Floor Cleaning Procedures For Slip, Trip, & Fall Prevention

By March 17, 2021Cleaning

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Safety estimates that roughly 60,000 workers are injured each year from slips, trips, and falls. That number is concerning to both employers and their staff. 

Businesses shouldn’t be places where people are at risk for injuries. Not only does it put employees in danger, but it reduces productivity and could harm the reputation of a business.

How do you increase the safety of a workplace? It starts with regular floor cleanings. To effectively reduce the number of accidents that occur at commercial facilities, follow these cleaning procedures:

Identify Risky Areas

Some areas are more likely to see accidents than others. Here are a few examples:

  • If you operate a workshop, any areas that involve woodworking can quickly build up with slippery sawdust. 
  • Washrooms often have water splashes on the floor. 
  • The floors of restaurant kitchens can become greasy, which is extremely dangerous given the hot stoves nearby.

Risk areas differ across the many kinds of businesses that exist. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here: you’ll need to assess your facility individually and determine which areas need the most attention. You may want to ask your employees which spaces they feel are most slippery.


Remove Clutter

Not all trips are caused by slippery surfaces. Cluttered rooms may contain obstacles that crowd the floor space. Examples include storage rooms, office areas, and waiting rooms.

Part of your cleaning procedure might be to tidy up messy spaces. Even cable management can go a long way to prevent tripping at work.


Display Wet Floor Signs

We often see these neon yellow signs in TV shows and movies, but how often do you see them around a real workplace? 

Slips at work are preventable, and one effective way to avoid them is by using wet floor signs in any areas that were recently cleaned. 


Install Bright Light Sources

Even with the cleanest floors possible, accidents can still occur when lighting quality is poor. Make sure to upgrade any incandescent bulbs to LED ones—the latter are brighter and can illuminate risky areas. When workspaces are well-lit, it’s easier for employees to avoid obstacles.


Don’t Forget about Entrances

Anywhere that people come in and out of your building is bound to get messy. This is especially true during the snowmelt in Winnipeg, a time when our streets and sidewalks are full of dirty slush.

Doorways need frequent attention to be kept clean. It may be worthwhile to place doormats near entrances/exits that can absorb water between cleanings.

Schedule Cleaning Services

Managing a workplace is one thing. But what about making sure it stays safe and clean for your employees? Between that and your other responsibilities, it’s hard to find the time. You need a cleaning service that can help you stay on top of things.

When you work with commercial cleaners, you can schedule floor treatments as often as needed. Depending on the size of your workplace, that may be anywhere from twice a week to once a day.

Call Anago for commercial janitorial services. By scheduling our services, you can prevent falls from happening in your office, warehouse, and/or other commercial building. Contact us to learn more about how our cleaning services can make your workplace safer.