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Office Cleaning Services We Offer

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Anago Cleaning Systems has the right equipment and tools to clean your workplace. Additionally, our employees are highly experienced and skilled to guarantee high-quality cleaning services. We’re always available any day of the week and any time of day. We also are flexible to work with your plan. Whether you need the office cleaned extremely early in the morning before you get to the office, during a lunch break or at night after work, our cleaning staff is always available. Plus, we’re always available to clean your workplace on the weekends. We offer a full package of office cleaning services which include:

Floor cleaning

While cleaning the floor, the chemicals which are used, the equipment and methods used will determine the difference between success and failure. We have the proper expertise and equipment to clean any flooring. Some flooring surfaces we clean include: terrazzo, concrete, travertine, tile, linoleum, granite, hardwood, marble, slate, sheet vinyl, stone, rubber, and vinyl asbestos. But, we’re able to take care of any floor surface.

We do not just clean floors; we additionally inspect the condition of the floors and suggest the best cleaning technique which will extend the life of your floors.

Carpet cleaning

We’re specialists in cleaning any type of carpet. We have the proper expertise and tools to keep your workplace clean. We utilize the proper office carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals to get the most stubborn of stains out of the carpet.

With carpet cleaning, the proper chemical concentration will determine the lifespan and appearance of your carpeting. In keeping your workplace carpet clean and appearing new, we provide these carpet cleaning services:

  • Carpet stain protection
  • Carpet encapsulation
  • Deodorizing and sanitizing
  • Rotary scrub shampooing
  • Bonnet cleaning
  • Steam cleaning

Whether your work place is low or high traffic, we’re able to keep your carpet appearing new.

Spot cleaning

Our team is experienced and trained to look out for spots and spills on walls, carpets, and additional surfaces. We use the latest equipment to extract any spots on the carpets, office wall, or any additional surface. We never will ignore anything; we’ll remove any spills, spots, and dirt in the office.

Door and window cleaning services

Our staff is experienced and skilled on how to clean, as well as leave office doors and windows with a gorgeous glow. We have the proper personnel and equipment to leave your office window and door clean and streak-free. We’re able to clean your windows and door on an as-needed basis. With Anago Cleaning Systems’ office cleaning services, we’ll leave your office windows and glass door shining, clean, and streak-free.

Trash removal services

At every visit, our janitors remove all trash in the office and empty out the dustbins. They’ll replace trashcan liners to leave the office orderly and clean. Our janitors tie trash can liners in order for them not to slip into the trashcan. All recyclable material is emptied and taken to the proper disposal space. With our professional office cleaning services, your trash area will always remain clean.

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It is Time to Deep Clean your Office!

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A yearly deep cleaning of the workplace does not just eliminate bacteria and viruses on germ-infested surfaces, yet it additionally permits you and your staff members to have a neat working atmosphere. A deep cleaning will address the overlooked areas which have built up dirt, clutter, germs, and grim. Get started deep cleaning your workplace with the following tips.

Make a Schedule

Trying to deep clean a filthy office quickly can become a daunting chore. It’s possible to make it easier on yourself by creating a checklist of what must be cleaned, as well as on which day each chore ought to be conquered. Tackle a single room each day or tackle a certain chore, like cleaning the windows on one day and carpeting on the next day.

Dust Each Inch of Each Room

Get a microfiber cleansing cloth and beginning at the ceiling, work your way down every wall. Do not forget to dust air vents, hanging lights, as well as ceiling fan blades. In order to make dusting more convenient, utilize a microfiber dusting wand for difficult-to-reach spaces, like the tops of shelves and ceiling fans. Dust every crevice, particularly vent corners and covers in which dust oftentimes becomes trapped.

As tedious as this chore might be, it’s especially vital if you, your staff members, and/or your customers suffer with allergies. Removing the dust will decrease sneezing, which might assist in preventing the spread of viruses and germs. Decreasing dust also can improve the quality of air in your work place, and make the area seem less stuffy.

