Office Cleaning Tips For Keeping Your Reception Area Tidy

By June 20, 2021Cleaning, Office Cleaning

Coming home to a dirty house can immediately cause stress. Even if you have other tasks to do, all you notice is the state of disarray.

The stress from messiness is even more bothersome in the office. Your reception area is the first thing your clients and employees see when they enter the office. In a workweek, this spot endures a lot of foot traffic, stray papers, and dirty dishes. How do you keep clutter under control in such a busy area?

We’ve put together these office cleaning tips that can help keep your reception area tidy and organized:

Find the Source of Stale Odours

Something smells funky in the office. Could it be the tray of stale crackers near the front desk or the line of stained coffee cups? 

The source of the smell might be unexpected. For example, when was the last time you washed the rug by the entrance or the curtains on the windows? Strong smells cling to fabrics, so it might be time for a trip to the laundromat. 

If all else fails, remember to take out the trash! Old garbage increases your risk of pest problems. Those are the types of clients that you don’t want around the office.


Tackle the Clutter

Everywhere you look, you notice manila file folders, unopened envelopes, and loose pens. Customers who notice the clutter won’t feel entirely welcomed by your office. They’ll feel like there’s no room left for them!

It might be helpful to reorganize all the items you see on surfaces. When you clear off tables, you can get a fresh start. 

Start by removing every object from the tables and desks, and laying it all out on the floor or elsewhere. Then, wipe any dust off the surfaces and cabinets. 

Once all your items are spread out in front of you, it’s easier to organize them by their purpose and find an appropriate place for them. Do you really need 20 different pens strewn about the reception desk? Divide objects into cohesive piles and try to determine appropriate places for them.


Use a Disinfectant

You might be tempted to grab a cleaner with a strong fragrance, but you may want to reconsider. Overpowering scents may trigger migraines in some people, which will be unpleasant for your employees and clients. Others may be allergic to certain oils and fragrances. 

Instead, stick to a basic cleaner with disinfectant properties. This allows you to keep germs under control without causing ill effects for others. 


Clean the Floors

Given how many people walk by the reception area, the floors can get covered with bits of dirt, crumbs, and stray hairs. Seeing a floor that’s unswept may leave a bad impression of your business. Clients might worry that if you don’t tend to the cleanliness of your office, you might not be attentive to the needs of your business!

Show customers and staff members that an orderly office is important to you by cleaning the floors regularly.


Hire Professional Cleaning Services

The reception area isn’t messy because you don’t care how it looks—it’s because you simply don’t have the time to clean it. When you’re running a business, your schedule is rarely open for cleaning or organizing.

That’s why you need office cleaning in Winnipeg. When you work with the professional cleaners at Anago, you can trust that your reception area will look spotless whenever a client or employee enters. Give us a call today to schedule office cleaning services.