What Is Microfiber? – An Overview

By January 18, 2018Cleaning, Housekeeping

Are you looking for fabrics that have soft and fine fiber? Then maybe you want to learn more what is microfiber cloth material and what its benefits are.

We always look for ways to become efficient when we clean our couch or sofa, furniture, and other belongings. This may be by using cleaning agents and tools for an easy cleaning.

Today, there are towels, sheets, and cloths from microfibers that have become popular in the cleaning industry, which includes the Anago Cleaning Systems – Winnipeg Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services.


What is microfiber and what are its benefits? Check out below for the definition and the benefits of this fabric.


what is microfiber cloth material

What Is Microfiber Cloth Material


The microfiber is a type of fabric that is a combination of the polyester and nylon fibers. It is so called because the fibers are split multiple times such that they are even smaller than the human hair.


Today, this soft fabric from polyester and nylon has gained more popularity due to its innovative cleaning technology.


The Benefits Of Towels, Sheets, And Cloths From Microfibers


  1. Efficient In Cleaning


The ergonomic and lightweight soft fabric from polyester and nylon provides an efficient cleaning quality. Because of its very thin fibers, it can easily remove the smallest particles in a furniture, floor, or any surfaces. Moreover, maneuvering it in every direction is also faster. Thus, when cleaning any surfaces with a cloth, duster, or a mop, cleaning can be made more effective and faster.


  1. Environmentally Friendly


The efficiency in the cleaning of the microfiber materials allows us to reduce the usage of cleaning agents with synthetic chemicals. We know how these synthetic chemicals can harm the environment. On the other hand, the thin fiber with a split cross-sectional arrangement on the cloth allows it to trap and catch the dust, dirt, and other microparticles on the cleaning surface. Other types of cloths do not have this property. Thus, cleaning with water alone can already do the job. While you help keep the environment free from chemicals, you also save money from these cleaning agents.


  1. Maintains The Quality Of Surfaces


Chemicals can also harm the furniture, floors, and other belongings when applied to them periodically. Moreover, the rough surface of other cloths can also damage the surface. Being able to clean with a chemical-free cleaner and having soft fabric towels, sheets, and cloths from microfibers, you can be assured that you keep the good quality of any surfaces.


  1. Great For Hygienic Purposes


By learning what is microfiber cloth material, hospitals have already used the fabric. Moreover, the microfiber doesn’t only remove dust, dirt, and other particles. It also effectively removes bacteria, germs, and allergens. There are also studies that have shown that the microfiber can remove more bacteria than other fabrics. Thus, products that are made from microfibers are also called the “dirt magnets”.


soft fabric from polyester and nylon

Soft Fabric From Polyester And Nylon


Now that you know how such fabric can help you in your cleaning routine, buy a product that’s made from microfiber. Always have one in your home and office and be assured that you’ll be able to remove the dirt and bacteria in your place effectively.