Key Trends In The Cleaning Industry & How They’ve Evolved

By August 8, 2022Cleaning

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Like most industries, the cleaning industry has seen different fads come and go over the years. There are a few trends that have surfaced recently and continue to evolve as time passes. From green cleaning to specialized services, cleaning companies must change with the times if they want to remain in the business long-term. 


If your company is thinking about hiring janitorial services, here are some of the trends that are quite prominent these days and how they’ve evolved over the decades: 


Green Cleaning

More and more consumers are becoming interested in supporting businesses that advertise their services as green or sustainable. In many cases, they’re even willing to pay extra each month for a cleaning company that uses more environmentally-friendly products. Often, this means that both the cleaners they use are earth-friendly and that the equipment they use is more energy-efficient. 


When green cleaning first came to the forefront, it was more of a soft trend. It has evolved over time, and most people now expect it as the norm. Cleaning companies who aren’t thinking about the long-term consequences their business has on the environment are going to be pushed out of the market. 


Heavy Disinfection

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, most people were satisfied if their offices were relatively clean, but there has been a new emphasis on disinfection. Janitorial companies may have used bleach and other cleaners that killed microorganisms in the past. However, they’re now expected to be able to eliminate superbugs as well. 


As this trend continues to evolve, you’ll likely start to see the introduction of more tools. For example, your cleaning crew may use steam cleaning, UV radiation, and other machinery that can eliminate harmful germs and bacteria faster. 


Specialized Cleaning

Back in the day, a cleaning crew might have been able to do it all – from offices to restaurants to hospitals. The industry continues to grow, and more companies than ever are settling on a set of specialized services tailored to specific industries. Some janitorial services may specialize in the cleaning of medical offices and hospitals, while another does traditional office cleaning. 


This allows them to implement a standard protocol for all jobs.


However, some cleaning companies take this specialization a step further: They may only clean certain aspects of your commercial property. Business owners can easily find companies that take on work such as window cleaning or carpet cleaning exclusively. If you have a lot of different cleaning tasks to tend to, you might need to hire several cleaning crews to get the job done. 


Finding Janitorial Services

Are you ready to take the leap and enlist the help of a cleaning crew to help you accomplish some of these trends in your commercial business? When you need janitorial services in Winnipeg, put your trust in the professionals at Anago Cleaning Systems. We’re here and ready to help you get your business looking fresh and clean in the best ways on the market!