Sanitize/Disinfect Hot Spots

Any surface inside the work place which touches food or hands will have a massive quantity of germs and bacteria. For that reason, disinfect smartphones, breakroom countertops and appliances, refrigerator shelves, and door handles. Make certain that you use an industrial-strength, quality disinfectant.

You have to disinfect each inch of the restrooms, which includes exposed plumbing, the stall doors, and hand dryers. In addition, keep in mind to sanitize all the sink handles and faucets, and the doorknobs, particularly upon the entry doors.

Organize and Clean Desks

Most infections are spread by contaminated surfaces; therefore, the first place you should begin defending your work place against the flu is at desks, as well as additional work stations. Begin by taking off all non-work-associated items from all desks. It also is an excellent time to make a filing system for your archived and active paperwork.

Have a couple of trash bags prepared, one for papers to shred and one for recycling. Put everything away that goes someplace else in the office. Utilize disinfecting wipes to remove fingerprints, dust, germs, and grime from electronics, like phones, mouses, and keyboards.

One way to make sure the work place remains sanitized and cleaned includes hiring a cleaning service. In outsourcing cleaning, you’ll leave your staff members more time to do their own jobs. Additionally, a cleaning service could assist in saving you money and time in team member sick days.

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Reasons you Should Wash Your Hands

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There are about 1,500 bacteria/ sq. cm. of skin on the hand.  One way to prevent bacteria associated sicknesses and additional infectious disease includes washing your hands using water and soap. Learning great hand-washing habits is important to decreasing the spread of germs. Here, we list four essential reasons you should wash your hands.

Germs Are Located Everywhere yet You Cannot See Them

Germs, like viruses and bacteria, are microscopic and not really visible. Just because you cannot see them with the naked eye, does not mean they are not there. As a matter of fact, some bacteria live on the skin and some live inside you. Germs usually live on everyday items like shopping carts, cell phones, as well as your toothbrush. Germs may be transferred from contaminated items to your hands as you touch them. Some of the most typical ways germs are transferred to your hands is through the handling of raw meat, by changing a diaper or using the toilet, by sneezing or coughing, and after you come into contact with animals/pets.

Germs Can Make You Sick

Fungi, viruses, pathogenic bacteria, and additional germs cause disease in human beings. Those germs get access to the human body as they’re transferred from one person to another or from touching contaminated surfaces. Once they are inside your body, germs avoid the immune system of the body and have the ability to produce toxins which make you ill. The most typical causes of food poisoning and food-borne diseases are parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Reactions to those germs may range from mild gastric pain and diarrhea to even death.

Hand Washing Prevents Spread Of Germs

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, handwashing is the most efficient way to prevent the spread of disease. Correctly washing your hands removes all germs and dirt which may spread to other people. Having sanitized hands is critical because folks oftentimes use their hands to touch their mouth, nose, and eyes. Contact with those spaces gives germs, such as the flu virus, access to the interior of the body in which they may cause sickness. You always should wash your hands before you eat, after going to the restroom, and after coming into contact with anything which might become soiled or have a great possibility of being contaminated with germs. Handwashing also assists in preventing the spread of eye and skin infections. It’s extremely crucial to wash your hands, particularly after you handle raw meat or use the toilet.

Washing Hands Will Keep You Healthy

One main benefit of ensuring that your hands are clean is that it assists in keeping you healthy. Also, it assists in keeping the environment around you clean, preventing germs from spreading to other people. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, correctly drying and washing your hands decreases your risk of getting ill with diarrhea by 1/3. Also, it decreases your risk of obtaining a respiratory sickness by up to 20%.

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Janitorial Services Are More Than Surface-Deep

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As the flu or common cold strikes the workplace, it’s bound to make the rounds, and infect everything and everyone in its path. Generally, this results in less production because of sick days, which makes it more difficult for management to attain pre-established goals.

