work place may offer a clean and healthy work space for everyone to work in. As you bring in expert janitorial services, you are going to get more than counters wiped off, and trash taken out; you will be protecting the health of everyone who works there.

Professionals have right knowledge and equipment for job

Professional cleaners have industry expert know-how and know what the proper chemicals are to use, as well as how to effectively use them. All chemicals have a dwell time listed upon their labels, it’s the quantity of time needed for the chemical to sit on a surface to destroy germs. If your present cleaning crew is just spraying and instantly wiping, they aren’t leaving sufficient time for the chemical to do its duty.

Use the right chemicals for the job

There’s more to making sure that your building is healthy and clean for everyone than simply using the right chemicals for the proper quantity of time. Professionals ought to utilize microfiber products to improve the general effectiveness of their cleaning. One other element that’s implemented by pros is the usage of a HEPA vacuum which retains all particles in your floors which are .3 microns in size or bigger, with an efficiency rate of 99.97 percent!

Keep your employee’s healthy to boost productivity

As it’ll come to commercial cleaning, there’s more to consider than just appearance. It’s vital to make sure that your commercial cleaning business is cleaning deeper than the surface to protect the general health of your employees and building. If you do not feel that you’re receiving the best cleaning job you could be getting for your office, get in touch with the professionals at Anago today! We have skills experts who are standing by, prepared to assist you in protecting your employees and building from spreading germs!

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Common Cleaning Mistakes You Are Making

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All cleaning isn’t made equal, and we here at Anago know this personally. The wrong method sometimes can not just make a simple task more difficult, but actually can make your house dirtier. We have put together a post for the most common cleaning errors when you are doing your own cleaning.

Overloading the Dishwasher

Simple things, such as putting too many utensils inside the silverware basket, will impact the dishwasher’s capability of cleaning the dishes. Even stacking the dishes will impede the capability of it cleaning completely. However, it may be difficult to tell this if you’re pre-washing the dishes inside the sink before you put them inside the dishwasher.

Washing Cutting Boards Using Soap

A wooden chopping block should not be washed using standard dish soap. After you use a wooden cutting board, it ought to be soaked inside bleach to prevent cross-contamination.

Not Caring for the Coffee Pot

The coffee maker is a breeding ground for bacteria. It is a wet, warm environment that’s ideal for growing them. Be certain that you wash every individual part after each use, not simply the pot.

Spraying Furniture Polish

Spraying polish directly onto furniture causes a buildup on the surface which attracts more dust and is hard to remove. The right way to polish the furniture includes spraying a cloth with furniture polish then using the cloth to polish dusty places.

Having a Feather Duster

Feather dusters do not trap any dust inside them. They just brush them from surface to surface. Utilize a material which traps dust and keeps it out of your home’s air, such as a microfiber cloth.

Leaving the Trash Can Out

Oftentimes, the unpleasant smell in the kitchen may be traced to your garbage can. If the odor lingers after the trash is taken out, it’s possible to blame the garbage can itself. Your garbage can ought to be regularly wiped down, typically at least one time per week, using a bleach solution.

Using Too Much Fabric Softener

While all of us want to rest on sheets which are clean and soft, using excessive fabric softener may have the opposite impact. An overabundance of fabric softener will make your fabrics greasy, itchy, stiff, and even decrease the absorbency of your towels.

Not Hand-Scrubbing the Blender

After a smoothie, you may be tempted to attempt the cleaning hack of simply pouring soap and warm water into the blender then turning it on. While that may give the blender the look of cleanliness, it is not nearly enough. You must remove the blades then wash them independently in order to prevent buildup.

Not Cleaning the Vacuum

If the vacuum is full or dirty, all you wind up doing as you attempt to use it is pushing dirt around, which is not a good use of your time.  If you have a canister or bag-less vacuum, empty it after each use. If you have a bag vacuum, replace it as it’s 1/3 full, not thoroughly full.

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Janitorial Services Are More Than Surface-Deep

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As the flu or common cold strikes the workplace, it’s bound to make the rounds, and infect everything and everyone in its path. Generally, this results in less production because of sick days, which makes it more difficult for management to attain pre-established goals.

Sicknesses and germs do not just magically appear upon your staff members. They’re transferred from unwashed surfaces such as counters, doorknobs, and computer keyboards. Because workers are more likely to pick sicknesses up from the workspace, it’s important to maintain and have a clean office building that protects your crew from getting sick. It’s where an expert janitorial service will come into play. There’s more to maintaining and cleaning an office building than wiping counters down and periodically vacuuming carpets. A janitorial service’s primary job includes ensuring that you and your staff is safe from illness.

