Clean Environments and Mental Health

By August 6, 2019Cleaning

The world is on a rollercoaster on cleanliness; we can see how organized, charming and perfectly presented our office spaces are becoming today. This has transitioned our culture to the need for a more appealing environment in our homes too. As such, janitorial services are becoming more of a necessity as opposed to ‘leisure budget’ cost.

Being organized and clean goes beyond outward appearance and in essence, has a profound impact on mental health. Cluttered spaces make easy distractions which impair the brain’s ability to process information. That’s why most people report feeling unsettled when in a dirty room full of clutter. Yet processing information quickly is one of the factors that boost productivity.

It’s important for professionals to have a positive attitude at work, and if mental well-being is critical for this to happen, then bringing on board professional cleaning services to make your office more appealing is a priority. However, being well organized is challenging and it’s only made easier by creating an organizational culture that centers on cleanliness as part of your work habits. Besides, good organization warrants every file is in its place and you can easily track every unfinished business without feeling too anxious about what you left undone. In a nutshell, you can give a good progress report at the end of any business day without spending too much on that process.

Now, keeping things clean is not just relevant for your home or workplace but is also instrumental for your mental wellness. A study done on the psychology of the home showed that people who thought their homes to be teemed with ‘unfinished business’ or ‘cluttered’ felt more fatigued and depressed when they got home. In comparison to individuals who thought their homes were ‘restorative’ and ‘restful’, this cohort showed higher levels of mental well-being and happiness. These findings bring clarity to the discussion of why mental well-being is critical in productivity for any professional. Also, it was noted that if individuals engaged in habitual cleaning, they felt more optimistic – even after a series of failures; tidying up was also observed as a sign of confidence and self-esteem for these individuals.

Why does it seem so hard to get or stay organized if being clean is as important as it seems? When you get to the office, your focus is solely on the task ahead and not necessarily how clean the office is. As such, most professionals sort of ‘lack’ the time to clean, and the truth is, making your office well organized could take quite some time. That on its own is determined by how much size of clutter you’ve accumulated, which echoes discouragement even before you get started.

So, when we grow into a space that isn’t ritually cleaned or organized, the human routine of changing that environment to become clean and organized requires prioritizing those two as a task in the office. In return, people who work in the same office not only fix their bad habits but also generally improve their mental well-being. Therefore, it is critical to have a reestablishment of what you’ll consider a clean and productive environment if you are to make strides towards improving your organizational culture in that sense. For all your office cleaning needs, contact us at (204) 594-4666 and let us bring back that sparkle at your work environment.