Sicknesses and germs do not just magically appear upon your staff members. They’re transferred from unwashed surfaces such as counters, doorknobs, and computer keyboards. Because workers are more likely to pick sicknesses up from the workspace, it’s important to maintain and have a clean office building that protects your crew from getting sick. It’s where an expert janitorial service will come into play. There’s more to maintaining and cleaning an office building than wiping counters down and periodically vacuuming carpets. A janitorial service’s primary job includes ensuring that you and your staff is safe from illness.

An expert cleaning company that has trained janitors knows what’s required to actually clean a workplace in order to keep germs from spreading, as well as infecting staff members. Expert cleaning crews are skilled at using the proper chemicals for the correct quantity of time to generate the best results, which leaves your building really clean, and workers feeling great all year long! Each cleaning chemical has a dwell-time that is listed on its label, which is the required quantity of time for the chemical to hang out on a surface in order to destroy germs, as well as offer the best results. If the in-house cleaning staff is just spraying cleaning agents and immediately wiping them away, there isn’t sufficient time for the chemicals to start to destroy germs!

There’s more that will go into really cleaning a workplace than simply the chemicals which are used. Commercial cleaning pros are going to be equipped with the right equipment and supplies to offer a deep and thorough cleaning job. Great cleaning pros use state-of-the-art, modern materials, such as microfiber. Whether in a cloth or a mop, microfiber is made to trap particles and dust to make sure that they’re removed, instead of merely spread around. High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter vacuums also are a vital aspect that an excellent commercial cleaning staff ought to be equipped with. HEPA filters have to retain all particles .3 or bigger at an efficiency rating of 99.97 percent.

While trusting your commercial cleaning requirements to the pros, it is possible to relax knowing that the degree of cleaning being offered goes more than simply surface-deep. Expert janitorial services understand what’s required to sustain a healthy and clean environment which will protect your staff members’ health. Anago has the equipment, knowledge, and supplies needed to make sure your building is safe and healthy for everyone! Get in touch with us right now to figure out what an actual professional cleaning service is able to do for you! We guarantee the highest level of cleaning for your company’s location!

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Consider Professional Bank Cleaning

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All of the banks in the world ought to consider the usage of an expert janitorial service because they’re visited by several folks on a day-to-day basis. As the manager of a bank, can you possibly imagine the impact dirty restrooms and floors will have to your reputation and image? How might you benefit from a deep and precise commercial cleaning service?

The importance of routine deep cleaning for your bank has a lot to do with the success of your bank. All of the business partners and clients that visit your bank have to see your shiny windows and floors and disinfected restrooms. Speaking of lavatory spaces, we must say that daily sanitizing and cleaning mean fewer accidents and illnesses. As you work with an excellent local commercial cleaning service, they’ll know how to remove bacteria, stains, and dirt. And as guests see the cleanliness, it’s typically enough for them to select your business.

When all of the windows, floors, and doors are sparkling clean, they’ll leave an excellent first impression to everyone who visits your financial institution. Just like bathrooms, when they’re shiny and clean, this may influence the opinion of your bank. Clean grout and tile, waxed flooring, streak-free windows, they all state: “Welcome to our bank!”

It’s vital that you know that skilled janitors know how often that need to vacuum hard surfaces and how they can dust furniture, so they remain clean for a longer time period. Using the proper equipment and tools is also important. Waiting rooms and teller stations in which your customers spend a ton of time, in general, must also be kept neat and clean. It’s a part of making them feel at ease in your financial institution.

Aside from the regular cleaning services, professionals also can provide more specific tasks, like full office carpet cleaning and shampooing, stain removal, pet odor removal, floor waxing and refinishing, window treatment, and deep and general janitorial cleaning.

