The Best Way To Clean a Window

By January 11, 2018Cleaning, Business

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Although this phrase is not really in the Holy Scriptures, this is a great principle to live by. And so we make sure our house is well-organized, neat, smelling good and a place where people want to visit again and again. However, it seems that there’s one area where it gets overlooked very often—the windows. This article aims to help you overcome that and maybe teach you a bit on how to clean these underappreciated essentials.

works best for your window cleaningWindows

First of all, before you start taking out your cleaning equipments you have to be sure it’s the right equipment. What I mean by this is that there are also different kinds of windows and they each have their own unique characteristics so we have to be careful not to damage them. Having said that, window cleaning is not rocket science but you do have to be choosy in this case. Here’s a few common window types:

Awning windows—not the most secure design but very energy efficient because of the design to let the most amount of air and light into the house or building

Casement Windows—they open going out so they’re very easy to spot. These are also energy savers because once closed, it secures that air doesn’t go out or in therefore saving electricity when using the AC.

Double or Single Hung Windows—although the worst energy “saver” of the window types, it is here because of its aesthetic value. They are usually seen on top of floors.


DIY window cleaning solutionsNow that we’ve discovered a few window types, here’s a list of techniques that you have to research on to know which works best for your window cleaning.

Water Squeegee Method—I don’t know if that’s the actual term but this is where you just use water to spray the window, softening the dust and grime, and then using a materials that is similar to a squeegee. So you just wipe, wash off, wipe again, until it’s squeegee clean (sorry).

Newspaper Method—this may sound weird but this is very effective especially with glass windows. Not only does this work on 99% of the windows, it may have the lowest cost expense of all window cleaning techniques.

Vinegar—this one is starting to be discovered as probably the most effective method. And no, you don’t just pour the vinegar and wipe if off and voila, shiny as new. You have to find the right amount, mix it with either water or maybe soap, then have a certain process depending on your tyel of window.


Speaking of vinegar, there are other cleaning solutions that you might find useful and effective. There’s the aforementioned soap (mostly effective for glasses), some use distilled water (uhm, don’t really know the intricate details but they say it mixes great with vinegar), there’s soap and shampoo and many others.

There’s also a growing trend of creating your own DIY window cleaning solutions. This saves a lot on expenses and you can customize to your window type.

Next Step

Now that you know some stuff about window cleaning it’s up to you what you want to do with this knowledge. Or if you need to look at how its done and learn from the experts, there are excellent cleaning services that you can find in your area. You just need to search and call or email them.