Commercial Cleaning: It is More than Just About Appearance

By December 31, 2018Cleaning

If there is something all working pros are aware of, it is when a co-worker all of a sudden gets sick with even the simplest of common colds, and there’s a good chance that they’ll spread that sickness to other staff members. In turn, workplace productivity decreases while the amount of missing employees and sick days increases. It will result in missing deadlines, as well as meeting goals that are set up by management.

Germs Can Make Your Employees Sick

Your workplace works in pretty much the same way. If your structure is unclean, and sick, the bacteria, viruses, and additional germs easily can spread to your staff members. It will come from unsanitary doorknobs, restrooms, telephones, computer keyboards, and much more. Once again, this can leave management in a pickle to get the work done in a timely manner.

Healthy Building Important to Employees’ Health

A healthy commercial building is crucial to the general health of your business and your staff members. With the help of a commercial cleaning company, your work place may offer a clean and healthy work space for everyone to work in. As you bring in expert janitorial services, you are going to get more than counters wiped off, and trash taken out; you will be protecting the health of everyone who works there.

Professionals have right knowledge and equipment for job

Professional cleaners have industry expert know-how and know what the proper chemicals are to use, as well as how to effectively use them. All chemicals have a dwell time listed upon their labels, it’s the quantity of time needed for the chemical to sit on a surface to destroy germs. If your present cleaning crew is just spraying and instantly wiping, they aren’t leaving sufficient time for the chemical to do its duty.

Use the right chemicals for the job

There’s more to making sure that your building is healthy and clean for everyone than simply using the right chemicals for the proper quantity of time. Professionals ought to utilize microfiber products to improve the general effectiveness of their cleaning. One other element that’s implemented by pros is the usage of a HEPA vacuum which retains all particles in your floors which are .3 microns in size or bigger, with an efficiency rate of 99.97 percent!

Keep your employee’s healthy to boost productivity

As it’ll come to commercial cleaning, there’s more to consider than just appearance. It’s vital to make sure that your commercial cleaning business is cleaning deeper than the surface to protect the general health of your employees and building. If you do not feel that you’re receiving the best cleaning job you could be getting for your office, get in touch with the professionals at Anago today! We have skills experts who are standing by, prepared to assist you in protecting your employees and building from spreading germs!

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