Areas In The Office You Didn’t Know Require Professional Cleaning

By October 18, 2022Cleaning

When you think of professional cleaning for your office, chances are that your mind first travels to the bathrooms and shared kitchen spaces. These areas tend to stack up dirt and grime faster than other parts of the office. However, they aren’t the only places where professional cleaning is beneficial. 


Where should you enlist the help of a professional cleaning crew to keep your business sanitized and clean? This guide will walk you through some hotspots that you might currently be missing. 



You might rely on your employees to keep their own areas clean, but it helps to have janitorial services come in every once in a while to sanitize computers and keyboards. Imagine the bacteria and germs that breed in these high-touch areas! After all, your staff likely uses computers for several hours each day. 

Inside Kitchen Appliances


Some crews do just a cursory cleaning of the surfaces in your break room area. This might entail wiping down the counters and handles on the exterior of appliances. However, you should also ensure that they spend time cleaning the inside of those appliances. They should toss out expired foods from the fridge, wipe down splatters in the microwave, and do a deep clean of the coffee machine, as well. 

Light Fixtures


It’s important to remember to look up when you want to get a thorough cleaning of your office space. Light fixtures, and especially ceiling fans, need to be dusted and cleaned regularly. If you allow the dust and dirt to build up on the light bulbs, it could lessen the brightness, giving you a dimmer workspace. 


Dusty fan blades will circulate dust particles throughout the air, which can trigger allergies in your employees. This should be easy for commercial janitorial services to provide, as it can be done with a small step ladder and a vacuum to prevent the dust from falling to the floor. 



Many companies enlist cleaning crews to help them keep their floors clean while neglecting an important aspect nearby: The baseboards. Dust can get pushed around from the floor to the edge of the room, coming to rest on the baseboards. These need to be dusted and wiped down every so often to keep your office in excellent working order. 



When was the last time your blinds were dusted? Neglecting your blinds means that dust will drop to the floor each time you open them. This can trigger allergies and make it hard to breathe. Dust may stack up even faster if you leave the windows open to let some fresh air in during the day. 

Get the Services You Need


Are you now convinced that you need top-notch commercial janitorial services in Winnipeg? Anago Cleaning Systems will clean all of the above areas and more. With an expert eye for detail, we will keep your office space spic and span. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help you!