Checklist for Janitorial Services During Your Event

By May 9, 2018Cleaning

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Your big event is bound to be the hit of the entire season. For months, you have planned out the table decorations, the catering, and the perfect music playlist. There isn’t a single detail that you forgot about – except for the janitorial service. Someone has to be responsible for cleaning and picking up the aftermath of your major soiree, after all. You may have hired a company to help, but you didn’t make a checklist of ways they can help during your event.

If you are scrambling to make sure that this last-minute detail is taken care of, here is a handy checklist of things your janitorial service can do during the event.

Pick up litter

You probably think that your guests are all responsible citizens, but you may be underestimating the amount of litter they can generate. After all, more than 75 percent of people admit to littering in the past five years. People often forget where the trash cans are, set their cups down in inconvenient locations, or simply throw their trash on the floor. It’s best to pick up litter as soon as it hits the ground to prevent someone from slipping on it and to keep up with the pristine image of the event. Janitorial services can discretely work on picking up the things that your guests drop throughout the evening.

Manage emergency situations

It is inevitable that your guests will eventually spill a drink or drop a plate of food. Tell them they don’t need to worry about it. A professional janitorial service can quickly take care of the situation and restore it to its former beauty. With their help, you can rest easy during the party and have the peace of mind that there will be far less cleaning to do when the evening is over.

Keep an eye on the trash cans

Do you really want to host an event and be responsible for taking out the trash mid-party? Most people don’t want to mess with the trash cans once the evening begins, but that can lead to some serious trash buildup. Assign your garbage duty to a janitorial service for your event. This can prevent embarrassing mishaps like a garbage landslide in the middle of your party.

Clean up around the food

There are always a few messy eaters at every party, so it’s important to go ahead and start planning for them. The janitorial service can help to clean up around areas where food is served and eaten. This might mean cleaning up spilled food from the catering table or wiping down the tables where guests are seated. No matter what it entails, they can help to keep your venue looking amazing for the foreseeable future.

Janitorial services can be a huge help during a party, but you have to plan to use their expertise wisely. You need to hire only the very best professional janitorial services in Winnipeg to ensure that you are getting all of the right services. At Anago, we can help you to get your event ready, help you maintain it, and even clean up afterward. Be sure to give us a call today!