An expert cleaning company that has trained janitors knows what’s required to actually clean a workplace in order to keep germs from spreading, as well as infecting staff members. Expert cleaning crews are skilled at using the proper chemicals for the correct quantity of time to generate the best results, which leaves your building really clean, and workers feeling great all year long! Each cleaning chemical has a dwell-time that is listed on its label, which is the required quantity of time for the chemical to hang out on a surface in order to destroy germs, as well as offer the best results. If the in-house cleaning staff is just spraying cleaning agents and immediately wiping them away, there isn’t sufficient time for the chemicals to start to destroy germs!

There’s more that will go into really cleaning a workplace than simply the chemicals which are used. Commercial cleaning pros are going to be equipped with the right equipment and supplies to offer a deep and thorough cleaning job. Great cleaning pros use state-of-the-art, modern materials, such as microfiber. Whether in a cloth or a mop, microfiber is made to trap particles and dust to make sure that they’re removed, instead of merely spread around. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter vacuums also are a vital aspect that an excellent commercial cleaning staff ought to be equipped with. HEPA filters have to retain all particles .3 or bigger at an efficiency rating of 99.97 percent.

While trusting your commercial cleaning requirements to the pros, it is possible to relax knowing that the degree of cleaning being offered goes more than simply surface-deep. Expert janitorial services understand what’s required to sustain a healthy and clean environment which will protect your staff members’ health. Anago has the equipment, knowledge, and supplies needed to make sure your building is safe and healthy for everyone! Get in touch with us right now to figure out what an actual professional cleaning service is able to do for you! We guarantee the highest level of cleaning for your company’s location!

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Kitchen Organization Tips

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We spend so much time inside our kitchens, whether it be for eating a meal, cooking, sipping coffee, reading the paper, or more. As the kitchen is unorganized or busy feeling, it might make you feel stressed and make activities such as doing the dishes or cleaning take longer than they really should.

Follow these 7 steps to organize the kitchen in a single day.

  • Organize your bowls, dishes, and cups nearest to the dishwasher. It’ll make things move faster when you’re putting dishes away.
  • Use different sized bins, containers, and baskets that have labels to organize the pantry. Place items you’d need at the same time, like pasta sauce and spaghetti, together.
  • Use Bins: It’s possible to purchase simplistic bins from a dollar store to assist in organizing your food on shelves. You might have a bin for cheese, another one for drinks, yet another one for yogurt, as well as a bin for leftovers inside Tupperware.
  • Keep Expiration Dates Right in Front: When you place something that has an expiration date label inside the refrigerator, face the label outward in order for you to see it each time you “scan” your refrigerator. In addition, try to keep items which expire at eye level in order for you to see them first!
  • Items in the Door: Whatever you store inside the door of your refrigerator must be something which can stand up to a little exposure to warmth as these are the first to feel the impact as the door is opened. Stick with dairy, drinks, or condiments.
  • Keep a List: Whether it is a tear off pad or white board, keeping a shopping list directly on the door of the refrigerator is going to make it simpler to track what’s running low. It’ll save you time to jot it down as you notice instead of taking inventory of all items in the refrigerator before a shopping visit.
  • Buy a spice rack and place it close to the stovetop in which you will need it most.
  • It is so simple for Tupperware to get out of hand. Try to use bins to better organize the Tupperware with likewise sized lids inside their own bins and containers stacked inside a larger bin.
  • It may be difficult to find out the best method of organizing your serving spoons, spatulas, and other bigger utensils. Begin by placing your most utilized items inside a cup or jar on the counter close to the stove. Then, buy a few thin and short bins which will fit inside the drawer and divvy up the remainder of the things inside them.
  • Keeping cleaning agents underneath the sink is a good idea, yet sometimes may become overcrowded. Put in a closet pole across the upper part that spray bottles may hang from by the trigger lever.

Once the kitchen is organized, you will want it to be clean and then remain clean! Visit Anago today for a free estimate.

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Why is it Important to Keep your Hotel Clean?

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The sanitation standards in the hotel industry are very high. As a GM, it is your job to meet and then exceed them 24/7. Your housekeeping team works hard, yet they cannot cover everything, and you cannot ask additional departments to help.

How will you bridge the gap between regular housekeeping tasks covered by staff members and the heavy-duty work which keeps your hotel in top shape?

You partner with a restoration company who offers hotel cleaning services which go beyond routine housekeeping. It is a proven option for sustaining vital cleanliness in hotels, and it is great for business.

 Why do Hotels Need Commercial Cleaning Experience?

The importance of sanitation and hygiene in hotels is one of the most important priorities for department heads and general managers. Pro cleaning services assist you in exceeding cleanliness objectives by ensuring:

  • A sanitary, inviting environment for both in-house staff and hotel guests.
  • Dependably clean facilities which appeal to convention and business guests.
  • Back-up for times when on-site housecleaning staff members are short-handed.
  • Repeat business based upon steady positive customer experiences.
  • Positive comments upon review websites around all social media platforms.
  • Guest satisfaction in all areas of your hotel from entrances to workout centers.

