4 Reasons Professional Cleaning Is Better Than Doing It Yourself

By September 12, 2018Cleaning

You might have an office, a retail space, a factory; it doesn’t matter, your space needs to be clean. A clean space means less workplace hazards, better first impressions, happier employees, and more productivity; a messy space means your revenue is going to drop. Knowing you need a clean space, you have two choices: clean it yourself, or hire someone else to do it. Here are a few reasons why it’s best to hire a commercial facilities cleaning service to do it for you.

It’s Safer

A good, deep clean requires specialized equipment, a variety of chemicals, and various cleaning techniques. Objects have to be lifted and moved, heights have to be reached, and heavy machinery has to be used; these all constitute workplace hazards, especially for untrained staff whose primary role involves something other than cleaning. Do you or your staff have WHMIS training? Chemicals, including those used for cleaning, can be extremely hazardous, especially when combined together by someone ignorant of their reactive qualities. Professional cleaning staff have all the necessary certifications to keep themselves, you, and your staff safe.

It’s Faster

Practice makes perfect, and if you and your staff aren’t practiced in commercial cleaning, you’ll be much slower than the professionals. Good janitorial services will develop a plan for the most efficient way of cleaning your facility, and will bring all the necessary tools to ensure the job is done right. Every time you use your own staff to clean, they’re not doing what you hired them to do; you’re losing time twice over, once because they’re slower at cleaning than the pros, and again because they could be working at what they’re good at.

It’s Better

Not only will your staff be slower at cleaning, they’re also not as thorough as a professional cleaning team. That’s no slight against your staff; everyone hires a team to do what they’re best at, and it’s obvious that someone highly trained in sales won’t be as good at cleaning as someone highly trained in janitorial services. You wouldn’t want your janitors working as accountants; that’s not what they want to do, what they’re trained to do, or what they’re good at doing. The reverse is obviously true as well.

It’s Money

At the end of the day, you run your business to make money. When you have your business cleaned by professionals, there’s less safety problems, which means less chances of employees ending up on Workers Compensation and less money spent on getting appropriate safety training. The speed at which the cleaning is done, usually during hours when your facilities are closed, means less resources are jettisoned away from the more profitable activities of your business. The better clean means better first impressions for clients and customers, as well as happier employees. All of this adds up to higher productivity, higher sales and a better workplace environment. Hiring a janitorial service might seem like more red on your budget, but with so many financial benefits, it’s worth the price!