How to Spot a Reliable Janitorial Business for Janitorial Services

Are you on the brink of searching for a janitorial provider for expert cleaning service? If so, see to it that you must be meticulous while searching for one. Cleaning results lie upon the provider you hire. Therefore, if you wish to obtain better results that are worth your investment, employ a reliable cleaning provider. Below are a few tips about how to search for one:

Check all qualifications

One thing you must check while searching for a reputable janitorial cleaning provider is their qualifications. You want to ensure that you are hiring one that’s responsible for doing the service. Therefore, you ought to see to it that they possess these qualifications:

  • Their references
  • Their recognitions and certificates
  • Some of the businesses they serve
  • People’s ratings and reviews

As the janitorial provider is happy and willing to allow you to check their qualifications, that is a good indication that the provider may be trusted to do the job.

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First Impressions: The Importance of a Clean Business

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You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. There are times when first meeting a potential client that you’ll never get a second chance to make an impression at all; if the first time you meet wasn’t good enough, they simply won’t come back. We make judgements based on just a few moments of interaction; when we shake hands, was eye contact made? Does the person appear nervous or unprepared? The way a person looks, how their voice sounds, even how they smell might affect how we perceive them for a long period of time. For clients entering your offices, your business is a reflection of you; your work ethic, your mannerisms, your personality. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a clean business; you want to make a good first impression.

The importance of first impressions comes from a psychological phenomenon known as thin-slicing, a phenomenon in which we judge an individual based on a “thin slice” of time. There are a few reasons we thin-slice; the first comes from an instinctive need to recognize danger immediately. For any species, it’s important to immediately recognize friend from foe and asset from liability; it’s no wonder, then, that our nervous system and minds seems equipped to judge almost immediately. The second reason stems from stereotypes; if you have known messy people to be disorganized and unreliable, and you step into a messy office, you’ll immediately jump to the conclusion that the business and it’s staff aren’t trustworthy. The third reason is that thin-slicing does away with superfluous information; someone might try to convince you that their office isn’t usually so messy, or that they really are organized, but you’ve already drawn your conclusion from the available data.

The consequence of a bad first impression is compounded by confirmation bias. Let’s say you meet someone, and you decide they’re a bit of a goofball. Having made this decision, perhaps even unconsciously, you’ll take note every time they slack off, make a joke, or take life less-than-seriously. You’ll also ignore the times that they act seriously, work hard and take responsibility, because these instances don’t fit the narrative you have laid out for them. These narratives are formed during the first impression, so if your business is a mess, your clientele will ignore the times you are neat and conscientious and focus instead on when you’re absent-minded and disorganized, even if those times are few and far between.

You don’t want your clients to assume you’re a lazy slob, then fit everything you do in the lazy slob narrative. You probably don’t want to clean your office yourself either; there’s a good chance you don’t have the time, tools or technique to get a perfect clean. Professional office cleaning is the solution to the first impression problem; make sure the impression your office gives is neat, organized, diligent and professional, just like you.

The Psychology of Clean

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Walking into a nice, tidy, clean space, or walking into a messy, cluttered, dirty space; the difference is palpable. A place that has not been well maintained might spike your blood pressure, you might feel an urge to clean it, you might wonder at how it’s occupants let the space get so messy; it’s easy to feel uncomfortable in a mess. Conversely, a clean, well-kept space is like a revelation; you might marvel at great organizational techniques, efficient uses of space, or just how nice everything looks. You’ll be more inclined to notice the nice paint colour and new hardwood of a neat space. There’s powerful psychology at work here; why do we prefer clean spaces?

Clutter is problematic because it reminds us there’s work to be done, namely, the work of cleaning the space. It’s more difficult to find things in messy spaces, so it makes us anxious we won’t be able to locate something important when we need it. We may also feel guilty or embarrassed by a messy space, especially when guests or clients are visiting our space, who may see the mess as a reflection of our work ethic.

There are implications for productivity and creativity, as well. When there’s mess or clutter, our minds tend to get distracted from the work at hand; unpleasant sights and smells demand to be cleaned, and the cognitive dissonance created by deciding between cleaning and working can be extremely stressful. A cluttered area can also draw your attention to visual stimuli that have nothing to do with what you’re working on, and once distracted, it may be difficult to get back to work.

