Winter Cleaning Tips

By December 10, 2021Cleaning

Keeping your office in great shape all winter long can pose a problem for many managers. With the muck of snow season and the hotbed of bacteria during cold and flu season, managing the cleanliness of an office is extremely important. Winter requires a different type of cleaning that you may want to keep in mind when attempting to manage your office. 

What can you do to keep your office in great shape? Here are a few winter cleaning tips that you may want to take advantage of this upcoming season: 


Invest In Entrance Mats

With all of the snow, salt, and sand that comes in on shoes and boots, you need to have a good system in place to eliminate the mess. Melted snow and ice can create quite a disaster at the entryway to your office or business. In turn, it can lead to slipping hazards and tracks throughout the floorplan as people travel to their desks or customers meet with employees. 

The best way to eliminate the mess and the hazard is to invest in quality entry mats for the interior of your office. This will allow people to wipe off their shoes and boots before they walk through the rest of the building. 


Sweep & Vacuum Regularly

Entrance mats can play a big role in eliminating some of the dirtiness inherent to winter weather. However, they’re not a foolproof way of getting rid of the snow, salt, and sand altogether. Remember that you will likely need to sweep, mop, and/or vacuum more regularly to keep the condition of your floors in good shape during the snowy season. This should be done at least once a week, if not more often. 


Sanitize Frequently

Are you trying to prevent your employees from calling in sick during this cold and flu season? You can do your part to boost the health of your employees by sanitizing hot spot areas more frequently during the cold months. Disinfect key spots like keyboards, computers, desks, and kitchen areas. It doesn’t take much time to wipe these areas down with an antibacterial cleaner, and the health of your employees will be your reward! 


Clean The Windows

Have you considered what happens when snow and ice buildup on your windows? In the winter months, this can lead to major problems for the interior comfort of your office. A thick layer of snow and ice reduces the amount of sunlight your office receives, prevents the sun from warming the office, and can cost you more on your electric bill to make up for the heat of the sun. Be sure to clean the outside of your windows regularly to prevent this type of buildup. 


Hire Some Help

If you need help keeping your office sparkling and sanitary this winter season, then you should call the professionals. Anago Cleaning Systems has the tools and skills you need to create a great work environment for your employees this winter. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you keep your office clean!