4 Things to Ask When Selecting a Cleaning Service

By September 5, 2018Cleaning

You’ve decided to get a cleaning service in Winnipeg to take care of your facilities. You’ve read about all the benefits of outsourcing your cleaning; the more thorough work, the efficiency, the better first impressions and the higher employee satisfaction that a professionally cleaned space brings. You’re on the hunt for a team to take care of your space, but you want to know how to distinguish high quality janitorial services from an average service that won’t get you as much bang for your buck. Every business has different needs, so what you’ll ask about will vary, but here a few key things to ask about when trying to find a cleaning service.

When Do You Clean?

A lower quality service provider may give you the hours in which they’re available to do office cleanings; a high quality provider will answer “Whenever you want us to”. Good janitors know that every business has a different schedule, so they’ll work with you to provide service when you want and as frequently as you want. A great service will also be available in case of emergencies; you want a service with 24/7 availability who will be able to respond quickly if an urgent situation comes up, even at 3 AM on a Sunday.

How Do You Clean?

High quality service providers will explain that their methodology changes depending on the space you need cleaned; they’ll advise you that the “how” is a plan formulated based on your needs and their experience. Great service providers have techniques not just for cleaning, but for monitoring how the cleaning is progressing through the day. Managers will have checklists of everything that needs to be cleaned, and will do checks for thoroughness; they’ll immediately address concerns you might have about the cleanliness of a space. A great service will also strive to use the latest green technologies to keep your employees healthy while helping to create a sustainable ecosystem.

Who is Cleaning?

Cleaning staff are often in your building after hours, without you around to monitor; you don’t want to worry about pilfering from your cleaning service. A great facilities cleaner will have staff who have passed criminal record checks and drug tests; they’ll also make sure staff are bonded and insured. You want your service provider to be experienced, too; a good service will have been in business for a long time, because inferior services get bad word of mouth and cease to exist before they’re around too long.

Why Are You Cleaning?

The answer to this question must be that they’re passionate about the benefits of cleaning, and they want to help your business thrive. A clear, solid mission is key to success in life and in business, so make sure your janitorial service is committed to helping your business. Don’t be afraid to ask for references; a cleaning service with a commitment to success will be proud to provide you with a list of satisfied clientele, and will encourage you to phone them so you can hear first hand how their passion for cleaning helped a business like yours.