A messy area can also have drastic impacts on your mental health. A messy space that goes uncleaned may be out of sight, but it’s rarely out of mind; a study of 60 women found that those with a cluttered home environment became more stressed as the day went on, but those with clean homes saw their stress levels go down as the day went on and their work reached completion. This is likely because those with messy homes saw their work as perpetually unfinished, which adds unnecessary stress.

Our minds react negatively to mess; there are many possible reasons why, though none are considered definitive. One speculation says that we simply love order; from the circadian cycle, to the advantages of having a steady routine. Others speculate that mess and unpleasantness can signal danger to our brain; what’s hiding under that pile or causing that smell may be hazardous to our health.

The implications of cleanliness apply as much in your office as in your home. You certainly don’t want clients and visitors to question your professionalism, and you don’t want your staff to lose productivity to mess. That’s why it’s important to keep your place of work clean; professional office cleaning in Winnipeg is a great way to get all the benefits of cleanliness without having to spend all your time tidying up.

Why Janitorial Services are So Important

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They say a clean life is a good life, and it’s easy to see why; when things are clean, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, your thinking is clearer, and your health and safety improve dramatically. Businesses may take it upon themselves to clean their space, but those that do should know that janitorial services are incredibly important to a well-maintained business. The advantages of a good janitorial service are threefold: they reduce the workload of unqualified staff, they create a sense of well-being in clients, and they help form a happier, healthier workforce.

The bottom line is incredibly important to business owners, and if there are cost saving mechanisms, it’s tempting to use them. Employers might take cleaning their space upon themselves, or ask their employees to take up the charge. This might seem like a cost-saving decision, but in the end it can be much more costly than a hired service. Firstly, professional office cleaning in Winnipeg involves specialized equipment, chemicals and highly trained staff, to make workspace surfaces look immaculate. Secondly, cleaning services will tackle less desirable jobs like restroom maintenance, which many employers and employees find uncomfortable to manage. Finally, business owners should look for a service that supplies 24/7 emergency support, so when disaster strikes and the restroom floods when a high-profile client is coming in the next day, they can rest easy instead of getting their own hands dirty.

Clients are another excellent reason to hire a professional janitorial service. Everyone appreciates walking into a well-cleaned, tidy space, and it’s easy to see the difference between a place that’s cleaned regularly by professionals and a place that’s cleaned occasionally by unqualified staff. First impressions are essential in any client-facing business, and the workspace may be the first interaction a client has with the company. Losing clients to bad office upkeep should never happen, so janitorial services are a must.

Janitors are important for client-facing businesses, but they are equally important even if a client never steps foot in your office. Employees benefit dramatically from a clean space, for a number of different reasons. Tidy spaces create tidy minds, and workers find that cleanliness increases their productivity, as it becomes easier to focus. Janitorial services are highly proficient at cleaning dust and other airborne pollutants, so workforces are healthier, which causes less money to be lost to sick days. Finally, with everything well organized and maintained, employees will find it easy to locate the tools they need to work, and are less likely to stumble over hazards.

The cost of hiring a professional cleaning service may seem high to some business owners, but the cost of going without one is much greater. These services keep employers, employees and clients happy, healthy and stress-free, and handle emergencies that would be unmanageable without professional help. The importance of a good janitorial service can’t be understated; savvy business owners shouldn’t go it alone, and should look for qualified, on call 24/7 services in their area.

5 Questions to Ask Before Considering Changing Your Office Cleaners

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Every commercial space or office needs to place their best foot forward. You want to impress your customers and your clients by showing them that your company is a trusted partner to work with and runs smoothly. However, what type of impression will you leave clients and customers with when you have a filthy facility? It’s why we trust in our commercial cleaning business. We’ll hire them, so we do not have to handle the cleanliness of our business.

