How To Clean An Office Chair

By August 30, 2022Cleaning
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Anyone in an office setting knows that you can spend hours sitting in your office chair at your desk. While your desk chair does its job of providing comfort and an ample amount of support, it’s important to give it the TLC it needs. That means doing your best at keeping it clean. 

No one can escape the inevitability of a spill, whether you’ve been working your office job for years or a few months. Your chair may have the common stains from spilling your morning coffee or dropping the contents of your lunch on the seat. It’s best not to let those stains accumulate. With the right products, tools, and handy work, you can remove those unwanted stains and make your office chair as good as new. 

With the help of well-established cleaning methods, your office chair can be spotless again. 

What You Will Need

If you want to clean your office chair, a simple wet paper towel won’t do. You’ll need trustworthy cleaning products and tools in your arsenal to ensure the job gets done. 

Chairs that are mesh, plastic, or leather can be maintained using these supplies:

  • A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment
  • Cleaning foam
  • Water-based cleanser
  • Dish soap 
  • A spray bottle or small bowl
  • One or more dry cloths

For deep cleaning stain removal, you may want to get your hands on the following:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Laundry detergent
  • Upholstery cleaner 
  • Vinegar

Cleaning Fabric Office Chairs

To clean a fabric office chair and get rid of stubborn stains, you’ll want to start by vacuuming the whole chair. When vacuuming, use a brush attachment to remove any loose debris that may be sitting on the seat of the chair.  

Before applying and cleaning solutions, check the manufacturer’s instructions on the chair and see if there are any cleansers you should avoid. With some upholstery, you are unable to use any water-based cleansers. Instead, use a dry cleanser, which you can find in liquid and powder forms. Use a small amount on a dry cloth and rub gently but firmly on the stained office fabric chair. Once you’ve put in some work on the stain, use a damp cloth to remove any residue so that it won’t ruin the upholstery. 

As an alternative, foam cleansers may be suitable for removing stains. Apply the cleanser to the whole chair and let it sit for a few minutes. Scrub out any stains with a brush. Once the chair is dry, use the brush attachment on the vacuum to remove residue.  

When in doubt, dish soap and water can work wonders. Add a few drops of soap and water and dab the stained office chair to wipe it out. Use a damp cloth to get rid of any extra soap that may be leftover.

Cleaning Plastic Office Chairs 

Plastic office chairs can get dirty if not regularly cleaned. The most effective and easiest way to clean a plastic office chair is to mix dish soap and lukewarm water. You can add a few drops extra if the plastic chair is in dire need of deep cleaning. Use a damp cloth and gently wipe out any stains or marks until it’s clean. 

Cleaning Mesh Office Chairs 

When it comes to a mesh chair, the best solution for stain removal is (you guessed it) dish soap. As with fabric office chairs, use a vacuum with the brush attachment and get rid of any loose debris. 

Then, you’ll want to mix dish soap with warm water and dip a dry, clean cloth into it. Use the cloth to rub the stains out and let the mesh office chair airy dry. 

Cleaning Leather Office Chairs 

As with most leather furniture, they are typically easier to clean. Unlike fabric or mesh, you can lift the stains from your leather office chair with the right kind of cleansers. 

Try to avoid cleansers used for leather car seats as they might damage your leather office chair. Use a small amount of cleansing foam on a dry cloth and gently rub the stained area. Apply a small amount of water to the foam and use another clean cloth to wipe down and dry the leather. You may want to consider using a leather protectant to ensure your office chair has a defence against future stains. 

Last Resort


If you’ve tried everything from soap and water to dry-cleaning solvents and nothing has worked, there are alternatives you can take. An alcohol-based cleanser may be strong enough to lift the stains out of office chairs. 

Test the alcohol-based cleanser on a small part of the chair to ensure it won’t harm the fabric. If everything looks safe, gently rub a few drops into the stain. You don’t want to saturate the fabric or material, so avoid adding too much. Use a damp cloth and continue rubbing the stain. Once finished, let the chair air dry. 

While in an office setting, the common culprits of staining include ink, coffee, and food. Sometimes these stains can be hard to remove yourself. That’s why you can rely on the services of Anago Cleaning Systems. Our skilled franchisees have mastered the art of cleaning and disinfecting with our office cleaning services. Contact us today and schedule a free commercial cleaning consultation!