Why You Should Have Your Employees’ Cubicles Cleaned

By March 16, 2022Cleaning

If you bring in a janitorial service to clean your office, you might be most concerned with their ability to clean the hot spots like your reception areas and bathrooms. These spaces make the biggest first impression on your clients, so it makes sense to start here. However, many business owners overlook the importance of cleaning the cubicles and the fabric walls. 

You won’t want to miss cleaning your cubicle walls after you learn about all of the ways that your employees and workplace could benefit from this routine cleaning: 


Eliminate Dust Mites

While the odds are that dust mites didn’t originate in your office, you might be surprised to find them there in your cubicle walls. These pests make the long and arduous trek from an employee’s home directly to the office where they live – into the cubicles, carpeting, and other fabrics. Eliminate them right at the source before they can cause any health issues in your employees. 

What kind of issues might you notice with the presence of dust mites? For many people, dust mites can pose a problem for their respiratory system. They might experience symptoms of a mild allergic reaction such as watery eyes, runny nose, or sneezing. If the employee already has asthma, then they may experience a flare-up of their symptoms that requires medical attention. 


Keep Things Professional

Your employees work hard day in and day out. Many of them may even work through the lunch hours, opting to take their break at their desk. Of course, this means that spills and splashes from their afternoon cup of soup might adorn the walls of their cubicle. If left untreated and not cleaned, this can lead to stains that might not make a big impression on visiting management or clients. 

You want your business to have an air of professionalism at all times, and that means that you must aim to keep things aesthetically pleasing and clean in the office. Enlist the help of a cleaning company to give cubicles a once-over on a more regular basis. 


Reduce Allergens

Does it seem like your employees are almost always sick? They might complain of watery eyes, a runny nose, or even frequent headaches. It can lead to employees who always want to take a sick day. Unfortunately, all of this can be caused by an unclean cubicle. 

When you don’t prioritize cleaning your office spaces, allergens can build up in the fabric. It isn’t just dust mites that pose a problem for workers. All sorts of particles can build up if the cubicle is not regularly maintained by your cleaning company. 


Professional Janitorial Services

Are you ready to tackle the issue of cleaning cubicle walls in your business? You need professional janitorial services in Winnipeg to help you get these hot spots cleaned. Your employees will feel much happier and healthier in their workspace with these simple changes made. Give Anago Cleaning Systems a call today to see how we can help you manage the cleanliness of your office and cubicle walls.