Going Beyond and Beyond the Basics of Housekeeping

As hard as your housecleaning team works, some projects are simply too big. Most semi-annual and monthly cleaning jobs require industry specific methods, heavy equipment, and specialized products. A commercial restoration and cleaning company will take care of all of it with:

  • Professional care for commercial flooring such as marble, tile, and hardwood.
  • Fabric and upholstery cleaning and stain removal for drapes and furnishings.
  • Deep steam cleaning for carpeting with attention to high-traffic hallways.
  • HVAC system air duct cleaning to maintain healthy, fresh indoor air quality.
  • Industry proven options for eliminating unpleasant smells anywhere on the hotel’s property.
  • Pressure washing services which keep sidewalks, parking, and entrances welcoming and clean.

Extra Advantages for All Kinds of Properties

Irrespective of your hotel’s type or size, you know the importance of cleanliness within the hotel field. Working with a cleaning company assists you in meeting the highest guest expectations and appreciate extra benefits, which includes:

  • The knowledge that all work is done by industry certified, highly trained technicians.
  • Customized schedule development which ensures routine visits do not disrupt day-to-day operations.
  • Significant savings from not buying specialized cleaning equipment.
  • Backup team that supports in-house staff with clean-up after big on-site events.

Emergency Services on Call Around the Clock

As you partner with a reputable commercial cleaning contractor, you are assured of emergency restoration services which help your hotel rapidly recover from any kind of fire and water damage. You also can count on certified mold inspections, remediation, and removal.

The importance of cleanliness within the hotel field is a priority for GMs around the clock. Working with a cleaning company gives you accessibility to expert crews 24/7 who offer professional emergency services such as graffiti removal and trauma scene cleanup.

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3 Areas That Need Deep Cleaning in 2019

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The holidays are an extremely hectic time for most households. Between entertaining, traveling, and shopping, deep cleaning oftentimes takes a backseat to fast tasks such as wiping down tables and counters or swiftly sweeping your floors. Because the holiday season takes such a toll on cleanliness, starting a deep cleaning job in January may assist in refreshing the feel, look, and general environment of your house.

Begin the New Year on a new foot. For best results, the professionals in residential cleaning at Anago suggest that you begin your New Year’s checklist with these 3 areas:


One space you absolutely have to thoroughly clean for the New Year is the refrigerator. If your fridge saw a lot of holiday leftovers and foods packed on its shelves, there is a great chance you will find a little turkey gravy lingering inside a crevice, or a bit of dried cranberry sauce stuck on the wall. Since fridge cleanliness is vital for maintaining food safety, you must address those “leftovers” immediately.

To efficiently clean the refrigerator, take out all of the food in conjunction with the interior drawers and shelves. Scrub every surface with soapy, hot water, and thoroughly rinse. Dry all shelves, surfaces, and drawers completely before you place back inside the refrigerator to decrease the risk of mold growth. Next, replace all food which hasn’t expired. Food that is expired should be tossed in the garbage.


Carpeting is a magnet for dust, allergens, and the dirt which becomes dragged in with winter, wet weather. While regular vacuuming might assist with the carpet’s overall look, the majority of household vacuums won’t offer the deep cleaning your house requires after a hectic holiday season. Deep cleaning the area rugs and carpets won’t just keep these things appearing their best, yet also assist in reducing allergens and additional risks to interior air quality so you may begin the new year fresh.

For the best and most convenient results, utilize a pro cleaning service that deep cleans rugs and carpets and additional flooring surfaces all throughout the house. After the carpets are deeply cleaned, you will have the ability to experience a fresh-smelling house and healthier environment for you, your loved one, and your pets to enjoy.


Bathrooms require regular cleaning, yet they additionally occasionally require a deep, good clean – particularly at the peak of flu season. Besides cleaning your bathroom floor, tub, sink, and toilet, you will need to launder the window shades or curtains, bath mats, and shower curtain.

While dealing with the bathroom part of your New Year checklist, be certain that you scrub walls down and additional furnishings such as built-in vanities or armoires. Take some time to clean out toothbrush holders and additional containers holding soap and other types of toiletries.

The pros at Anago provide residential and commercial deep cleaning services to get your office or home prepared for 2019.

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How to Keep Your Marble Flooring Clean

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Marble floors are very popular these days. They’re an incredible option which complements any commercial building or kitchen because of their elegance and wonderful style. In addition, it’s durable. It’s necessary to know how you can clean these kinds of floors. It’s because it stains easily and is very delicate. In this article, you’ll learn cleaning marble flooring tips which have been proven to work.

