Do You Really Need to Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company?

By February 18, 2019Cleaning

Do you really need to hire a commercial cleaning company? Some do, some don’t.  By following the below tips, you might find that keeping your commercial facility neat and clean is easier than you first thought.  In addition, if you do require an outside cleaning service, following the below tips might obtain you a lower price for the cleaning job if you do hire out.

Managing clutter

We aren’t necessarily talking about employee’s desks here.  The majority of workers have a good handle upon how they manage their stuff on their desks.  What might look like a pile of clutter to some folks, might be “organized chaos” to one other person.  If a staff member gets their work done in an efficient manner yet their desk is chaos, leave them alone.  They should already know what they’re doing. However, spaces which have to be clutter-free include reception areas, lobbies, restrooms, as well as document filing areas.  A strategy includes digitalizing as many documents as you can. Electronic documents don’t take up physical space. However, if your office is dependent upon paper, you ought to have an effective system for correctly storing them.

Clean office machines and computers

A simplistic feather duster may keep the majority of computer screens and additional office equipment appearing fresh, particularly if they’re black in color.  The specific environment of your workplace is going to determine how often this has to be done, yet if you see any dust, give it a little swipe using a feather duster.  Make certain that you invest in one that has ostrich feathers. All other feather dusters are worthless. Usually, computer screens have to be wiped down since they’ll get touched with pointy fingers all day long.  Utilize a great screen cleaning system from a technology shop.

Lunch at the desk and garbage bins

The majority of office garbage cans don’t have anything that has offensive smells.  However, for the ones who have to eat at their desks (not suggested, desks are dirty), it is wise that lunch waste be taken over to a bin inside the breakroom for disposal.  Or else this trash will start to smell even after a single day. Plus, if you do not have a regular janitorial service company, this stuff is going to fester.

In summary

Getting your staff members to deal with these things by themselves might seem like an improbable task, particularly in the break rooms and common areas (and we have not even mentioned bathrooms).  That is why we are here. However, in dealing with simplistic tasks by yourself, if you do have to hire us for janitorial tasks, it’s possible to get a lower price for what cannot reasonably be accomplished on your own.  In addition, check out the above ideas before calling us to ensure that you do not spend more than you need to.

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