How to Keep an Environmentally Friendly Workplace

By May 27, 2019Cleaning

You may be considering what measures it’s possible to take to make our earth a better place. As you spend a lot of time at work, the best place to begin is at the workplace. An eco-friendly workplace not just helps the earth, it also can increase morale and slash overhead expenses.

Take measures now towards an eco-friendlier office with tips from the Winnipeg janitorial services of Anago Cleaning Systems:

Bring in A Plant

Research shows having greenery around your office or having a plant at your office may decrease stress, as well as develop a healthier workspace. As plants absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide), as well as release O (oxygen) required to survive, having one or two plants on your office desk may do wonders.

Use Less Plastic

It is so easy to stop by the office refrigerator and get some bottled water before a meeting, yet all of that use of plastic adds up and really can damage the environment. Rather than purchasing plastic bottles for your office, dedicate yourself to putting in a water filtration unit, as well as encourage staff members to bring in reusable mugs or cups from their house.

Rely Upon the Natural Sunlight

Rather than turning on your lights each time you have to brighten up a conference room, cubicle, or office, try to open the blinds instead. Relying upon natural sunlight may decrease the utility bill at your office and sunlight also has been shown to improve productivity and moods. Before opening your blinds, see that windows are clean and steak-free to allow in more light. Consider employing a commercial cleaner business if your workplace windows need a little attention.

Keep in Mind That You Should Recycle

Everybody has an idea of the advantages of recycling, yet some staff members may not be too happy about doing this if they have to stroll across the floor just to recycle a single sheet of paper. Be certain your workplace has just as many recycle bins as it does regular garbage receptacles. Reliable janitorial services may make sure recycling never gets out of control up by correctly disposing it upon a consistent basis.

Unplug All Electronics

It isn’t enough to leave laptops and computers on standby when it is time to call it a day. Employees ought to power down and unplug all electronics before going home. It may be easier to keep them plugged in, yet phantom power may unnecessarily add to the utility bill.

Use Disinfectants Approved by the EPA

To get your place of business as clean as it can be, make certain to employ a commercial janitorial business which uses EPA-approved disinfectants. Chemicals that aren’t EPA-approved are unregulated and might be dangerous to the environment, guests, and employees. The top commercial cleaning business will routinely wipe down spaces susceptible to germs like telephones, counter tops, light switches, and door handles – yet just doing so with Environmental Protection Agency-approved cleaning solutions for the safety and health of everybody in the workplace.