Benefits of Green Cleaning Products at Home

By February 7, 2018Cleaning, Housekeeping

Clever marketing has fooled people into believing super powered products remove grime, germs, and grease in a flash. However, environmentally friendly home cleaning products are nothing new, and they meet cleaning objectives just as well.

A need to venture out and purchase expensive chemical cleaning products does not arise. This is because home cleaning solutions do the trick for a fraction of the comparative price.

Therefore, say hello to clean homes and the benefits associated with using green cleaning products.

Healthy Home

Benefits of Green Cleaning Products at HomeIf you use green products, your health is more protected compared to when you use the chemical based cleaners.

Chemical cleaners bring reproductive abnormalities and respiratory problems. They contribute to cancer and allergic reactions.

Furthermore, as you clean small, poorly ventilated spaces such as windowless showers and bathrooms, you are breathing in high levels of toxic fumes.

Studies released by the National Cancer Association cite women working in homes have fifty-four percent higher risks of developing cancer than those working outside homes. That is courtesy of indoor pollutants from chemical-based cleaning products.

Exposing synthetic chemicals to the environment also introduces bioactive and novel opponents into ecosystems. A big danger also arises from corrosive drain cleaners, acidic toilet bowl cleaners, and oven cleaners.

Consequences range from mild to severe, where aquatic and terrestrial plants, animals, and human life feature.

Protecting the Environment

Your home tends to release volatile organic compounds into the air. This happens when you ventilate it.

Commonly found in a wide range of cleaning products, nitrogen, ammonia, and phosphorous constitute dangerous water contaminants when used in large quantities. Their release into the environment occurs through regular rinsing down drains and flushing down toilets.

Where chemical based home cleaning products are involved, it is very scary that you do not actually know the kind of impact they inflict on your health.

However, if you clean with organic and environmentally friendly materials, you alleviate whichever queries and concerns surrounding the impact associated with harsh chemicals.

Associated impact here refers to your environment, your home, and most importantly, your health, and that of your family members.


Most child poisoning accidents occur when they consume cleaning products that resemble flavored candy or drinks. As such, it is critical to take a close look at what your cupboard holds.

Pine cleaner resembles apple juice. Blocks of dishwashing soap look like lollipops. Pods of laundry resemble marshmallows.

Research reveals chemical based home cleaning comes at a cost on health. Furthermore, most of these cleaning chemicals have sweet smelling scents that would be quite tempting to young children who are unaware of the inherent dangers.


Benefits Of Using Green Cleaning Products At HomeNo one wants a home with overpowering smells of chemical cleaners such as ammonia and chlorine. Such smells make most people uncomfortable, even sick.

Cleaning products made at home often have natural and pleasant essential oils that give the home a nice scent and an aromatherapy effect. These solutions include baking soda, olive oil, vinegar, and lemon juice. Just learn how to use them and enjoy the benefits of clean, green homes.
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