How to Save Money on Cleaning Services

By February 11, 2019Cleaning

How much you wind up paying for cleaning services depends a lot upon you.  While collecting estimates, make certain you know what you want to be accomplished, as well as how often. The following guide of common jobs ranked by their impact upon your bottom line is going to offer a useful guide.

  1.  How often do you require service?  Answering this question is going to have the most impact upon how much you’re going to pay for your cleaning services than any of the other ones which follow.  If you need janitorial service 5 times per week, you may expect to pay around 5 times more than if it’s possible to get by with getting cleaning accomplished one time per week.  
  1.  How often will you want dusting accomplished?  Typically, general dusting one time per week is enough.  However, of course, not all commercial centers are the same in this manner.  Only you will be the judge of how frequently this job ought to be performed. Some workplaces require more, some less.  Don’t let a cleaning service provider persuade you that it’s something they’ll do on a daily basis in the context of a 5-times-per-week contract.  If they offer this unsolicited, they’ll likely wind up charging for it, yet realistically only dust one time or two times per week. Of course, if daily dusting is needed for your workplace, you ought to allow your service provider to know in the bidding process.  This way, it’s possible to rest assured that you’re receiving what you’re paying for in this regard.
  1.  What about the windows?  Window washing may have a huge impact on the price you’ll pay for janitorial services.  Factors involve frequency, kind and number of windows, inside and/or outside cleaning, ease of access, and importance.  For frequency, see question one above. Door glass ought to be cleaned more often, whereas office windows to the outdoors less so.  Generally, the outsides of windows require cleaning more frequently than the inside. It is more vital for showroom windows to get cleaned than the ones inside a warehouse.  First floor windows may be easily cleaned, whereas higher ones need more labor. It is a great idea to give consideration to those factors before you call around for bids, so all your suitors receive the same details.  
  1.  What about vacuuming?  That is your call. On a day-to-day service schedule vacuuming might have to be done each time, or perhaps only two times per week. Each task that is performed less often than necessary will save you money.
  1.  Et Cetera.  There are a few things which simply have to be accomplished all the time.  Trash collection, restroom cleaning, and kitchen spaces all are chores which have to be done as frequently as you determine the answer to question one above.  However, with a bit of forethought, it’s possible to save your business a good amount of money with a wise allocation of the work place cleaning jobs you need.  Keep in mind, you’re the expert of your facility and may best answer those questions.

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