How Often Should I Schedule My Office Cleaning Services?

By November 19, 2021Business, Cleaning, Office Cleaning

You have made the important decision to hire a cleaning service for your office, but how often should they come to perform their services? Most business owners want to be as cost-effective as possible while keeping their workspaces clean and tidy. Understanding what goes into routine cleaning is crucial if you want to maximize your investment. 


If you aren’t sure how often to schedule your office cleaning services, this guide will offer some helpful advice to help you decide: 


Deciding On The Services 

When it comes to choosing a cleaning company and the frequency of your cleaning services, it helps to have a good understanding of what tasks you are hoping to have accomplished. Some businesses want a deep clean while others just want routine cleaning in their office spaces. The types of services you sign up for will determine just how frequently cleaning services will be necessary.


For example, routine cleaning should be done more frequently. Most businesses prefer to do this weekly so that their office space remains clean. Tasks included in this may be vacuuming, dusting, and sanitizing hot spots around the office. A deep clean can be performed once a week with some lighter cleaning tasks performed one to two other times during the week. 


On the other hand, some tasks only need to be done occasionally. These can include washing the windows and dusting the baseboards. You may only require services every month or two for this type of deeper cleaning. 


You may want to schedule some extra deep cleaning services twice a year for shampooing the carpets and/or buffing the floors. These tasks should be done at least annually to keep your office space in the best possible condition. 


Size & Type Of Business

Consider how busy your workplace really is and how much traffic it sees on a daily basis. Companies with lower levels of foot traffic may not need to be cleaned as often as busy offices that have a lot of clients going in and out. Evaluate how dirty your office truly gets throughout the week to help you decide how often you should schedule your cleaning service.  


If your offices are particularly busy and large, then you may need a cleaning crew to come in daily so that they can clean the space in stages. This will ensure that they have touched every aspect of the space, so that by the end of the week, you’ll have a completely clean area. 


How Often Should You Hire A Cleaning Service?

If you know exactly what your business needs, it is time to contact a cleaning service to help you fill in the gaps. Even if you aren’t quite sure what services you require, Anago Cleaning Systems can give you suggestions based on your unique circumstances and backed by their extensive experience. Learn more about what our company can offer your company!