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Tips For Keeping Your Office Clean During The Fall

By September 19, 2021Cleaning, Office Cleaning

A clean workspace is essential to keep you and your employees happy and healthy during this beautiful and crisp time of year. Some people don’t know what their priorities should be when it comes to fall cleaning. 


If you are unsure of how to get started cleaning your office this autumn, here are a few tips: 


Sanitize Hot Spots

One way to prevent sick days and to keep the office cleaner is to sanitize hot spots at the end of every day. This means wiping down phones, keyboards, and other high-touch areas with a disinfecting wipe. 


You can remind your employees to do this daily by giving them a canister of wipes to keep on their desk. This should be a chore that is handled by each employee at the end of their work day. By keeping up with this, you’ll minimize germs from spreading around the office. 


Dust More Regularly

Nothing agitates the sinuses worse than an accumulation of dust. Cut back on company complaints by dusting the office a bit more regularly this fall. This means clearing the clutter off desks to dust underneath it. This can also help your employees stay more organized. You should also pay special attention to untouched areas like light fixtures and corners. Dusting a few times each week should be sufficient. 


Vacuum or Sweep

If you are dusting the surfaces more often, chances are that you are simply pushing that dust to the floor. You need to have a system in place for removing it from the office entirely. That means vacuuming or sweeping just as often as you are dusting. You should aim to do this at least two to three times each week for the best results. You may want to take twenty to thirty minutes after the close of business to take care of this chore each day. 


Take out the Garbage

Taking out the trash may be everyone’s least favourite chore, but it is absolutely necessary if you want to keep up a healthy environment that is free of germs and smells. Make it a priority to round up the garbage each day on your way out of the office. This will ensure that no discarded food or beverages are left to linger overnight. 


Opting for a Professional Clean

If you don’t have time to clean on your own, then you may need to consider bringing on a professional cleaning service. Anago offers office cleaning services in Winnipeg that can help keep your work environment healthy and clean throughout fall and into the winter months. Be sure to give us a call today to see how we can help you!