However, occasionally, your cleaning may become subpar and inconsistent, making you wonder if you ought to hire a new business.  Here, we list 5 questions to ask before considering changing your office cleaners in Winnipeg:

What is your main pain point with your present cleaners?

Is there a specific area in your business that’s never properly cleaned? It’s a problem which should be addressed directly with your cleaner and cleaning company. Perhaps it is dirt under your desk or dusty window sills. If there are areas in your office which are frequently being ignored by your cleaning company, you may want to look elsewhere for a new business which will concentrate more on the small details of your needs.

All in all, are you satisfied with your existing cleaners?

Are you satisfied? It might seem like a loaded question yet if you’re generally not happy with your existing cleaners, and there tends to be no resolution in sight, it might be time to give consideration to a new business.

Why should I trust your cleaner who is coming into my office?

You need to ensure that the new business you are assessing has certain security steps in place, so you may feel at ease with the cleaners who’ll be entering your facility. Some things you may look for involve: a company that’s bonded and insured, background checks on the cleaners, WSIB and additional certifications, and commercial cleaning training.

Are your cleaners trained?

Commercial cleaning is much different from cleaning a house. Training in commercial cleaning assists in ensuring efficiency and consistency in your company. It’ll make sure that your company is kept to the highest of standards. Trained cleaners also can assist with the health of your business. One primary reason for this includes a lack of cross-contamination. You would not want your restroom cleaned with the same cloth which wipes the kitchen tables! Your new cleaning company ought to know this process in order for your facility to remain a healthy and safe one.

What will you be cleaning for me?

It’s an extremely important question. The pain points we discussed earlier, you should get those addressed. You will want to talk about how often the office gets cleaned and what you want it cleaned specifically. All parties involved ought to be on the same page and have open communication as it’ll come to what your business needs.

If you are prepared to change cleaning companies, receive a quote from the professional cleaning service of Anago today!

How Often Should My Office Windows Get Cleaned?

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the importance of cleanliness for your business

Window cleaning is one of the most dreaded chores for any office. It can be difficult to clean the inside and the outside of the windows, particularly if you want them to be streak-free. Most people should clean their home windows once per week, but what about at the office? Business owners want to know how often they should get their windows cleaned if they want to make a great impression on guests and clients.

The answer isn’t as clear-cut as you might hope for. However, here are a few tips to help you decide how often your office windows should be cleaned.

Look at your location

Some buildings are apt to have dirtier windows because of their location. For example, you may need to clean your windows more frequently if you are next to a busy highway or in an area where a lot of dust and dirt are in the air. Compared to offices located in the suburbs or more rural areas, offices near the city will need their windows cleaned more frequently.

Evaluate your landscaping

Do your plants leave unwanted residue on your windows? You may need to evaluate your landscaping to determine how often your office windows need to be cleaned. Trees, bushes, and flowers can all contribute sap or pollen to the outside of your windows. This makes them appear much dirtier in a shorter period of time.

Consider the weather

When you have a lot of storms, office windows typically need to be cleaned more regularly. Water can leave mineral deposits while the wind blows around dirt and debris that stick to the glass. Both of these things can cause your windows to have a dirty appearance that drives away clients. This is a great time to book an extra window cleaning for your office to help keep those debris at bay.

What type of business do you have?

Offices that simply file paperwork or manage sales centers might be fine to have their windows cleaned just twice per year. This gives the inside and the outside of the building a clean appearance as new seasons begin. Because these businesses don’t operate directly with the public as often, they can go without the weekly maintenance that may be required by other business types.

If you do have clients that call on your office, consider cleaning just the lobby windows on a more regular basis. This could be done weekly or monthly depending on the other factors. With a clean and sparkling window in the lobby, you can give the impression that the entire building is just as well maintained. Clean windows in the lobby make a much better first impression than dusty or dirty glass.

Does your building need a professional office cleaning? We can help you to clean your windows and so much more with flexible services that are available around the clock. Our goal is to leave you completely satisfied with our cleaning services. Give Anago a call to help meet all of your expectations!