How to Keep Your Marble Flooring Clean

By November 21, 2018Cleaning

Marble floors are very popular these days. They’re an incredible option which complements any commercial building or kitchen because of their elegance and wonderful style. In addition, it’s durable. It’s necessary to know how you can clean these kinds of floors. It’s because it stains easily and is very delicate. In this article, you’ll learn cleaning marble flooring tips which have been proven to work.

Preventive care

Cleaning marble flooring starts with preventive care and regular maintenance. Polishing, dusting, sweeping and mopping on a daily basis will eliminate all dirt or surface debris, which might harm or otherwise scratch the marble floor.

The great thing about preventive maintenance is that it may decrease both buildups of dirt and grime, as well as avoid the risk of scratching your floor. For example, putting a floor mat down at the entrance is going to protect the marble floor from catching dirt, small stones, or dust.

There’s a necessity to care for spills as they arise so they don’t stain the floor. As marble is sensitive to acidic solutions, make sure that you use a cleaning agent that has a neutral pH.

Tackling dirt and scuff marks

Spot cleaning the marble flooring involves removing obvious dirt and scuff marks. Begin by applying a gentle liquid soap that has a neutral pH. Utilize a soft microfiber cloth and some clean, cold water.

You first should test the products on a small space, before you use it on a larger scale. As the stain or mark disappears, it is possible to buff it using a dry cloth and bring the shine up.

 Use the right cleaning solutions

You must check the instructions and safety guidelines on any particular product you wish to buy. As marble is a natural material, you ought to be aware of items which can’t be used. It’s recommended to use a professional scrubbing machine in order to avoid damage of the floor. In case you make the choice to get this type of machine to maintain your flooring, be certain that you read this in-depth guide on how to choose the proper walk behind, commercial-grade floor scrubbing unit.

The following are kinds of cleaning solutions you ought to avoid:

  • Conventional cleaning agents – make sure you just utilize special marble cleaners.
  • Alkaline or acidic solutions like vinegar – they’ll diminish the shiny look of marble.
  • Ceramic tile cleaners – they’ll make marble look dull.
  • Rough cloths – they’ll scour your floor.
  • Vacuum cleaners – they’ll have wheels and hoses which may scratch your floor.

It’s vital to note that cleaning marble flooring isn’t time-consuming if you follow the above tips. It’s a fact that your marble floor is going to require additional care. It’s your job as a homeowner or business to make sure it looks beautiful and shiny.

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