Preventive care

Cleaning marble flooring starts with preventive care and regular maintenance. Polishing, dusting, sweeping and mopping on a daily basis will eliminate all dirt or surface debris, which might harm or otherwise scratch the marble floor.

The great thing about preventive maintenance is that it may decrease both buildups of dirt and grime, as well as avoid the risk of scratching your floor. For example, putting a floor mat down at the entrance is going to protect the marble floor from catching dirt, small stones, or dust.

There’s a necessity to care for spills as they arise so they don’t stain the floor. As marble is sensitive to acidic solutions, make sure that you use a cleaning agent that has a neutral pH.

Tackling dirt and scuff marks

Spot cleaning the marble flooring involves removing obvious dirt and scuff marks. Begin by applying a gentle liquid soap that has a neutral pH. Utilize a soft microfiber cloth and some clean, cold water.

You first should test the products on a small space, before you use it on a larger scale. As the stain or mark disappears, it is possible to buff it using a dry cloth and bring the shine up.

 Use the right cleaning solutions

You must check the instructions and safety guidelines on any particular product you wish to buy. As marble is a natural material, you ought to be aware of items which can’t be used. It’s recommended to use a professional scrubbing machine in order to avoid damage of the floor. In case you make the choice to get this type of machine to maintain your flooring, be certain that you read this in-depth guide on how to choose the proper walk behind, commercial-grade floor scrubbing unit.

The following are kinds of cleaning solutions you ought to avoid:

  • Conventional cleaning agents – make sure you just utilize special marble cleaners.
  • Alkaline or acidic solutions like vinegar – they’ll diminish the shiny look of marble.
  • Ceramic tile cleaners – they’ll make marble look dull.
  • Rough cloths – they’ll scour your floor.
  • Vacuum cleaners – they’ll have wheels and hoses which may scratch your floor.

It’s vital to note that cleaning marble flooring isn’t time-consuming if you follow the above tips. It’s a fact that your marble floor is going to require additional care. It’s your job as a homeowner or business to make sure it looks beautiful and shiny.

Anago cleaning systems specializes in cleaning services for hotels and other hospitality businesses. When it comes to hospitality cleaning in the Winnipeg area, no one does it better! Anago® of Manitoba can handle any cleaning job.

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Consider Professional Bank Cleaning

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All of the banks in the world ought to consider the usage of an expert janitorial service because they’re visited by several folks on a day-to-day basis. As the manager of a bank, can you possibly imagine the impact dirty restrooms and floors will have to your reputation and image? How might you benefit from a deep and precise commercial cleaning service?

The importance of routine deep cleaning for your bank has a lot to do with the success of your bank. All of the business partners and clients that visit your bank have to see your shiny windows and floors and disinfected restrooms. Speaking of lavatory spaces, we must say that daily sanitizing and cleaning mean fewer accidents and illnesses. As you work with an excellent local commercial cleaning service, they’ll know how to remove bacteria, stains, and dirt. And as guests see the cleanliness, it’s typically enough for them to select your business.

When all of the windows, floors, and doors are sparkling clean, they’ll leave an excellent first impression to everyone who visits your financial institution. Just like bathrooms, when they’re shiny and clean, this may influence the opinion of your bank. Clean grout and tile, waxed flooring, streak-free windows, they all state: “Welcome to our bank!”

It’s vital that you know that skilled janitors know how often that need to vacuum hard surfaces and how they can dust furniture, so they remain clean for a longer time period. Using the proper equipment and tools is also important. Waiting rooms and teller stations in which your customers spend a ton of time, in general, must also be kept neat and clean. It’s a part of making them feel at ease in your financial institution.

Aside from the regular cleaning services, professionals also can provide more specific tasks, like full office carpet cleaning and shampooing, stain removal, pet odor removal, floor waxing and refinishing, window treatment, and deep and general janitorial cleaning.

How to Spot a Reliable Janitorial Business for Janitorial Services

Are you on the brink of searching for a janitorial provider for expert cleaning service? If so, see to it that you must be meticulous while searching for one. Cleaning results lie upon the provider you hire. Therefore, if you wish to obtain better results that are worth your investment, employ a reliable cleaning provider. Below are a few tips about how to search for one:

Check all qualifications

One thing you must check while searching for a reputable janitorial cleaning provider is their qualifications. You want to ensure that you are hiring one that’s responsible for doing the service. Therefore, you ought to see to it that they possess these qualifications:

  • Their references
  • Their recognitions and certificates
  • Some of the businesses they serve
  • People’s ratings and reviews

As the janitorial provider is happy and willing to allow you to check their qualifications, that is a good indication that the provider may be trusted to do the job.

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