5 Questions to Ask Before Considering Changing Your Office Cleaners

By July 11, 2018Cleaning, Office Cleaning

Every commercial space or office needs to place their best foot forward. You want to impress your customers and your clients by showing them that your company is a trusted partner to work with and runs smoothly. However, what type of impression will you leave clients and customers with when you have a filthy facility? It’s why we trust in our commercial cleaning business. We’ll hire them, so we do not have to handle the cleanliness of our business.

However, occasionally, your cleaning may become subpar and inconsistent, making you wonder if you ought to hire a new business.  Here, we list 5 questions to ask before considering changing your office cleaners in Winnipeg:

What is your main pain point with your present cleaners?

Is there a specific area in your business that’s never properly cleaned? It’s a problem which should be addressed directly with your cleaner and cleaning company. Perhaps it is dirt under your desk or dusty window sills. If there are areas in your office which are frequently being ignored by your cleaning company, you may want to look elsewhere for a new business which will concentrate more on the small details of your needs.

All in all, are you satisfied with your existing cleaners?

Are you satisfied? It might seem like a loaded question yet if you’re generally not happy with your existing cleaners, and there tends to be no resolution in sight, it might be time to give consideration to a new business.

Why should I trust your cleaner who is coming into my office?

You need to ensure that the new business you are assessing has certain security steps in place, so you may feel at ease with the cleaners who’ll be entering your facility. Some things you may look for involve: a company that’s bonded and insured, background checks on the cleaners, WSIB and additional certifications, and commercial cleaning training.

Are your cleaners trained?

Commercial cleaning is much different from cleaning a house. Training in commercial cleaning assists in ensuring efficiency and consistency in your company. It’ll make sure that your company is kept to the highest of standards. Trained cleaners also can assist with the health of your business. One primary reason for this includes a lack of cross-contamination. You would not want your restroom cleaned with the same cloth which wipes the kitchen tables! Your new cleaning company ought to know this process in order for your facility to remain a healthy and safe one.

What will you be cleaning for me?

It’s an extremely important question. The pain points we discussed earlier, you should get those addressed. You will want to talk about how often the office gets cleaned and what you want it cleaned specifically. All parties involved ought to be on the same page and have open communication as it’ll come to what your business needs.

If you are prepared to change cleaning companies, receive a quote from the professional cleaning service of Anago today!