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Benefits Of A Customized Cleaning Proposal

By February 7, 2022Cleaning

Benefits+Of+A+Customized+Cleaning+ProposalYou want to hire a cleaning company to take over some of the janitorial work that your company needs to be completed regularly. Instead of hiring a full-time janitor, it might make more sense to bring in a team of professionals once or twice each week to take care of your office. What should you be looking for when hiring a cleaning crew? 

The first thing you should look for is a customized cleaning proposal. Here is why this important document should matter to you and your business:


Make Sure Top Priorities Are Covered

One of the best reasons to search for a cleaning company that can provide you with a customized cleaning proposal is to ensure that all of your top priorities are covered. A cleaning company that only offers a generic promise that they will take care of your office may not hit the hot spots you have in mind such as specific parts of the conference room, bathrooms, or lobby. A cleaner office can lead to a better first impression with your customers. 

A customized cleaning proposal makes it extremely clear which areas of the office are going to be covered by the cleaning crew. With this document in hand, you can rest assured that your major concerns will be taken care of promptly and professionally. 


Know What Cleaning Materials Are Used

Is it important to you that your cleaning crew use certain types of cleaners, such as green cleaners, that are safer for the environment and your employees? A customized cleaning proposal breaks down just how the office will be cleaned, making it more likely to put your mind at ease that you are getting the services you desire. 

Of course, this customized cleaning proposal also ensures that your cleaning company will come prepared to your job with everything they’ll need to complete the job as described. 


Set a Time and Frequency

Once your cleaning crew knows what they need to do, you can work out the finer details about how and when those cleanings will take place. Schedule them for the hours and/or days of the week that are most convenient for you and decide on the frequency of the visits. Knowing what is being cleaned and when can give you a better frame of reference for how often you’ll need to bring in help to maintain the standards you want. 


Hiring Qualified Professionals 

If you want a customized cleaning proposal, you need to hire the experts. At Anago Cleaning Systems in Winnipeg, we believe in sending qualified professionals out to each and every one of our jobs. We can help you figure out your most important assignments and make it easier for you to get your work completed. Give us a call today to set up your first consultation for our cleaning services!